The Whippet is a dog that is characterized by its elegance and speed. They are dogs that in general terms we could define as sensitive and gentle whose origin arises in England. We invite you to know everything about this canine breed.

Origin and history of the Whippet

This breed of dog at first glance is very similar to a miniature version of the Greyhound. There are sayings that the origin of the Whippet is due to the fact that several dogs of English Greyhounds (Greyhound) of small sizes until it reduces its rise from 75 to 50 cm.

However, more precise studies show that this breed not only has as ancestors the English greyhoundIf not, they also carry the blood of different Italian sighthounds and different breeds of Terriers.

This breed of dog known as the "Greyhound of the poor" was developed in various mining towns in England for their company and certain "fun" activities for the most humble inhabitants.

Greyhound racing was one of the most popular activities during the Victorian era. However, the low-income classes, unable to maintain a dog of these characteristics, created a miniature version of this dog. Achieving in this way an agile and smaller hunting dog to be able to care for and maintain.

In any case, the races were not their first activity, but the rabbit hunting contests were their beginning as "fun" for people. This activity consisted of releasing the dogs in a fence where there were several rabbits to hunt them; the owners and the public at the same time had a certain luxury of placing small bets on which dog was the winner; killing their prey in the shortest time possible.

This ignoble and terrifying practice where rabbits were slaughtered without the possibility of living, ended up being forbidden due to the cruelty of the action; so the Whippets eventually turned to dog racing.

After several years of development of this breed, the London Kennel Club finally recognized the Whippet breed in 1891 and the first breed club was founded almost 10 years later in 1899.

What does Whippet mean?

The name of these dogs comes from England and their name derives from "whip". This is so because of its capacity, speed and fast movements.

Whippet physical characteristics

This little greyhound is a dog that, due to its physical characteristics, belongs to the classification of small dogs and to group 10 of the FCI classification, Sighthounds, section 3, Short-haired sighthounds. Next we will detail its physical characteristics.

What is the body of the Whippets like?

The body of the Whippets is the precise combination of strength and elegance. His chest is very deep, but at the same time it is not wide, the back is broad, firm and more or less long. The top line draws a well-defined curve on the loins, the ribs are well arched and the hindquarters are very muscular. The legs of the Whippet are straight and of very good articulation at the stifle, the hocks are well lowered and the tail is curved and high, but not above the line of the back when the animal is alert or in motion. This is long and has a pointed ending. The neck of these dogs is long and quite muscular, conspicuously arched.

Whippet rubio

What is the head of a Whippet like?

The head of a Whippet breed dog is long and lean, gradually tapering towards the nose area. They have a soft stop and their ears are small and fine, shaped like a rose. The eyes of these sighthounds are oval and shiny, and they have teeth that are always scissor-shaped.

How tall is a Whippet?

Whippets are dogs that range in size from 44 centimeters to 51 centimeters. Differentiating the height of the adult male with that of the adult female. In the case of adult males, the average height at the withers is between 47 centimeters and 51 centimeters. In adult females, their size ranges between 44 centimeters and 47 centimeters.

How much does a Whippet weigh?

Whippets are dogs that tend to weigh between 9 kilograms and 14 kilograms. These data are taking into account all the specimens of the breed. We must tell you that the male tends to have an average weight above that of the female. In adult males the weight ranges between 10 and 14 kilograms. In adult females of this breed, the weight ranges between 9 and 12 kilograms.

Characteristics of the coat or coat of the Whippet

The coat of the Whippet breed of dogs is always short and close to the body. The coat is mainly characterized by having a fine texture and many define the fur of these animals as tight, which refers to the aforementioned, which adheres to the body. All dogs, regardless of the breed, that have similar coats will not present complications for their master when grooming the animal.

What are the colors of a Whippet's coat?

In the Whippet breed, all colors and combinations of them that can be given are allowed. The most common colors in the breed are: The fawn in its various shades and yellow. In both cases they can appear with or without white hair.

Whippet temperament

The temperament of the Whippet will be detailed in two different sections to make it easier to interpret and locate information. On the one hand we will mention the main characteristics of the character of the specimens of this breed and on the other hand, we will broadly define how these dogs tend to behave.

What is the character of the Whippets like?

Whippets have a character that could be defined in the first place as cheerful, docile, intelligent and lively. They are dogs that adapt very easily to all kinds of coexistence. In addition, it is a serene breed and is usually strongly linked to the love and warmth of the family. Generally speaking, Whippets are obedient dogs. Inside the house they are usually calm and extremely affectionate. These sighthounds tend to bark very little, you can hear them barking when you see a cat, rodent or the doorbell of the house. Some Whippets are vigilant, but it is not typical of the entire breed, only a few exceptions. They also have a strong hunting instinct, like all sighthounds although less keen than the rest.

How do Whippets behave?

Whippets are generally well behaved. They tend to get along very well with children and are not dogs that enthusiastically welcome any visitor who comes to the home, yet they are always friendly. They practically do not generate problems of coexistence with other dogs and it is not normal for them to get into fights with other animals. Once you have gotten used to the cats in your home, you can live with them in perfect harmony. However, because it has an innate tendency to chase the animals it sees running, like all greyhounds, it will have to face a delicate process of socialization so that its coexistence with animals of other species is ideal. If the Whippet did not have a correct socialization process and lives with cats and other pets of different species, undoubtedly you will have to be careful at home and control the relationship.

perro Whippet

General care in the Whippet

In this section on general care for Whippet dogs we will detail by blocks which are the best advice regarding their grooming, brushing, training, exercise, feeding and possible diseases of the breed.

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How do I brush my Whippet?

The Whippet does not require much care with respect to its brushing. In itself, it is enough to brush the coat from time to time with a soft brush and polish it with a suitable glove. This will be more than enough for our greyhound to be in optimal condition with regard to its hair. In normal times it is recommended to brush the animal approximately once every 10 days. In times of shedding, two brushings a week will be more than enough.

We offer you two varieties of manual brushes, both of excellent quality, the most sought after by users in their field, with the best references. Take into account that both are soft, so as not to hurt the skin of the animal.

Whippet hygiene and baths

The Whippet is a dog that does not need many baths, nor too much attention when it comes to hygiene. As for the baths, it is recommended to bathe him only if necessary and this will be approximately every 4 months. They are dogs that do not tend to pick up doggy scent on their fur easily. Likewise and depending on the home in which they live, the bathrooms may have to be done with shorter intervals of time. Another point to keep in mind when giving the Whippet a bath is to take care of its ears that no water enters them.

In addition, with regard to their hygiene, you must control the nails that should always be short. Some Whippets are prone to developing tartar on their teeth, so it is convenient to check the teeth frequently to discover it in its early stages, especially on the molars.

We offer you a professional nail clipper, at a very economical price, which includes a system that prevents us from cutting too much so as not to hurt our Whippet. In addition, we also offer you a toothpaste, with a brush included, ideal for taking care of your pet's oral health. At a very low price!

How to train my Whippet?

The Whippet is normally easier to train than most sighthounds. It must always be borne in mind that it belongs to a type of dog that has a character that sometimes makes them a bit complex for training, so it is not without complications. Whippet training must be varied and generous, because they are dogs that get bored and stop paying attention. When we refer to generous we mean that they have to be subjected to a good amount of exercise and that we must be generous in rewards. It could be said that it is a bribable dog, but the prizes for this breed are for its good behavior and for the animal to enjoy and be motivated by the exercises. In this way, the Whippet can learn many commands, although it will never be, like all greyhounds, perfectly obedient.

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Recommended exercise for a Whippet

Es Whippet is a sighthound, so his physical complexion is adapted for speed, racing and hunting. Therefore, we must bear in mind that these dogs need a lot of exercise, if only to maintain their slim appearance. If we have a large garden, many of your physical needs will be covered. If you don't have it, we recommend that you at least take it out for a run in the park, a square or the field for 60 to 80 minutes a day. You can also take long walks with them or if someone in the family goes for a run or a bike ride, go along with the dog.

Recommendations for a correct feeding of Whippets

Whippets need a correct diet to guarantee correct and healthy growth in their first years of life, to keep them strong and dynamic when they are adults and to reach their old age in the best way possible. For these reasons, it must be taken into account that the diet of all dogs, including Whippets, must be modified over the years and based on the age of the animal.

To take into account, first of all we must be aware that Whippets must eat at least four times a day as puppies and at least twice a day from their adulthood. They should never be fed after exercising.

Whippet generally eat between 250 grams and 350 grams of balanced food per day as adults. And it ranges between 100 and 200 grams of balanced food when they are puppies. Everything will depend on the size, sex and amount of daily exercise that the animal performs.

In this section it is necessary to know that food is essential for our dogs, not only the whippet, but all of them, regardless of their breed. The food that is chosen for our pet will be essential for its state of health and its appearance, therefore we must constantly monitor if the feed we give it or the food (if it is given any meat or vegetables) is liking it, if no diarrhea or vomiting or other complications.

The reality is that all dogs have different needs and although we make general recommendations here, the ideal thing for your pet is to have a veterinarian review it and organize a personalized diet. That is the best advice you will receive on the Internet as there is no universal and perfect Whippet diet.

Take into account to give him a correct balanced food, which is according to the age of the animal and if you are going to give him "human" food, take into account which ones do not affect the dog.

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Possible diseases in Whippets


  • Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • waterfalls
  • Allergies
  • Sensitivity to anesthetic drugs
  • Heart disease: the disease

Less frequent

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Congenital deafness

Life expectancy of a Whippet

Have you ever wondered how many years does a Whippet live? It is an answer that although many of us do not want to know, we do it frequently. The estimated life span or life expectancy of a Whippet breed dog is between 12 and 15 years. Although there are several cases that exceed 15 years of age, the majority of the specimens, approximately a 60%, live between 12 years and 15 years of age.

Uses of the Whippet breed

Whippets have traditionally been bred for racing and to this day, this practice continues. We from All Dog Breeds do not encourage this activity, we are simply reporting one of the uses that the breed has had and has. At present it is also used and as a hunting and companion dog.

Curiosities of the Whippets

  • When the breed was born, one of the first names given to it was Snap Dog, which means "Dog that tries to bite." This explanation can be given because it is a greyhound and they have an innate instinct to chase, catch and bite small things that move.
  • The Duchess of the city of Newcastle was a great supporter of this breed and a fan of it.
  • The name of the breed comes from the term Whip, which means whip. The name was trying to refer to the speed of these kennels.

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