Canine training towels

This article is dedicated to canine training towels. We are going to inform you about what are canine training towels? What is its purpose? How to use them properly? and of course where can you get them? In addition, we will also give you some tips so that you can implement them with your pet and achieve magnificent results.

What are dog training towels?

The canine training towels They are a widely used tool in homes where a puppy has just been adopted. These wipes, also known as training towels, are not something very refined to use at home but they offer a very great benefit in terms of training our dog to relieve itself.

It is known that when we first bring a puppy to our home, it does not know that it must relieve itself in certain places. That is why it is normal for us to meet various needs throughout the house. Getting our dog used to doing his business in the right places, be it the park, or while taking a walk with him on the street takes time. This is where canine training towels play an important role in accelerating our pet's learning process.

The canine training towels serve so that our dogs begin to relate, within the home, that they should relieve themselves on these and therefore facilitate the cleaning of the house and prevent the adaptation and learning process of our new member from becoming long.

How to train my dog with canine training towels?

  1. The first thing we must do during the training stage is to put a leash on our pet. Preferably in a space that is "of the dog." This can be in a corner of the house or near your bed. When we notice that our dog is sniffing and looking for a place to do some of his needs, we choose a keyword so that our dog assimilates with the fact of doing the needs. For example this word can be "pee" or "poop." We must mention the word clearly and carry our dog on his towel and wait for him to relieve himself on it.
  2. Have you done your business on the training towel? Great, we started off on the right foot. Now comes the time for the reward. We can choose to give him a material prize, such as a piece of food or we can congratulate him with some pampering. This positive reinforcement will go a long way toward interpreting how well you have done your job and assimilating that you must relieve yourself on the training towel.
  3. We may not have had good results. If we did not do well on our first try, it is not to worry. The least we should do is yell at him, challenge him or make him feel bad. Let's just take it over to the training towel. What we must prioritize is that our pet does not have a bad time, or fear the process. Remember that we do not speak the same language and it may take a few tries until our dog understands us. We must focus our energies on the dog to understand that what is correct is to do the needs on the training towel.
  4. The importance of schedules. Most dogs, when they are puppies, eat 4 times a day. Food rations are usually given every 4 to 5 hours. We must serve the food, and after about 15 or 20 minutes, regardless of the amounts that our dog has eaten, remove the plate. After a few minutes after we have fed him, we will repeat the sequence again. We'll say the keyword and make him hover near the training towel. We can place it outside in the yard or we can place it inside the house. The idea of this is to get him used to doing his business at a specific time.
  5. Clearly mark the difference between the towel and the floor. It is very normal that we cannot be present all the time to see and correct each step that our dog takes in the house. When we do not have this time or we have to carry out a task, the ideal is to keep our pet in a closed room. We left him there with water, toys, food, his bed, and placed several dog training towels all over the floor. We must cover as much space as possible, if we can cover the entire floor or carpet better. By doing this for a couple of days, our dog will get used to relieving himself on the wipes. After a couple of days we started doing the same practice but with each passing day we remove a towel from the floor. The objective of this is that after a week or week and a half, our dog prefers to relieve himself on the towel and not on a house carpet or the floor. العاب ماكينات القمار مجانا
  6. It is a useful practice that after certain moments we turn to the wipes. What do we mean by this? After eating, playing, running or napping, these are usually the times when it is most common for our dog to want to relieve itself. So this action consists of waiting for one of these events to occur and going to the training towels. Once we are in position, we will wait for our dog to come with us or we will call him to approach the area. Here we can implement different tricks, put his leash, give him privacy, bring him a toy ... everything we consider necessary so that he ends up fulfilling his objective. Let's not forget to congratulate and / or reward him if the puppy does his part well.
  7. Keep in mind that as the motto says, Practice makes perfect! And the more this process is practiced, the better results we will obtain. It is also important that these steps are repeated constantly and not once a week. If we do it once in a while, the only thing we will achieve is confuse our puppy. This process must be done consecutively, and must be accompanied by positive reinforcement each time the dog does its job well.

Which dogs benefit the most from the use of dog training towels?

The dogs that are best adapted to the use of canine pads are small dogs, regardless of their age, and dogs that are still puppies. Regardless of the breed or size of the latter. Those families who have dogs and live in highly urbanized areas or high-rise apartments in the middle of the city will also get a really useful benefit from the training towels.

Canine training towels are also widely used by families who live in very cold areas. So the towels are used mainly to avoid taking the dog outside and that it takes cold and not to train it.

They are also widely used in homes where there are older, sick or disabled dogs or even where there are puppies that have not yet received all the corresponding vaccines. In these cases, training towels are really useful.

What types of training wipes are there?

There are several types of dog training wipes that you can find on the market. The function of all is the same but some come with certain additions that can make them more useful for certain cases or families. The reality is that between the training towels on the market there is not a great difference between one and the other and whichever one we choose, its operation will depend on our connection with the pet.

Super absorbent dog training towels

  • They are available in the market in a large number of sizes and measurements.
  • They are super absorbent and have quick drying on the top layer of it
  • They are attractive for the material from which they are made
  • Each towel can hold the equivalent of 3 cups of liquid, turning it into a gel to prevent spillage
  • They are cheaper

Super absorbent and deodorizing dog training towels

  • They are available in the market in a large number of sizes and measurements.
  • They allow to neutralize odors from waste
  • They are super absorbent and have quick drying on the top layer of it
  • They are attractive for the material from which they are made
  • Each towel can hold the equivalent of 3 cups of liquid, turning it into a gel to prevent spillage

Benefits and Disadvantages of Dog Training Towels

Among the benefits provided by the use of dog training towels we can mention the following:

  • They are really comfortable for dogs. If we have already had puppies, we will know that they tend to choose places like carpets or rugs to relieve themselves. The wipes will easily replace these areas if used well.
  • They make cleaning the home easier. Having towels that are absorbent simplifies the disposal of waste within our home. There are even various types of workout towels that come with double wicking and some are even deodorizing.
  • They are perfect for training your pet. This is a product that does not require much knowledge in terms of dog training. Just follow the tips mentioned above and the results will come by themselves.
  • They are perfect in case your dog cannot leave the home for some reason. Either because we are not at home, due to health issues, low temperatures, some disability, or lack of some vaccines in the dog.

Regarding the cons or disadvantages of using dog training towels, we can mention the following:

  • They produce accustoming in dogs. Many times, abusive use or for a very long period of time causes the dog to get used to eliminating on the wipes. That is, he thinks that the right thing to do is to relieve himself inside the house and on top of these training towels. When this happens, it usually happens that the dog must be subjected to a new training process trying to make him understand that he must relieve himself outside the home. The dependency that training towels have generated must be fought and the habit that it acquired must be changed.
  • They are not a product to be used for long periods of time. The dog training towels are used for the learning process of our dog. They are not for long-term use. You should try to first assimilate the dog that relieving himself on the towel is the right thing to do and then removing the towels and taking them to the garden or trying to get our dog to associate the keyword we choose so that when we take him out to the park or for a walk your needs where we want.

How many uses does each dog training wipe make?

In the following image we will show the number of uses that each dog training towel supports. The number of uses will vary depending on the weight of our dog and the size of the towels we use.

  • Toy dogs up to 2 kilograms: Regular-sized wipes can last 5-10 uses. The X-Large tolerate between 10 and 15 uses, the Heavy Duty Regular withstand up to 20 uses and the Heavy Duty X-Large up to 25 uses.
  • For dogs that weigh between 2 kilograms and 5 kilograms approximately, the Regular towels support between 2 and 3 uses, the X-Large between 3 and 5 uses, the Heavy Duty Regular up to 6 uses and the Heavy Duty X-Large up to 11 uses.
  • Dogs that weigh between 5 kilograms and up to 8 kilograms approximately: Regular towels support between 1 and 2 uses, X-Large between 2 and 3 uses, Heavy Duty Regular up to 4 uses and Heavy Duty X-Large up to 6 uses. لعبة بلاك جاك تحميل
  • Dogs between 8 kilograms and 16 kilograms: Regular towels are not recommended, the X-Large support up to 2 uses just like the Heavy Duty Regular. The Heavy Duty X-Large supports up to three uses.
  • For dogs that weigh between 16 and 25 kilograms, the use of Heavy Duty X-Large towels is only recommended and they can withstand up to two uses.
  • Dogs over 25 kilograms: The use of Heavy Duty X-Large towels is only recommended and they withstand 1 use on average.

Characteristics of dog training wipes

  • Quick drying surface to avoid liquid spillage with incorporated attractants to facilitate the acceptance of the can.
  • Super absorbent core that allows liquids to solidify, turning them into a gel at the first contact of the training towel with the waste generated by the dog.
  • Anti-spill or anti-leak design that consists of five layers that prevent liquids from spilling on the outside of the towel and guarantees that if it is placed on a carpet or floor it does not damage it. Each towel is composed of 5 layers that guarantee that there is no leakage of liquids (mainly urine). The top of the training towel has a padded surface that locks in moisture and is quick drying. They also reduce odors and have a lift system that ensures that the liquid flows in the right direction and the best performance is obtained from each wipe. The blocking layer and the plastic coating guarantee total protection of the surface on which they are placed.
  • Ideal for dogs that suffer from a disease, older dogs, dogs that cannot leave the home for some reason or puppies that have been recently adopted.
  • Attractive substance for dogs that ensures that the learning process is accelerated. This substance ensures that the towel will generate attraction for our dog and will not present many difficulties for him to accept approaching it. Remember to put the plastic part down.

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