Tibetan spaniel

The breed of dogs Spaniel from Tibet or better known as Tibetan Spaniel, are extremely intelligent dogs that come from Mount Himalayas in Tibet, China. These little dogs are an assertive breed and are closely linked to the Pekingese, the Pug or Carlino, the Japanese Spaniel among others. In this article we will answer the question What is a Tibetan Spaniel like? Where you will find a brief summary of its origin, the physical characteristics and temperament; in addition to the essential care that is needed for this beautiful breed of dog. Also at the end of the note you will find some curiosities of the breed.

History of the Tibetan Spaniel

The ancestors of the Tibetan Spaniel date back approximately 3,000 years. According to representations of these dogs in ancient times in Asian art, they were generally protected in monasteries and alerted monks to the arrival of visitors to the temple. In addition, these dogs helped the monks guide the prayer wheels. As a result of this which we have just written, for a long time this breed of dog came to be known in the West as tibetan dog. Its closest relationship with other breeds of dogs that are smaller in size and that originated in the same region, we could mention the Pekingese dog, which must be clarified that for a long time it was known as the Pekingese Spaniel.

When some Western explorers, on one of their several trips to Tibet, discovered this breed, at the end of the 19th century, it had a different appearance than what we can appreciate today. Most of the specimens, at that time were smaller in size and weight while others, precisely those close to the periphery of China, had the smallest snout. This made them much more like the Pekingese.

Physical characteristics of the Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is a small breed of fast moving and very energetic dog; but also very happy. It is for this reason that the FCI classifies it within Group 9: Companion dogs. Section 5: Tibetan dogs.

What is the body of a Tibetan Spaniel like?

The body of the Tibetan Spaniel is slightly longer than it is tall, with a straight back and a deep chest. The tail of these dogs is set high and curled over the back when the animal is in motion. Its front legs are somewhat arched, while the hind legs have a moderate joint angle. The feet are small, hare and compact with hair between the pads. Strong and moderately short neck that carries the head high. 888 عربي

What is the head of a Tibetan Spaniel like?

The head of the Tibetan Spaniel is made up of a broad and slightly domed skull. His stop is smooth but at the same time visible. These dogs have a moderately long muzzle without wrinkles. Its chin is firm and the ears are of medium size and set high. Both are hanging in the resting position. The Tibetan Spaniel's eyes are medium in size, oval and expressive looking straight ahead.

How tall is a Tibetan Spaniel?

El Spaniel Tibetano es un perro de tamaño pequeño que tiene una altura a la cruz promedio de aproximadamente 25,4 centímetros. كيف تلعب القمار Los machos adultos tienden a medir entre 24 centímetros y 27 centímetros como máximo y las hembras adultas tienen una altura que oscila entre los 22 centímetros y los 24,5 centímetros.

How much does a Tibetan Spaniel weigh?

The Tibetan Spaniel has an average weight of 5.5 kilograms, the ideal weight of the breed being between 4 kilograms and 6.8 kilograms. Adult males weigh between 5 kilograms and 6.8 kilograms and adult females weigh between 4.1 kilograms and 5.2 kilograms.

What is the coat of the Tibetan Spaniel like?

The Tibetan Spaniel's coat is made up of a long, silky, double-layered coat. The hair on the muzzle and the front of the legs is short. The back of the legs, the breeches, the ruff, the ears and the tail are covered by longer hair. The male usually has thicker and longer fur than the female.

What colors can a pure Tibetan Spaniel be?

In the Tibetan Spaniel all existing colors and color combinations are allowed. It should be noted that the most common coat color in the breed is fawn. The eyes of these dogs are dark brown; the edges of the eyelids and the nose are black.

raza de perros spaniel del tibet acostado en el campo

Tibetan Spaniel temperament

Tibetan Spaniels are active dogs, very happy and move very fast from one place to another. They are also very vigilant and loyal dogs, so with strangers they are half introverted. To better understand what the temperament of the Tibet Spaniel is like; We carry out this section where, on the one hand, we will detail how it behaves, and on the other, how its character is.

Character of the Tibetan Spaniel

El Spaniel Tibetano es un perro de mucho temperamento, que además es seguro, fuerte, alegre y siempre está alerta. Sereno por sobre todas sus características es un perro que a pesar de su tamaño, no se deja intimidar con facilidad. También, el Spaniel Tibetano es muy vigilante, pero al mismo tiempo no muy ladrador. طريقة لعبة القمار Si escuchamos que ladra, la mayoría de las veces tiene razones para hacerlo. Normalmente es tranquilo y muy cariñoso en casa, aunque a veces puede mostrarse muy juguetón y activo. Está muy unido a los suyos, tanto su familia humana como su familia canina.

Behavior of the Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel has a behavior that is generally very good. He usually has an excellent relationship with children and you only have to worry if they treat you appropriately. If he is well socialized, he can easily live with other dogs and with cats and other domestic animals. He is quite cold with strangers, with whom he is initially wary. Once you enter into trust, you will be given as with your family.

General care for a Tibetan Spaniel

The essential cares for the Tibet Spaniel breed are not many. Anyway, give him a good diet and regular walks. That is why in this section we will describe how to care for their fur, how to train them and the recommended exercise; in addition to the food or diet to follow and the health of this breed.

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How to properly brush a Tibetan Spaniel?

The Tibetan Spaniel is a dog that has a coat with long hair, but unlike most dogs with a hair length like the Tibetan Spaniel it is not difficult to keep in good condition. As it is not very thick or heavy, it is enough to brush its coat and comb it once a week so that it is in acceptable condition. Let's always check the ears of these dogs, from time to time; do not trim the hair between the pads as it is a characteristic of the breed.

How to train a Tibetan Spaniel?

The Tibetan Spaniel is a dog that is quite easy to train, since it is intelligent and loves to please the members of its family. They grasp fairly quickly what is being asked of them and like to please their master, this helps a lot in the training process. However, it is not the type of dog that blindly obeys every command given to them, as they have a strong personality. You have to be firm with them and at the same time loving and sweet. It is a very good technique to use rewards to incentivize him during training.

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How much exercise does a Tibetan Spaniel require?

The Tibetan Spaniel is not a dog that requires a great amount of exercise but needs at least 1 hour of movement either through walks or games to stay in good condition and take care of its health. His need for exercise is normal, and he tends to adapt well to all types of families. They settle for three small walks a day and a little time from time to time to play and run around the garden.

Tibetan Spaniel diet

These small dogs of Chinese origin need a good diet or diet to follow that is highly nutritious. The most recommended is dry food or high quality dog food, since they do not eat too much because of their size. By giving the right food twice a day it will be necessary for the Tibetan Spaniel to grow strong and with a beautiful shine on its coat. It is likely that in many places they read that one meal a day is enough for this little puppy to feed; However, it is important that the veterinarian determines the amount of food or portions that this dog needs; It will be determined by the age, weight and exercise performed by the dog.

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perro de raza spaniel tibetano

Tibetan Spaniel health and diseases

Although the Tibetan Spaniel is in good health, they can have certain complications or diseases more frequent than other dogs. Usually they suffer from two eye health problems that are inherited: One is prolapsed third eyelid or also called cherry eye, the other is progressive retinal atrophy. However, it also has other drawbacks such as portosystemic shunt, patella luxation, hip dysplasia and finally some hernias; as are inguinal, umbilical and scrotal hernias. That is why all these problems must be dealt with in time; it is important to carry out medical check-ups at least once a year with the animal health specialist.

How long does a Tibetan Spaniel live?

Tibetan Spaniels are in good health so the quality of life for these little dogs is incredible. The life expectancy of these dogs is approximately 12 to 15 years; however, it is important to give them the minimum and necessary care so that they can enjoy life better.

Uses of the Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is a good family dog that warns its owners when something unusual happens; you can take him to agility classes, a dog sport in which he usually has acceptable performances. It should be noted that the Tibetan Spaniel, although in general he enjoys and likes to practice this sport, it is not a dog that reaches the highest levels.

Curiosities: Previous influences

As a result, after being isolated in cloistered communities for many centuries, the Tibetan Spaniel dog breed instinctively developed a particular characteristic. The Tibetan Spaniel tend to have a strong bond with the people with whom they often hang out, be they family, master or close friends of the family. But at the same time they are less willing to accept strangers. Generally speaking, it takes much longer than other dogs to enter into "trust" with those they consider strangers.

Training is no problem except for a few moments when he can be a bit stubborn and his coat only needs one brushing and combing a week to keep it looking good. You don't need haircuts or frequent visits to the beauty salon. The fur of the males is more abundant than that of the females.

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