Dog snacks

Dog snacks, also known as sweets or treats, are an excellent complement to the diet of our best friends. In addition to being nutritious, these delicacies for our pets can help us enormously in their training stage as a reward for a certain action taken. To use this type of food correctly it is necessary that we know how to identify the enormous amount of canine snacks that there are, their characteristics and for which cases it is convenient to use each of them.

What is a snack for dogs?

Dog snacks or canine snacks are foods that are used to give a treat or gift to our pets from time to time. It is not a type of food that is usually used in each of the meals that the dog receives, but it is a good complement. They are mostly used to urge our pet when he has a good behavior or heeds an order that we have requested. This is how the dog associates a certain behavior or action with the reward and we often achieve surprising results from the use of this type of incentive.

Canine snacks are also often used to control the dental cleaning of our puppies, to strengthen their immune system, can contribute to reducing their weight and even to control anxiety.

For these reasons, if you have never used dog snacks, it is a very good idea to start taking them into account. Not only because your dogs will love it, but they will also be able to get amazing results in terms of their training and well-being from our best friend.

How many snacks can I give my dog?

Although we have mentioned that snacks can bring many benefits for our dogs, there is a reality. We must not abuse the use of them. We must guarantee that if we are going to use snacks for our puppies we will control their consumption in a responsible and healthy way. If we abuse dog snacks we can have two complications: on the one hand, our pet gets used to these snacks and no longer sees it as a reward, but as a normal food. This will not be a positive reinforcement to encourage our dog to comply with certain orders. Second, we can alter your weight just like anyone who eats excessively and without control.

What is the ideal snack for my dog?

Choosing the ideal snack for our puppies will depend on the dog we are talking about. We must take into consideration some data to be able to select the correct one. First of all the age of the dog; There are snacks for puppy dogs, for elderly dogs and for adult dogs and that we will have to consider. Secondly, we are going to take into account if our pet has a possible food allergy, if it has dental problems, is overweight or if it is going through moments of anxiety. There are snacks that are adapted to any type of health or digestive problems that a dog may have.

Dog snacks

Next we will mention the different types of snacks that there are with some characteristics of them. These supplements for both puppies and adult and elderly dogs are not only rewards, but also help us with some problems that our dog may have, thus helping us with the same day-to-day care.

Puppy snacks

When dogs are very young, they are usually prone to some complications in their digestive system because they have not fully developed it. It is for this reason that a snack that is very greasy could hurt them. Also the teeth that are coming out can become another factor to take into account since if the snack is too hard or crunchy it could make their gums hurt.

The snacks for puppy dogs have the particularity of being soft, easy to digest and not having a high fat content.

Advance, snack para cachorro, 7 packs de 150 grs, calidad premium
Advance, puppy snack, 7 packs of 150 grs, premium quality
OMEGA3 DHA Contributes to brain and cognitive development thanks to Omega-3 DHA; Contains 7 bags of 150g each
17.43 EUR
Boxby, snack para cachorro, 1 bolsa de 120 grs, sabor pollo y pescado
Boxby, puppy snack, 1 bag of 120 grs, chicken and fish flavor
High quality dried meat delicacies; Heart-shaped chicken and fish snacks specifically for puppies.
4,34 EUR

Snacks for dogs with allergies

When our best friend has allergenic problems it is a great complication to find foods that suit him. Although many dog owners choose not to go out of line in terms of the food they give to their pets due to the complications in the skin or intestinal tract that these generate, there are some options in terms of snacks that are perfectly adapted to these cases.

Hypoallergenic snacks are the perfect complement for those dogs that suffer from this type of condition since they are composed of hydrolyzed proteins that facilitate digestion and prevent possible allergic reactions.

Advance, snacks hipoalergenicos, 7 packs de 150 grs, calidad premium
Advance, hypoallergenic snacks, 7 packs of 150 grs, premium quality
PURE CARBOHYDRATES without protein residues that can cause allergic reactions .; Contains 7 bags of 150g each
17.43 EUR
PetMunchies, snacks hipoalergenicos, 8 packs de 90 grs, sabor salmón, calidad premium
PetMunchies, hypoallergenic snacks, 8 packs of 90 grs, salmon flavor, premium quality
Pet snacks 100% natural salmon fillets 90 g (pack of 4); Pet Munchies; 90 g (x4)

Snacks for anxious dogs

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from anxiety. This generally happens when their owners have to leave their homes and leave them alone for various reasons. Go to work, to study or other possible reasons. When these things happen, our pets generate such anguish that many times they channel it with crying and many others causing damage within the home.

A good alternative to be able to treat these events is to leave snacks in various places in the house, so our dog entertains himself looking for them and at a certain point he forgets that he is alone at home. In these cases, it is recommended that the snacks be hard and with a cover. This allows them to spend a greater amount of time biting them and at the same time release the tension caused by separation and loneliness.

No products found.

Arquivet, snack para perros, 800 grs, sabor cordero, calidad premium
Arquivet, snack for dogs, 800 grs, lamb flavor, premium quality
Premium snack for dogs flavored with lamb and rice in the shape of bones .; You can use it as a welcome snack or as a reward during training.
8,87 EUR
Lifelong, 6 packs de 250 grs, con muchas proteínas, sabor bacon
Lifelong, 6 packs of 250 grs, with many proteins, bacon flavor
Package content: 6 x 250g; Complementary food for adult dogs; With inulin to help maintain intestinal health

Snacks for dog dental cleaning

There are snacks that are made exclusively to promote the oral cleaning of our dogs. These snacks are made with certain ingredients and with a certain shape that contributes to the cleaning and protection of teeth and gums, avoiding the formation of tartar and the accumulation of bacteria. While our pet bites the snack, it contributes to oral cleaning and healthy teeth.

Purina DentalLife, 5 unidades de 243 grs c/u, protege encías y reduce el sarro, razas grandes, calidad premium
Purina DentalLife, 5 units of 243 grams each, protects gums and reduces tartar, large breeds, premium quality
Scientifically proven to reduce tartar formation; Long-lasting compact texture for deep cleaning
Purina DentalLife, 4 unidades de 345 grs c/u, protege encías y reduce el sarro, razas pequeñas, calidad premium
Purina DentalLife, 4 units of 345 grs each, protects gums and reduces tartar, small breeds, premium quality
For dogs weighing between 7 and 12 kg; No added artificial colors; Keeps breath fresh
24,75 EUR
Advance, 4 packs de 7 unidades (360 grs en total), para razas pequeñas. reduce el sarro, calidad premium
Advance, 4 packs of 7 units (360 grams in total), for small breeds. reduces tartar, premium quality
Monthly format 4 bags with 7 sticks each (Total 28 sticks); MECHANICAL ACTION Special shape that removes food residues
5,90 EUR

Snacks for overweight dogs

If our pet has overweight problems, there are snacks exclusively made so as not to harm it in this regard. They are manufactured using diet products that allow our best friend to be able to ingest one with a certain frequency without impairing his weight loss program or specific diet. They can also become the perfect incentive for our dog to go on long walks knowing that after it his prize will arrive.

Advance, snacks para control de peso, 7 packs de 150 grs, solo 2% de grasas, calidad premium
Advance, snacks for weight control, 7 packs of 150 grs, only 2% of fat, premium quality
LOW IN FAT. Satiating effect with just 2% of fat .; Contains 7 bags of 150g each
17.43 EUR

Snacks for elderly dogs

When dogs are elderly, they often have problems with their teeth because they have either lost a tooth or because they have weakened teeth and it hurts to chew or bite. For this reason, you have to be very careful when selecting the right snack and avoid those that are very hard and robust.

It is recommended to select those snacks suitable for elderly dogs that are generally soft for their teeth and low in calories because very adult dogs do not perform as much physical activity. One recommendation is that we do not give our elderly dog snacks very often. They must be given in very special moments.

LifeLong, snacks blandos para perros mayores, 6 packs de 350 grs
LifeLong, soft snacks for older dogs, 6 packs of 350 grs
Package content: 6 x 250g; Complementary food for adult dogs; With prebiotics (MOS + ß-glucans) that help to maintain the immune system
Arquivet, snacks blandos para perros mayores, 800 grs, sabor salmón, calidad premium
Arquivet, soft snacks for older dogs, 800 grs, salmon flavor, premium quality
Premium snack for dogs with salmon flavor in the shape of bones .; Product of easy digestion and very healthy due to its composition.
8,68 EUR

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