Dutch Smoushond

The Dutch buzzard, or its name in the original language Hollandese Smoushond, is also known as Dutch Smous. It is a small dog whose predecessors are German and Dutch Terriers. This dog was mostly known for its work, since the owners had them in the stables to eliminate and hunt rats and different rodents that scared the horses. This article will detail all the information to answer the question What is a Dutch Smous or Dutch Buzzard like? They will know a little about its history and origin, the physical and behavioral characteristics and the basic care for this breed of dog in case they want to adopt one or already have one.

History and origin of the Dutch Smous

The breed of dogs Smous Holandes or its full name Dutch Smoushond, also receives the name of Dutch buzzard precisely because of its original work of hunting different types of rodents. It is a breed of dogs within all quite recent since the first dogs were unveiled in the nineteenth century. At the beginning of that time, this breed of dogs was very famous and well known, since they were dogs that trotted, came to be next to the horse-drawn carriages; However, their main task was always to drive away and hunt rats.

Previously, it was not considered a breed as such, however, when a dealer sold one of these specimens to a tourist, it is when they begin to have their own weight. The merchant to carry out the sale, boasted the excellent work he did as a hunting dog for small mammals, but also as a companion animal for the families when the merchants made their trips. Anyway, by that time, the Dutch buzzard already had a lot of work done in its history and with many decades lived; This is the reason why the origin of this breed of dog is unknown.

By the beginning of the 20th century, it is when the first standard of the Dutch Smoushond breed was established. From that moment, it is when the breeders of this breed begin to worry more and more about omg onion your health to give a greater promotion to your sale. In any case, this breed of dog is a breed that is not well known except for its country of origin. العب كازينو

What does Smous mean?

La palabra Smous según la traducción quiere decir “con una barba áspera” haciendo referencia a su aspecto físico. بيت فاينل Esto además, lo diferencia del Brussels Griffon. It is believed that the German Schnauzer It is one of the ancestors of this dog, but as we mentioned earlier, there are no records.

Physical characteristics of the Dutch Smoushond

Dutch Smoushond dogs are small dogs with a rough but extremely friendly coat. This dog according to the FCI classification is found in Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs, Molosser and Swiss mountain and cattle type dogs. Section 1.3: Pinscher and Schnauzer Type.

Dutch Smoushond Body

The Dutch Smoushond is a powerful, square-built dog that belongs to the small dog category. Its body is moderately solid, neither too thick nor limp, the line on its back is flat and slightly arched, and its rump is strong and muscular. The tail of these dogs is quite short, it should not protrude above the line of the back. The legs are oval-boned and strong and have small, round, well-compressed feet. The neck is short and muscular, like the rest of his body, his shoulder blades have a moderate descent. The joint angle of its quarters is moderate.

Head of the Dutch Smoushond

The head of the Dutch Smoushond is broad and short and they have a slightly arched skull. The muzzle alone measures a third of the total length of the skull. Their eyelids are well developed and scissor-shaped teeth are preferred, although they are also accepted in the form of a tweezers or with a slight prognathism above. The animal's ears are thin and triangular, wider at the base and pointed at the end, they are small and hang down. They are set high and fall forward. The lips are thin and well matched and have a wide nose.

Height and weight Dutch Smoushond

The height of the Dutch Smoushonds is between 37 centimeters and 42 centimeters for the male and between 35 centimeters and 40 centimeters for the female. Their weight ranges between 8 kilograms and 10 kilograms for females and varies between 9 kilograms and 11 kilograms for males. The weight par excellence is 10 kilograms.

Dutch Smous Coat

The hair of the Dutch Smoushond is coarse, thick, smooth and with a good undercoat. Your eyebrows should not obstruct your vision, the hair on your ears is shorter than the rest of your body. Both the eyebrows, the beard and the mustache are light. The length of the hair is between 4 centimeters and 7 centimeters. It should not be curly, wavy, or woolly, or have a tendency to tangle.

Colors of the Dutch Smous

These dogs have a smooth yellow coat, although there are variations of this hue. They can be presented in shades such as straw yellow, another very common. The eyes are dark brown and the muzzle, nose and rim of the eyes are always black.

Smoushond holandés caminando en un campo

Dutch buzzard temperament

As for the temperament of the Dutch Smous breed dogs, they are very friendly and extremely friendly dogs both with their owners and with strangers. They are dogs that behave excellently and are very docile. In this section we will talk about how the Dutch Smous behave and what their character is like.

Character of the Dutch Smous

They are friendly dogs, very clever and charming. Extremely intelligent, they are often characterized by their ease of adapting to different climates or homes. They are sensitive and can be easily injured when voices are raised or challenged in a bad way. Playful, easy to make happy and cheer, very dependent on his family and his master and do not bark excessively. Despite this, they can become very noisy if they feel in danger or fear. They have plenty of energy.

Behavior of the Dutch Smoushond

They get along wonderfully with children, other dogs, and even cats. If there is a cat in the family, they will accept it very well, they are playful, so it is more likely that the cat will not accept a dog of this breed. If there is a stranger, he will give notice immediately, although he tends to behave in a friendly way with everyone. He is not aloof or reserved with strangers. He is very faithful and close to both his family and his master.

General care Dutch Smoushond

La raza de perros ratonero Holandés o Smoushond Holandés son perros que no llevan demasiados cuidados básicos. Sin embargo, es importante llevarlo al veterinario minimamente una vez al año, darle una buena alimentación o dieta balanceada y sacarlo a pasear cada tanto. لعبة على الانترنت Además de estas precauciones, tenemos que tomar otros recaudos para con ellos, es por esto que les dejamos este apartado de cuidados para la raza de perros Smous Holandés.

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Dutch Smous Grooming

The quality of the coat can vary, which will greatly influence the way in which its master should handle it. There are times when it will be necessary to remove dead hair from the coat by hand. It is necessary that you visit a dog groomer at least 2 times a year and it is very necessary that your ear canals be checked from where you have to check and extract the excess hair that may be in them. Also check the pads of the feet. It is necessary to pass a brush at least once a week to make its coat shine.

Dutch Smoushond Training

It is a dog that has a lot of intelligence, it is complacent and smart with its master, so training with them is quite an easy task. It is recommended for first timers although you also have to keep in mind that you have to be firm with it. This is, more than anything, because like many dogs it can impose itself on its master if it thinks it is too soft. The more varied and entertaining the training process, the better results you will get. Otherwise, a repetitive and constant routine can get boring the dog.

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Recommended exercise for Dutch Smoushond

It is a breed that, as we have said previously, has plenty of energy. They love the water, swimming, taking long walks or jogging, playing with balls, catching objects in flight, etc. They do not tend to stray far from their master, which makes them ideal to go for a walk or run with him without a leash if he has had a correct training process.

They are perfectly adapted to life in the city and life in the country, love nature so a house with a large park or life in a country house will come in handy. Easily adapt to circumstances. It is recommended between 50 minutes and 80 minutes of daily training.

Food and recommended diet for the Dutch Smoushond

Smous are dogs that do not have a tendency to be overweight, however, you should not leave their food if they have left over on the plate when they finish eating; it is important to always remove it, as for any other dog, whether of breed or mongrel. The most advisable thing is to give him balanced food for dogs or dry food 2 times a day and the portion determined by the veterinarian. The specialist will tell you exactly how many grams of food a day to give to maintain a nutritious diet for the dog, based on the weight, age and exercises that the dog performs.

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Health and possible diseases of the Dutch buzzard

As we said before, being a relatively new breed of dog, there are not many studies that count the possible diseases or health that the Dutch buzzard may have. So there are no records of hereditary diseases that call the attention of this breed. So far what is indicated is that it is a healthy dog in health matters. It is important to pay attention to food and basic care so that you have a good quality of life.

How long does a Dutch Smous live?

The Dutch Smous breed of dogs has a life expectancy that is between 12 and 13 years of age. As long as the necessary and basic care is given to keep the dog healthy, such as a good quality diet and a regular walk. We always recommend approaching an animal health specialist every so often to check the health of the dog.

Uses of the Dutch Smous dog breed

Its original uses are to hunt vermin and as a farm dog. Nowadays it is used more frequently as a companion dog, due to its ability to easily adapt to all kinds of circumstances. In dog sports he can have great performances in activities such as agility and catching on the fly, this last activity is the one he enjoys the most.

cachorro smous holandes sentado en un campo jugando con una cuerda blanca

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