Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer dog breed is a dog that although it has the word "giant" in its name, it is not according to the FCI, since weighing less than 50 kilograms it is considered a large breed. It will also seem threatening and a bit intimidating due to its robustness and posture with its large muscles, however it is not a docile dog, but it is very obedient, alert and intelligent. In this article we will provide you with the most complete information about these dogs, from their origin and history, to their physical characteristics, their behavior and the basic care that must be taken with this beautiful and fascinating breed.

Origin of the Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer breed of dogs had different ancestors for which they crossed to reach this dog; among them it is believed that there were Great dane black, the Boxer, he Rottweiler, the Thuringian Shepherd, Bouvier Des Flandres or Flanders Mountain Dog, he Doberman with the famous German Schnauzer or standard.

This great breed was an incredible and extremely useful dog to German farmers for a long time; since it was an excellent shepherd and guardian dog, since it took care of the properties and guided the animals with great intelligence.

During the last century, that is, in the twentieth century, it was common to see a Giant Schnauzer guarding different premises, such as breweries, factories or butchers in Bavaria, but in other places it was a dog that was not known much; However, when the First World War came, this huge dog became an example of military service.

Currently the Giant Schnauzer, thanks to their courage and obedience, can be seen serving the police, but also for their tireless search and rescue service; That is why in Europe there are several clubs of this breed that raise the Giant Schnauzer for all the working qualities that this dog has.

What types of Schnauzer are there?

Miniature schnauzer

Standard schnauzer

Giant schnauzer

Physical characteristics of the Giant Schnauzer

This large and very stout dog according to the FCI specifications, the Giant Schnauzer, belongs to Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossian - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. Section 3: Pinscher and Schnauzer. It can also be included in the category of large dog breeds, despite its name, since according to the FCI a dog of more than 50 kilograms is called a giant breed.

Giant Schnauzer Body

The Giant Schnauzer has a body and head complexion identical to the German Schnauzer, with the difference that it is bigger and stronger. In addition to giving this last impression, the corpulent form of his body is very robust and muscular, with a quite firm and imposing determination. His entire body may appear to be the aspect of a menacing, tough and aggressive athlete due to his greatness, however that is not the case.

Giant Schnauzer Head

The head of the Giant Schnauzer is larger than that of the Standard Schnauzer, quite robust, well built and square, in addition to its characteristic whiskers, eyebrows and beard. This dog has an interesting trunk, which, when measured, is the middle of the body from the withers to the tip of the tail, so it is quite long and well pronounced. The muzzle must always be black. In addition, the forehead of the dog is quite flat, while the back of the head is not very defined.

How tall is a Giant Schnauzer?

With respect to the height at the withers of an adult Giant Schnauzer breed dog, it is between 60 centimeters and 70 centimeters. However, a distinction can be made between the genders of this breed; the ideal height for male Giant Schnauzers is between 65 centimeters and 70 centimeters, while for females it ranges between 60 centimeters and 65 centimeters.

How much does a Giant Schnauzer weigh?

The Giant Schnauzer has this name, precisely because of its height and weight. Many times you can find Giant Schnauzers between 25 Kilograms and 34 Kilograms for females, while for males it ranges between 27 Kilograms and 48 Kilograms. In any case, the ideal weight of a Giant Schnauzer is between 30 Kilograms and 45 Kilograms. It is important to maintain a balanced diet for the dog and take it for regular walks so that it is within these parameters.

What is the hair of a Giant Schnauzer like?

Like the Miniature and Standard Schnauzer, the Giant Schnauzer's coat is hard, rough, thick and stiff. They also have a much longer mustache than other Schnauzers as well as their beard and eyebrows. The hair on the head and ears is much shorter than the rest of the body. The areas of the body where they have the longest fur is in the beard, mustache and eyebrows; very characteristic of this breed.

What color is a Giant Schnauzer?

Usually the Giant Schnauzer is Black or Salt and Pepper in color. However, this last color can have different shades, ranging from a platinum gray to a rather dark steel gray, with a mask preferably black. For both colors of this breed they have black truffle. White spots are undesirable in these dogs.

How to know if a Schnauzer is purebred?

To detect if a Giant Schnauzer is pure, the following characteristics will have to be carefully observed:

  • Size: the proportion and height of the dog is important, it must have a weight and height in proportion (30-45 kg and 60-70 cm).
  • Fur: hair is another characteristic to consider. It usually falls on the head and the rest of the body. He can often cover his eyes and he also has a pronounced beard.
  • Colors: black or salt and pepper are purebred. Any dog that strays to these shades may have reason to think the probability that it is mongrel.
  • Character: the pure breed has a strong personality, very well marked and very obedient. It is a very loyal and self-confident dog. It is not a very sociable dog, so you should work that with other dogs or individuals that are not your relatives.

Giant Schnauzer temperament

Giant Schnauzers are a very intelligent breed of dog, very loyal and above all protective and obedient. So it is a very good dog both for a family and for a person who lives alone and likes to do physical activity, since they are dogs that have a lot of energy. In this section we will respond to how is the temperament of a Giant Schnauzer, for this we divide it into two points that seemed important to us, such as its character and the behavior of the dog.

What is the character of a Giant Schnauzer like?

The Giant Schnauzer breed of dogs are fully awake, intelligent, with a certain naturalness to watch all the time and very kind. It is a dog that loves to learn new things, it will always be ready for it, very resistant and above all calm.

It is a dog that is too close to his family and would give up his life to defend it if necessary. They don't like a change of ownership very much because of their loyalty to the people they meet and their family members. For this reason, it will be practically unobornable, going so far as to affirm that it is an excellent guard dog, and very faithful to its family and home. The Giant Schnauzer, despite its size, is not an extroverted dog, nor is it impetuous, it behaves with great caution and is very decisive. They are very energetic dogs, but they do not bark too much. It should be noted that it is very contrary to its Schnauzer relatives, so due to its size, they take time to reach maturity.

How does a Giant Schnauzer behave?

As for the behavior of the Giant Schnauzer, thanks to their character, they are not dogs that cause many problems when interacting with other animals. However, we have to carry out a correct socialization since it is a small puppy. These dogs, in themselves, due to their protective nature are affectionate and tolerant with children. He will always be on guard and vigilant. لعبة قمار اون لاين

3 perros schnauzers gigantes negros sacando la lengua en el patio

General care of the Giant Schnauzer

When thinking about having a Giant Schnauzer, they must bear in mind that it is a breed that needs time and certain care for its skin and coat, its greatest characteristic. That beard and mustaches won't think they stand alone, will they? Beyond this important item, it is a very intelligent dog for which its care is not difficult. However, it is important for him to have a good quality of life, a food rich in protein and nutrients so that he can develop his muscles and a nice coat. In this section you will see the basic care for the Giant Schnauzer breed of dogs, as well as the exercise that these dogs need.

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How to care for the hair of a Giant Schnauzer?

As for grooming and hygiene, the Giant Schnauzer brings certain complications, let's tell the truth. It is a dog that must be cared for in terms of its coat or coat, since it can suffer some problems or skin diseases if it is not bathed with the correct frequency. That is why to have this dog, they must have time to give it proper hygiene care.

For the Giant Schnauzer hair care is important, since it is its main characteristic in terms of the aesthetics of the breed; so cutting the hair every 3 or 4 months is highly recommended, in case the dog is a show Schnauzer, the trimming is recommended to be less time. 

Bath for the Giant Schnauzer

We recommend bathing the Giant Schnauzer every 3-4 months, or when it really needs it. In this way, you can maintain the necessary oil barrier on your skin to protect it from any viruses or bacteria. It is not recommended to air dry after bathing, we suggest that you use a hair dryer on a minimum power to be able to dry the maximum amount of fur. The pronounced beard of these dogs must remain as clean as possible for as long as it allows us. So it is important to clean the dog's beard and whiskers for hygiene reasons, since some food remains may remain between them. Keeping the hair that is under the dog's belly short is also essential for its comfort and so that it does not drag dirt from the floor with its coat.

As for the Giant Schnauzer grooming products, special color intensifying shampoos for dogs can be used to care for their hair; or a nourishing shampoo in order to take better care of your skin and keep it healthy.

Grooming for the Giant Schnauzer

As we mentioned before, the care for the Giant Schnauzer in terms of hygiene is a bit arduous, however afterwards the results are incredible. That is why a correct brushing for this breed is appropriate. This action is recommended to be carried out with time and regularly, preferably with a soft bristle brush. Luckily, it is not a breed that shed a lot of hair or shed so often; so it could be emphasized that it is the ideal dog for people who are allergic, as it is a short-haired dog and does not fall down often; The Giant Schnauzer, like the Miniature Schnauzer and the Standard German Schnauzer, are hypoallergenic dog breeds.

How to train a Giant Schnauzer puppy?

Para poder adiestrar y educar a un perro de raza Schnauzer Gigante, no será una tarea difícil; sin embargo hay que tener autoconfianza al dar las órdenes. De lo contrario entenderá que tienes cierta debilidad, debes demostrarle quien es el líder. كازينو Para enseñarle cosas a estos canes, será importante un entrenamiento y adiestramiento justo y firme, pero sobre todo variado. Este es un tema importante, la variedad en la enseñanza, ya que no es un perro que les guste recibir una misma orden varias veces, o repetirle varias veces lo mismo.

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How to exercise a Giant Schnauzer?

The necessary exercise for the Giant Schnauzer is a very important and key issue when talking about a good quality of life. It is a dog that, due to its size and large amount of energy, needs too much physical activity, however it can adapt to certain circumstances. He is a dog that loves to go for a walk without a leash on, he loves to run, swim, look for and collect different objects. So it is the ideal dog for owners who love to go out to exercise, it will accompany them everywhere without problems.

You need to spend all your energy going out and exercising quite often; so if he is too active outside the house, in everyday life he will be a very calm dog in his home.

How much should a Giant Schnauzer eat?

The Giant Schnauzer dog breed, as its name implies, is a large dog that therefore eats a lot, however, you have to pay close attention to this issue. In this section we will give you some tips for feeding this breed. For this dog to be healthy and to maintain its good muscles and a good coat, it is important to give it a good quality feed or dog food, since it will have the necessary nutrients so that it can develop correctly from a puppy. If you want to change the brand or quality, it is best to do this transfer little by little, and mix one product with another little by little and gradually, until you have the whole new product. This will prevent certain problems such as diarrhea or vomiting.

A Giant Schnauzer should eat approximately 500 grams to 700 grams of dog food per day; however, the best thing to do is to approach a veterinarian and tell them the brand and how much your dog should eat, based on the age, size and health of your dog.

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On the other hand, we cannot forget water, it is vital for a good diet; It must always be fresh and clean so that the dog wants to drink, otherwise it may not do so. Clean the bowls regularly to avoid bacteria and fungi between one portion and another, caused by our dog's saliva.

How long does a Giant Schnauzer live?

Although they are large dogs, they are in good health and can have an excellent quality of life, becoming a long-lived dog. The life expectancy of the Giant Schnauzer is between 12 and 15 years. However, this will depend on the basic care that one gives the dog, such as a good diet and the appropriate amount of exercise based on the age of the dog. It is also essential to take it from time to time to the vet for check-ups, even if the dog does not show any impediment, it is good to take it once a year.

Most frequent health problems of the Giant Schnauzer

As the Giant Schnauzer is a large dog, there are difficulties for this breed of dogs common to those of any other dog with similar characteristics. Among them are hip dysplasia, overweight and high cholesterol that can cause pancreatitis; it is also likely that you may have some skin and coat problems and diseases or severe hemorrhagic enteritis. As always, it is advisable to take him to the animal health specialist for any symptoms he has or any impediment. However, it is always advisable to visit the vet at least once a year for routine check-ups.

How many puppies does a Giant Schnauzer have?

La cantidad de crías que puede llegar a tener un Schnauzer depende en realidad del tamaño de ambos padres, no solamente de la hembra; ya que los genes del bebe son de ambos. Otro de los factores es si ambos perros son de raza pura del Schnauzer Gigante. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت De todas formas, es muy probable que una hembra del tamaño estándar de esta raza, pueda llegar a dar a luz a más de 8 cachorros.

Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Uses

The Giant Schnauzer was a widely used hunting dog, thanks to its speed and size. He has also participated in countless agility tests and advanced obedience. He is a dog that if you want to give him tedious exercises, they are not much to his liking; however he will try to do it, however if he gets bored with them, he will perform the action but in a slightly rougher way.

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