Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hound dogs, or with their original name Hamiltonstövare, are incredible dogs that were bred specifically for hunting. These beautiful canines are originally from Sweden, when Count Adolf Hamilton, founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, developed it. In this article you will find all the most important information about the Hamilton Hound. From its beginnings and origins, passing through the physical characteristics and temperament; and finally the essential care for this breed, along with some curiosities.

History of the Hamilton Hound

This breed gets its name from the breed's creator, Count Adolf Hamilton, who developed it in 1880. A large number of European hunting dog breeds have contributed to the Hamilton Hound, also known as Hamiltonstövare, saga. Including the German and Swiss hunting dogs, as well as the English Foxhound, dogs with which he keeps and keeps most similar to today.

The hound-type breeds that we have mentioned recently were known in Sweden since the 16th century. In those times, going hunting with this kind of dog was considered a privilege that was exclusive to the highest sectors of society, such as royalty and nobility. This was the case until the end of the 18th century, when people who came from rural areas were allowed to also use these dogs in hunting. Thus it was that hound-type dogs began to spread throughout the European population. Leaving aside the tradition in which this type of dog was only bred by the nobility and royalty.

Although it is not completely proven, there are many indications that make us believe that the origin of the Hamilton Hound was thanks to a mixture of different hound-type dogs. Among these canine breeds, from Switzerland and southern Germany, would be the Foxhound and the Harrier.

In a dog show that was held in Sweden, back in 1886, around 189 hound-type dogs were exhibited. Among the dogs exhibited were a male and a female, named Pang and Stella. These dogs belonged to Count Adolf Patrick Hamilton and are the oldest known evidence of the Hamiltonstövare dog breed today. In the beginning this race was known as Swedish hound and began to be called the Hamilton Hound in mid-1921. In honor of the founder of the Svenska Kennelklubben or Swedish Kennel Club, Count Hamilton.

Physical characteristics of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound were exclusively developed for hunting, hence their name. That is why the FCI classifies them within Group 6: Bloodhound-type dogs, scent dogs and similar breeds. Section 2: Medium-sized hounds. In addition, these beautiful hounds when exceeding the bar of 25 Kilograms, is within the medium breeds.

Hamilton Hound Body

The body of the Hamilton Hound has a medium length and a powerful build. Its rump is wide, long and slightly sloping. As for the chest, it is deep and exceeds the level of the elbows. The ribs are moderately arched and the belly is tucked up. The tail forms a continuation of the top line and reaches the hocks. This can be straight or have a slight curve, and tapers towards the tip of it. The elbows are well attached to the body and the legs are straight, with a good articular angle, muscular, with compact feet. The neck is muscular, long and has no dewlap.

Hamilton Hound Head

La cabeza del Sabueso de Hamilton es larga, rectangular y enjuta. Este can tiene un cráneo un poco abombado y su stop y occipucio están poco marcados. Visto de lado, la caña nasal es paralela al cráneo. El labio superior está lleno y no debe quedar demasiado colgante como pasa en otro tipo de sabuesos. موقع 888 Las orejas son de implantación alta у quedan colgantes, llegando casi hasta la mitad de la caña nasal. Los ojos del Sabueso de Hamilton tiene una expresión tranquila y la dentadura es en forma de tijera.

How tall is a Hamilton Hound?

The Hamilton Hound has a measurement that ranges between 53 centimeters and 61 centimeters in those specimens that are males and adults. As for adult females, their height ranges between 49 centimeters and 57 centimeters.

How much does a Hamilton Hound weigh?

The weight of the Hamilton Hound breed ranges between 25 kilograms and 30 kilograms. The adult females of this breed have an approximate weight of between 25 kilograms and 27 kilograms. As for adult males, their approximate weight ranges between 25 kilograms and 30 kilograms.

What is the coat of a Hamilton Hound like?

The coat of the Hamilton Hound is thick, with thick hair and well attached to the body. The undercoat of their coat is short, thick and smooth. Below the tail, the hair is slightly longer than the rest of its body.

Hamilton Hound Colors

El Sabueso de Hamilton es un perro que presenta tres colores de pelaje con un modelo de manchas relativamente constante. La parte superior del cuello, la cola y la espalda son de color negro. Presenta color blanco en patas, pecho, punta de la cola, cuello y hocico. El resto del cuerpo es de color castaño. Se admiten manchas blancas en la parte superior del cuello. Lo recomendable es que los colores no se mezclen entre sí. لعبة روليت مجانيه Los ojos son de color castaño oscuro o castaño claro.

perro de raza sabueso de hamilton parado de perfil en el campo

Hamilton Hound's temperament

Hamilton Hound breed dogs are dogs that have a beautiful temperament, they are very energetic, gentle and friendly dogs; but also very brave and patient. So having one of these dogs in your family will make your day to day happy. To better understand what the temperament of a Hamiltonstövare is like, we divide this section into what its character is like and how it behaves.

Character of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound is a dog with great character. It can be defined as a friendly and calm dog that is at the same time hard-working and reasonably helpful. It has an excellent sense of smell, like any hound and a great hunting instinct. It is not a barking or noisy dog, although it does bark when it warns of danger. Despite this, it cannot be considered a good watchdog.

Behavior of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound tends to get along well with both other dogs and children. It is a breed that tends to be very friendly with strangers, not at all suspicious. His hunting instinct can cause him to chase cats and other domestic animals in the house, but this tendency is tempered with a good socialization process.

Basic care of the Hamilton Hound

Clearly, being a hunting dog the Hamilton Hound, it must have a fairly important activity in addition to a good diet. On the other hand, caring for the hair of these dogs is important to keep their coat soft and shiny. To better explain to them what are the general cares that this dog needs; We carry out this section dividing it into different categories such as hair care, training and exercise, as well as health care and nutrition for this breed.

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How and when to brush a Hamilton Hound?

The coat of the Hamilton Hound requires little care; It should be brushed once a week with a brush that is soft given the characteristics of its coat. You should also take care that your nails are short. In the shedding season you can use a rubber brush or a massage glove to remove dead hair and ensure that your coat looks good and does not spread too much hair around the home. From time to time you have to check that the ear canals are clean.

The recommended frequency of brushing is generally between once and twice a week when our Hamilton Hound is not in shedding times. When you are shedding, it is advisable to use the glove to remove dead hair two to four times a week.

How to train a Hamilton Hound?

The Hamilton Hound is a very independent working dog and although it can be said that it is affectionate towards its owners it is also quite stubborn when it is tried to train. Training can be slow and you will have to use a lot of patience and understanding with the dog. However, it is a dog that can learn a lot with a firm and affectionate approach; absolute obedience cannot be expected of him. You are quite fond of food, so this could be a good reward during training. The order to attend the master's call is important.

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Exercise for a Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound needs a lot of activity. The ideal is to take him frequently for a walk, always on a leash because he is a bit stubborn and can sometimes be disobedient. He does not like playing ball or other such games very much. As for canine toys, the most recommended are the olfactory mats and those toys that are to stimulate your mind and work with canine food or snacks. If you smell a good trail, you won't hesitate to follow it; So it is important that you do not leave it loose anywhere. We can only allow ourselves to leave it ground in areas where it is completely safe to do so.

Hamilton Hound diet

The most important thing in the Hamilton Hounds is their diet and diet balanced and balanced in terms of nutrients and carbohydrates. It is a combo that you will need to have so that your activity and good health last year after year. It is also important fresh water with the right proportion of food; giving him a serving of quality dog food twice a day will suffice. However, it is important that they go to a trusted animal health specialist or veterinarian to determine how much food to feed the dog, based on the dog's age, weight and exercise.

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Hamilton Hound health and diseases

The Hamilton Hound is in good health as they are very strong and robust, so it gives them some resistance in relation to other dogs; so it is rare that they get sick. Also, thanks to these reasons, they do not have health problems or hereditary diseases in their records. But if it is important that the dog is always in constant movement and activity; so diet is key.

How long does a Hamilton Hound live?

Hamilton Hound breed dogs are dogs that need some care in terms of their diet and health. However, they have a life expectancy that can reach approximately 12 years of age. As long as basic care can be provided to the breed. It is important that at least 1 time a year they can go to the vet to check how the dog is in health.

sabueso de hamilton

Uses of the Hamilton Hound

The Hamilton Hound continues to be used in its home country for its original function of hunting hares and foxes. It is currently also used for tracking competitions. Due to the strict policy of hunters, who sell their puppies almost exclusively to hunter families, it is a bit difficult to acquire a copy of this breed.

Hamiltonstövare curiosities

The Hamiltonstövare ranks among the most affectionate of the sniffing dogs. This is another underlying reason for the growing popularity it has acquired outside of its native Swedish land. He adapts well as a family pet as long as he gets plenty of exercise due to his athletic disposition. You will enjoy yourself in rural areas where you can walk daily without a leash, follow trails and burn energy. The only problem when our Hamilton Hound chases a trail is that it does so for one purpose only. Often, if not almost always, following a trail, it will ignore our orders. There is no malice in this behavior, it is simply an instinct of the breed that implies that its master must be a good handler. It is not a recommended dog for those masters who are novices. العب كازينو

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