Dog clothes: What importance and benefits does it bring?

Dog clothing is one of the best-selling products in the dog market. In fact, for more than a decade the use of various pet clothing has been standardized and it is not at all uncommon to see dogs at any time of the year, regardless of temperatures or weather, wearing different garments and designs. Dog clothing or dog fashion is a sector that is on the rise and increasingly offers a greater variety of patterns, designs, materials and functionalities. In this article we will try to resolve a large number of doubts that arise around this topic. Do dogs need clothes? What benefits does the use of certain clothes bring to our pet? These questions and many others related to the subject will have their answer in this note.

Do dogs need clothing to keep warm?

Before answering this question, we must bear in mind that dogs have undergone an immense amount of modifications in the characteristics of their species over time. Modifications caused mostly by the human species. This enormous amount of changes that our best friends have undergone have led to a great diversity of dogs. All of them very different from each other. Thus, we find dogs that can weigh almost 100 kilograms and others that do not exceed 5 kilograms. We also find dog breeds that have a thick coat with a lot of volume and others that literally have no hair.

These great differences in their physical characteristics add to the global distribution of canine specimens. It is normal to find dogs with a sparsely populated or hairless coat in areas with very low temperatures. As it is also much more common to find dogs with thick coats that live in areas with warm temperatures.

So back to the initial question, Do dogs need clothes that warm them? The natural answer should be no. But since humans have modified their main features in many ways, reality indicates that they have. That there are many dogs that depending on the physical characteristics they have and the geographical location in which they live, they will appreciate that their owners buy them clothes that will serve as protection in certain circumstances.

How do you know when a dog needs a coat?

Next, we will prepare a list in which we will mention some of the causes or circumstances in which our dogs will require a complement or garment to shelter them.

  • Dogs that have no hair either due to the characteristics of the breed or due to causes that cause a part of the body to have an absence of hair. In these cases it is very useful to buy a coat to protect it from the cold when the temperatures are low, but it is also important in summer to buy a garment that protects the animal from possible sunburn.
  • Dogs that are in vulnerable situations. With this we refer to those dogs that may be suffering from a disease, that are very old or that have had feeding problems or another type of condition that makes them weaker. Something that is very common in dogs rescued from the street.
  • We can tell when a dog needs shelter by clues that this gives us. If we pay attention to our pet and see that it trembles or huddles in an exaggerated way against a corner, refuses to leave the house, etc. They are clear indicators that our dog is feeling cold.
  • In addition to the cold, another reason why it is convenient to buy clothes for our dog is the rain. The rain clothes It is very useful to be able to take our pet for a walk if the weather is not entirely favorable. This will facilitate the drying of the dog and prevent it from becoming cold if it gets wet and the temperature is not entirely high or there is wind. There is a huge number of designs in all sizes that are waterproof and warm and protect our best friends from the rain and cold.

How to warm my dog when it's cold?

When the cold seasons arrive, it is very common for our dogs to suffer from cold and require a coat. We must take into account the indications that we have mentioned above to identify if this happens or not. Once we come to the conclusion that our dog needs a coat, the question that arises is how to shelter it? or How much coat do you need?

Here we must take into account the climatic characteristics of the place where we live and the physical characteristics of our pet. If we have a puppy, an old dog or a dog that has little volume of hair, we will need a coat that protects it more. So we are going to opt for heavier garments made of wool or cotton. On the other hand, if our dog is well resistant to cold and is a healthy dog, perhaps it does not require any warmth or a light garment is more than enough.

Regarding the climatic conditions and characteristics of the place where we live, it is also an important factor to be able to differentiate them. If we live in a place where it rains a lot, the ideal would be to get a trench-coat, as if it is a place where it snows. If you are looking for warm dog clothes, there are many brands that offer quality products. The Finnish brand that stands out when it comes to dog coats, is Hurtta, a company that specializes in the manufacture of dog suits for all weather conditions. Even the lowest.

Inside the home, our pet will not need very heavy coats, therefore a simple sweater or a shirt made of lighter materials. Of course, it will depend a lot on the temperature inside our home.

Dog clothes: How do I choose the best one?

Once we have made the decision to buy clothes for our dog, we must take into account the characteristics that the garment or clothing we are looking for must have.

  • The first thing to take into consideration is the size of our dog. Like when we buy clothes for ourselves, we must know what measurements our dog has, to buy a garment that fits him well. We must choose the one that guarantees not only that our dog is warm, but that it does not make him lose mobility and comfort while wearing it.
  • The second point to take into account is that we must prioritize the comfort of the dog and that it can move easily in addition to being warm over the aesthetics of the design that we choose.
  • Another point to keep in mind is how easy it is to put on and take off the garment. If we choose an outfit that is difficult to put on, it is best to discard it. It is a better idea to opt for other products that are cape type or with a closure or buttons.
  • The ease of washing and the possible need for the garment to dry quickly are other variants to consider. They will vary depending on whether we have other garments or if it is the only one.
  • We must bear in mind that dogs, the first times that clothes are put on them, do not usually accept them easily. The best thing to do when things like this happen is to gradually get used to them and not force them to use it.
  • Finally, take into account the material from which the garment is made. Some dogs may have allergic reactions to some materials in the first place. Second, that the material is suitable for the purpose for which we want to use the clothes. If it is to walk on rainy days it must be waterproof, if it is to protect from intense cold it should be thicker as possible made of wool or cotton, if it is to protect a puppy from the sun with something light will suffice.

How to shelter newborn dogs?

During the first weeks of life, puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature. This means that if a newborn dog is uncovered in winter or low temperatures, in a very short time they will cool down to such an extent that their life can be in danger. When dogs are very baby, their best coat is their mother. Unfortunately, he is not always present because of things that happen in today's world. Then we must turn to other solutions. One of them is to provide the baby dog with a small, comfortable and warm space. We can achieve this by means of newspapers, blankets, towels and blankets inside a box, a basket or a small bed for dogs. We always make sure that the bed that we have manufactured is away from fresh air currents and in an area that is at a comfortable temperature.

It is not generally recommended that newborn puppies wear clothing. Firstly because it will not be easy to find a coat for such small dogs and secondly because it is not good for them. Since they can get tangled, hurt some of their paws or even give them some type of allergy if they have a garment on for several hours.

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