Giant dog breeds

This group is made up of all those dog breeds that weigh more than 50 kg and in most cases exceed 70 cm in height. There are breeds that can even weigh more than 100 kg.

Keep in mind that the pets that correspond to this group require very large spaces to be able to exercise and be comfortable. In urban and very small places this type of animal will feel very limited. The preferred thing for this type of breed is that there is nature and they can have walks either in forests, in fields or other places with a lot of vegetation and a lot of space.

The dogs that make up the group of giant breeds require a great dedication of time and a very good training, since due to their size and strength, these poorly socialized dogs can bring problems related to their size.

Due to their incredible size, most of these breeds are affected by a condition known as hip dysplasia, which is usually caused by a hereditary malformation. This disease tends to cause intense pain and lameness in the animal.
In more advanced cases or those that have not been treated, dysplasia can completely incapacitate the animal.

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