About us


All Breeds of Dogs

The project that we baptized as TodoslasRazasdePerros was born from a chat in a cafe between two lifelong friends who had a great fanaticism for reading, animals and computers. To this fanaticism was added the fortune of sharing a little free time and the desire to do something together. This is how the idea arose, at that time, of designing a website that spoke purely and exclusively about dogs.

We spent hours and days trying to diagram how to start this project. That it has relevant information, that it has a presence in social networks so that users find out that we existed, who was going to write the articles, the races we would talk about, which ones we would start with, how we would put together a logo, etc.

In short, a thousand questions and very few answers. There are times when you need to think so many things and fit together that you wind up winding yourself up in such a way that inside you think, "No man, I don't think this will work."

The beauty of all this is that one day we started writing articles on various races in a shared Drive and after a few weeks when we did a count we had more than 50 articles written. All of different races, with pictures, with reviews of used books.

Such was the neatness that we said, let's start and let it be what the users want.

"I read them and I like them," Juan told me.

-Me too - I answered.

-Let's buy the domain.

This is how our site All Dog Breeds was born. For a love or a special affection that we both shared for these beautiful friends who accompany us every day.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide genuine, truthful and quality information to all those users who have a dog living in their home and also to those who like dogs and intend to adopt one.

Beyond the fact that there are many people who are interested in knowing the origins of certain breeds, it is very important that everyone who has one of these pets in their home knows the care that must be taken with them, the possible diseases that certain breeds can contract, the needs that each breed has in terms of exercise, diet and grooming and very important, especially in large breeds, the character or personality they have. This will help their owners a lot to socialize them and to have a correct behavior with other pets and with their own family.

Our vision

Create the largest community of all dog lovers. To achieve that a website is formed where all users can share anecdotes, events that have occurred, expand the information that we upload day by day and above all, generate awareness about the treatment and care that these animals should have to improve so much his lifestyle and the relationship he has afterwards with his master or owner.

If there is something that both creators of this page agree on, it is that no dog is born bad. The situations that they live day to day, mistreatment by the owners, having to live on the street and face hunger or other animals can lead to our best friend having improper reactions. But if we are lucky enough to have time to socialize and educate them accordingly, believe me, they will never regret having adopted these wonderful creatures.