Pitbull American Terrier

Pitbull Americano

History of the Pitbull American Terrier

The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier is ancient and complex. We have to head to Ancient Rome where dogs were raised and trained to fight in the colosseum. From these dogs, the Bulldog and Terriers arose, which later in time (in the 18th century) crossed to give life to a new breed, the Bull & Terrier.

This breed, unfortunately, was used almost from its beginning for dog fighting.

In the 19th century this breed (Bull & Terrier) arrived in the United States, where it was not only used for dog fights, but also for big game hunting (cows, wild boars and others) and as guardians. These new tasks caused dog breeders to breed dogs a little taller and bigger. This is how the breed of dogs that we know today as the American Pitbull Terrier emerged.

Pitbull character:

Despite the bad reputation of this breed, the Pitbull is a very sociable dog, who enjoys playing very much and is an excellent companion for children.

It has a highly developed prey instinct, but everything will depend on how it is raised as a puppy. If the Pitbull is well socialized, it will be an ideal pet for the family. He is very loyal, protective and intelligent; learn quickly and assimilate commands very easily. These dogs have a lot of energy, so we recommend playing a lot with them and enjoying their company at all times.

As for dealing with other pets, it will be necessary to socialize him from a young age, since otherwise it will be very difficult for him to accept them in the same home. Their intelligence has led them to be given new and multiple tasks today, so it is normal to find them as police dogs, narcotics detectors, rescue dogs or even as therapy dogs.

Is his bad reputation correct?

The bad reputation that precedes the Pitbull American Terrier is totally excessive, in fact, a study carried out by the ATTS (American Society for the evaluation of temperament) shows that this breed has a more stable temperament than the average dog. What happens is that the Pitbull has a very great physical power, so when a specimen sporadically attacks (either another dog or a person), it does very great damage. This does not mean that they are bad or dangerous, there are many other breeds that have suffered this "persecution" before, such as Rottweilers or Dobermans.

We can affirm without fear of being wrong that it is not the fault of the dogs, but of their breeders. If the Pitbull is trained to be a family pet, it will be an excellent company at all times. But if he is trained to fight, then he will be aggressive and constantly seek a fight. This means that the bad name they get is actually the fault of the people who train them incorrectly, in most cases to practice animal fighting, which is prohibited.

We ask everyone who reads us to please be mindful and raise your Pitbull American Terrier with a lot of love and respect. We assure you that you will have a wonderful pet that will make your home happy and take care of it more than anyone else.

Pitbull physical characteristics:

They stand out for their physical power in general, their head is wide and long, with a very muscular neck. We cannot overlook his incredible jaw, which is extremely strong. They have small, sunken eyes that cannot be light blue. Presenting a short but powerful back, on the other hand, its legs are rather light. Breed standards hold that the Pitbull has to be longer than it is wide and that its chest should be deeper than it is wide. These two things are not fulfilled by many of the canine bodybuilders.

Its coat is short and with a certain shine, it can be of various colors. Their average lifespan is 12 to 13 years, but with good care they can exceed 15 years.

Their weight ranges from 16 kg to 28 kg for males. And in the case of females it varies between 14 kg and 25 kg. They have an average height that ranges from 40 cm to 53 cm for males and between 37 cm and 50 cm for females.

Pitbull's Pictures

Pitbull Health

This breed of dog is incredibly healthy, they have practically no health problems throughout their lives. It is important to respect your vaccination schedule and to be attentive to your skin, since you may suffer from some allergies.

You must also remember to offer him a good diet and a comfortable bed.

Finally, the fact that it is a very healthy breed of dog does not mean that you should not take it to the vet, keep in mind that these dogs bear a lot of pain, so if they have a problem it is very likely that you do not know it. To avoid any displeasure, it is always good to have an annual check-up.


They are dogs that have a very high energy level, 2 daily walks of at least 30 minutes will be necessary. It would also be advisable to have a large space where you can run and play, that is why houses with a patio are the best option for these dogs.

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The best diet for this breed is a high quality one that is rich in protein, but not all protein is good, try to avoid vegetables.

When they are puppies, it is advisable to let them eat all the food they need, since the lack of it can negatively affect the later health of the animal.

In their adult stage you must regulate their diet as indicated by the veterinarian or by the brand of feed you use.

Some people choose a more natural diet, offering only "semi-cooked" or cooked food. In this case, it is important to consult your veterinarian about the diet to follow so that the dog does not lack any necessary nutrients for its health.

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Grooming the Pitbull American Terrier

Its beautiful coat will only require a brushing every 7 to 10 days, to remove dead hair. In the molting season it will be necessary to brush it more often. In turn, bathing it once a month is enough.

What requires special attention is your oral hygiene, it will be necessary to brush your teeth with rubber brushes. You should also clean his eyes and ears every so often.

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Below we offer you everything you need so that you can maintain a proper cleanliness of your APT. First of all, a metal brush with rubber points so that it does not damage the skin of your dog, excellent quality and guaranteed duration, essential especially in times of shedding. Secondly, we offer you toothbrushes for dogs, which, as we already told you, are especially necessary in this breed that needs to maintain its oral health. And thirdly, some brushes / dog toy, which is highly recommended because being a chew toy your dog will accept it right away. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave the toy / brush for more than 30 minutes a day. Finally we offer you a professional nail clipper, of excellent quality and recommended for Pitbulls, they contain a safety bar that will prevent us from cutting too much, so our pet will not run any risk.

Pitbull puppies pictures

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  1. Good evening, I am interested in the adoption of a puppy of this breed or mongrel of this one, preferably that does not exceed 7 months, I wish a companion for my 13-month-old son and a guardian for the home, I have a home to provide him with wide perimeter patio by walls, therefore the puppy would not have contact with others and neither risk of going out, I live in Villa Ballester, San Martín ...

    • If what you want is a guard dog, you better not have ... and less if you will not have any contact with other animals or people, you will end up having a dog with behavioral problems due to poor socialization, stressed and sad


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