Austrian Pinscher

The Austrian Pinscher is a breed of medium-sized dog originally from Austria. These beautiful dogs were very hardworking and intelligent, being able to do it all day without difficulties. These dogs worked a lot on the farms keeping rats and other rodents away from the barns. So they were excellent livestock guard dogs and also shepherds. In this article we will answer all your questions about the Austrian Pinscher dog breed, from its history and physical characteristics, to basic care such as training, food, exercises and some curiosities of the breed.

History of the Austrian Pinscher

The breed of the Austrian Pinscher, also known as the Österreichischer Pinscher, arises with the predecessor Austrian Land Pinscher. The ancestor of this breed of dogs were commonly used to work on farms, either to care for cattle or flocks and to hunt rats and vermin in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire from the 18th century. There is very little history about its origin, so it is not known exactly if it is so related to the race of the German Pinscher or standard and the Miniature Pinscher.

It began with a planned breeding in 1921 of the standard dog of this breed, becoming official in 1928 and it was established with the name of "Austrian Shorthair Pinscher".

Unfortunately, World War II and agricultural work caused an impressive loss of dogs of this breed. Thing that by the end of the war the race had practically disappeared. By 1970, only one registered Austrian Pinscher remained. Over time, several crosses of different dogs without pedigree were made with the few specimens of the Austrian Pinscher to recover the breed, in any case this breed today remains practically a very little known dog.

Currently it is one of the breeds that is in danger of extinction since there are only a few dogs with pedigree registered in breeding. For the year 2000 the International Cynological Federation (FCI) established the Austrian Pinscher name for this dog.

Pinscher Austríaco

Physical characteristics of the Austrian Pinscher

The Austrian Pinscher breed of dogs according to the FCI classification is in Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer-type dogs - Molossians and Swiss mountain and cattle type dogs. Section 1.1: Pinscher Type. Also due to its height and weight, it can be said that it is a medium-sized dog. To learn more about their physical characteristics in particular, we made a section of each section based on the body, its head, weight, height, coat and puppies.

Austrian Pinscher body

The body of the Austrian Pinscher is rectangular in shape, longer than it is tall. They have a powerful neck that is generally short although it can also come in medium size. The tail is set high and is curved over the upper line of the body in cases where it has not been amputated. It is an action that we do not recommend but in some countries it is still carried out. The feet of these puppies are compact and cramped, they have arched toes and straight legs with a very good angle for their joints. The elbows are close to the body, the chest is deep and quite broad, and the ribs are well arched. The back of the Austrian Pinscher is short and muscular.

Head of the Austrian Pinscher

The head of the Austrian Pincher has a particular shape. Similar to that of a fruit, the pear, it has a wide skull, very well defined cheeks and stop. The eyes are oval and their teeth are generally scissor-shaped, although pincer-shaped is also accepted. The ears are set high and appear in the shape of a "V", wide at the base and pointed at the ends. They fold back or can be left hanging. Its muzzle is short and powerful, it should not be too wide or too pointed.

How tall is an Austrian Pinscher?

Short-haired Austrian Pinschers tend to have a height of between 35 centimeters and 50 centimeters. The most normal thing is that they approach 45 centimeters. Females tend to measure between 30 centimeters and 45 centimeters and males have a height that usually varies between 40 centimeters and 50 centimeters.

What is the weight of the Austrian Pinscher?

Regarding the weight of the breed, the ideal varies between 12 kilograms and 18 kilograms, males tend to weigh between 14 kilograms and 18 kilograms and females tend to have a weight that oscillates between 12 kilograms and 15 kilograms. Therefore, it is important that the dog maintains a healthy diet and adequate exercise based on its size and age.

What is the hair of an Austrian Pinscher like?

The coat of these Pinschers is short, as indicated by the name of the original breed, smooth and rough to the touch. It also features a close-fitting drape and has an undercoat that is thicker and softer than its top coat. The coat will also depend a lot on the quality of the food that is given to the dog, so we always recommend giving it the best possible.

What color is an Austrian Pinscher?

The coat of this breed can be fawn, chestnut, black or fawn. They can present white spots and the eyes are always very dark in color, black if possible.

Austrian Pinscher Puppies

Usually, beautiful newborn Austrian Pinscher puppies are completely white fur and then begin to change their coat to its characteristic reddish-brown color all over their back. It is essential that they remain with the mother during the lactation period, this is the first 6 months before they can be handed over to other owners for any reason.

cachorro pinscher austriaco

How many types of Pinscher breed are there?

  • Doberman
  • German pinscher
  • Miniature pinscher
  • Affenpinscher
  • Austrian Pinscher 

Temperament of the Austrian Pinscher breed

In simple words, the Austrian Pinscher breed of dogs are territorial dogs, very intelligent and above all happy with their family and acquaintances. However, being territorial, he is likely to have some problems with other dogs. In this section we will discuss how this dog's character is with people and how it behaves in relation to other animals.

What is the character of an Austrian Pinscher like?

The character of the Austrian Short-haired Pinscher stands out like that of all Pincher, in its excessive barking. We usually recommend to families living in urban areas that they work on this issue in their training to avoid complications with neighbors. They are very intelligent dogs, super attached to the family, loyal to it and affectionate. They are full of life and energy, they are very attentive, brave in excess and demanding of themselves.

How is the behavior of an Austrian Pinscher?

The Austrian Shorthair Pinscher is a dog that gets along excellent with children. Like all Pinschers they have a lot of patience which makes them ideal for dealing with young children. It does not usually have problems with pets of other species and can live peacefully with them, with other dogs it can become somewhat dominant. For this reason, as with any dog, it is advisable to carry out an adequate socialization process. They are very suspicious dogs and tend to be reserved, shy and observant with strangers who come to their home.

General care of the Austrian Pinscher dog

This section will cover the basic issues for the care of this beautiful breed of Pinscher. It is a dog that according to their care will have a good quality of life, especially if they want them to have young; since the mother gives a small amount and there are many breeders worried about its extinction. In this segment it will be reported when to bathe an Austrian Pinscher, how to train it, its exercise and food; defining in this way the health of the dog and the life expectancy with the possible diseases that it may have.

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Grooming the Austrian Pinscher

The coat of the Austrian Pinscher does not require excessive care. Brushing every 10 days is usually more than enough to maintain the coat perfectly. In times of shedding, having short hair does not show a very large hair loss but it is possible to use a glove to remove the excess of it.

How to train an Austrian Pinscher?

They are dogs that generally learn very quickly. It is recommended, in addition to being affectionate, to act very firmly. They are dogs willing to learn and their high intelligence allows them to understand the orders of their masters with ease.

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How to exercise my Austrian Pinscher?

The Austrian Shorthair Pinscher is a dog that has historically performed farm work, so it is recommended to use it in this type of activity. They are dogs that need a lot of space so they are not recommended for small homes in the middle of the city. If it is not possible to give them that space they require, they will have to be taken for a walk periodically both to parks and to picnics so that they can run around and play at ease. They are not dogs that stray too far from their territory or their master.

Feeding an Austrian Pinscher

For the Austrian Pinscher dog breed it is necessary to follow a balanced diet, but above all rich in nutrients and plenty of water. Ideally, these dogs can eat between 1 or 2 servings a day of a good amount of food, preferably at night if it is only one serving; Since he does not have a hunting history, if he is left free in a field, he will most likely not be able to get his own food independently.

In any case, we always recommend going to a veterinarian to have them mention a diet based on balanced dog food and exercise habits based on the size, age and weight of the dog. This will allow the dog to enjoy and enjoy a better quality of life than if it did not have this guide from a specialist.

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Austrian Pinscher breed health

The Austrian Pinscher breed originated to be a forced labor dog, so these dogs had to be tough and resistant. This is one of the reasons why it is a breed that enjoys very good health. However, it is prone to some problems. It is important from time to time to check and observe the inside of the Austrian Pinscher's ears to prevent certain infections or fungi that may arise due to the humidity that may accumulate. It is also advisable to visit the vet every so often to check the health of the dog. 

How long does an Austrian Pinscher live?

The Austrian Pinscher breed of dogs has a life expectancy that ranges between 12 and 14 years. However, this will depend on the correct care and nutritious food that the dog has, such as balanced food for dogs, proper grooming and brushing from time to time, and adequate exercise based on weight, age and size. the dog. In any case, in case of observing anomalies or difficulties to carry out certain actions, it is essential to go to a veterinarian to inform us what the problem is and how to solve it.

Most frequent health problems or diseases of the Austrian Pinscher

This breed, like many of its same size as the Schnauzer or the German Pinscher, suffer from hip dysplasia. This is a disease that is generally hereditary and also causes mobility difficulties; in many cases it can be only arthritis, but there are more complicated cases that cause total immobility.

Less common Austrian Pinscher health problems

This beautiful Austrian breed of dog is also prone to heart problems, such as arrhythmias or dilated cardiomyopathies; or also eye diseases such as cataracts, however they are not one of the most common diseases for this dog.

pinscher austríaco

Uses of an Austrian Pinscher

It is not the ideal dog for canine sports but if given proper supervision it can be used for sports such as agility trials. Its original function is to kill vermin and other rodents and although it is not used much in this way today, it retains its instinct. Another good performance that dogs of this breed have is as guardians.

Curiosities of the Austrian Pinscher breed

  • It is one of the breeds that are currently in danger of extinction.
  • Commonly mentioned is the phrase that it is a dog that sleeps with one eye open and the other closed; Because of its history and experience as a watchdog due to its great courage, it is likely to be attentive to the slightest noise. The dog will think there are intruders in the home immediately starting to bark to scare it away.
  • It is convenient to know that it is a breed of dog that often finds it difficult to adapt to a life in apartments or small places, since in case you live in a place of this style, it will want to go out constantly.
  • It is a dog that tolerates heat to some extent, but it is recommended that you do not exercise too much in times of high temperature.

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