Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs except Swiss Cattle Dogs

Dogs considered as Shepherd dog are those that are used in the management of herds of farm animals. Among the herds that these dogs can control are sheep, goats and cows to name the most common. Dogs that work with cattle are recognized as dogs boyeros.

Among the dogs that are of the shepherd type we have two different types. Those dogs that are on guard duty and their main function is to care for or protect the herd from various types of attacks by wild animals. These wild animals can be wolves, foxes, cougars, or other predators. The other type of shepherds are those who are in charge of controlling and guiding the flock. The function of these dogs is to prevent them from dispersing throughout the field and to limit their movement in a certain area.

These dogs are also known under the name of carea and have several varieties in terms of their physical appearance. Some of the characteristics shared by the dogs that make up this group are the following. They are agile, they are endowed with great intelligence which in addition to guaranteeing a great job enables them to learn easily and they tend to solve various atypical situations with ease.

The Cattle Dogs are those dogs that were formerly used for the management and guidance of cattle and share the same characteristics as the Shepherd type dogs. They easily solve unforeseen and unusual situations, are agile, have a great sense of smell and have a high level of intelligence.

Cattle dogs that make up Group 1 of the FCI classification do not include Swiss Cattle Dogs.