Romagna Water Dog

Lagotto Romagnolo dogs, also known as Romagna Water Dog, take their name from their hometown Romagna in Italy. This medium-sized dog was trained to collect waterfowl in swampy places despite its furry curls, but later turned its role. In this article you will find everything about the Romagna Water Dog, a little about its origin, physical characteristics and temperament; in addition to your general care.

History of the Romagna Water Dog

The Romagna Water Dog, also known as Lagotto Romagnolo, is a canine breed originating in Italy. Its beginnings have been in the Romagna region and one of its names with which it is identified, Lagotto Romagnolo, could be translated or interpreted as Romagna lagoon dog.

This breed of dogs is quite old and in its beginnings they were intended to be retriever dogs in the lowlands of the Italian region of Comacchio and the Ravenna swamps. The passage of time caused the swamps in these areas of Italy to dry up, turning them into land that was later used for plowing. It is due to this event that the Romagna Water Dog gave up its original function to become a truffle hunting dog. Activity that be said, performed and performs with great skill in the plains and hills of the Romagna region.

On the other hand, it is interesting to share with you that the Lagotto Romagnolo, is related to the Poodle and the Spanish Water Dog, among other similar breed European water dogs.

Physical characteristics of the Romagna Water Dog

The Romagna Water Dogs are dogs that, due to their original function of collecting waterfowl, are classified by the FCI in Group 8: Hunting collection dogs, hunting lifting dogs, water dogs. Section 3: Water Dogs. In addition to exceeding 14 Kilograms, this dog is considered a can of medium breed.

Romagna Water Dog Body

Also known as Lagotto Romagnolo, this breed of Italian origin has a body with a robust and compact complexion, quite square. The back of these dogs is straight with wide loins and a slightly sloping rump. The chest is wide and deep enough. Its ribs are well arched and the belly is gathered. The tail is aligned with the top line and reaches the hocks; it is usually curved. The legs of the Romagna Water Dog are straight and of good articular angle, with compact feet. As for the feet of this dog, the front ones are round, while the rear ones are oval. لعبة جاك

Head of the Romagna Water Dog

The head of the Romagna Water Dog is medium size, with a broad skull. The muzzle is shorter than its skull and its lips are well adherent. Well defined ciliary arches and moderate stop. The ears are medium in size and hang in a resting position. Round and quite long eyes, separated from each other. The denture can be scissor-shaped or pincer-shaped.

How tall is a Romagna Water Dog?

The Romagna Water Dog has a height that ranges between 43 centimeters and 48 centimeters in adult males and ranges between 41 centimeters and 46 centimeters in females that are in adulthood.

How much does a Romagna Water Dog weigh?

The weight of the Romagna Water Dog is between 13 kilograms and 16 kilograms in adult males. As for adult females, their weight is estimated between 11 kilograms and 14 kilograms.

Romagna Water Dog Coat

The coat of the Romagna Water Dog is an important characteristic of the breed. The characteristics of the hair of these dogs are curly and thick, of considerable volume and thickness, quite similar to the coat of Poodles. On the other hand, the hair is also waterproof and somewhat rough to the touch. Many compare their fur to sheep's fleece.

Colors of the Romagna Water Dog

The recognized colors for the Romagna Water Dog are as follows: ivory; bicolor; white with brown or tan spots; liver that it may or may not have white; roan liver with or without brown spots on the head and body, and all shades of cinnamon where it is accepted that it has or does not mix with white.

lagatto romagnolo marron parado en el campo al atardecer

Romagna Water Dog temperament

These beautiful curly dogs are very sociable, loving and loyal dogs, as well as very active and enthusiastic. Thanks to these qualities, the Romagna Water Dog is a dog that can be trained very easily. In this section we will better describe how the Lagotto Romagnolo's temperament is. On the one hand, starting with how his character is and then how he behaves.

Romagna Water Dog Character

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a character that makes it very special. To begin with, these dogs can be defined as docile and intelligent, with an open temperament, cheerful, serene and friendly. They are also super affectionate and sociable, flexible, obedient and very adaptable to any type of home in which they must live with their family. It is a vigilant animal that remains alert, but not excessively, they are quite barking and noisy. They have an exceptional nose.

Behavior of the Romagna Water Dog

The Romagna Water Dog is a sociable dog by nature, so it usually gets along well with other dogs and animals in the house. He also has a good relationship with children. With strangers he is open and friendly even though he may bark at them when he hears them coming. It does not usually cause problems in living with any other animal, it is usually a bit noisy inside the home and it is quite dependent on some occasions.

General care of the Romagna Water Dog

Although, the Romagna Water Dog does not need a lot of very difficult care; In addition to a good diet and the recommended exercise, they will need to take care of their hair so that they do not form allergies. In this section we will detail which are the basic and essential care so that your Romagna Water Dog is in the best conditions, both health and aesthetics.

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Brushing and hair treatment in the Romagna Water Dog

The characteristic coat of the Romagna Water Dog does not need much brushing, it does not get dirty easily and it is quite waterproof. Brushing frequency is once every three to four weeks. Hair with a felt texture must be cut, to prevent it from acquiring this texture, the coat must be cut or sheared at least once a year. Between shearing and another you can let the hair grow out, forming strands naturally, or you can trim regularly to prevent such strands from forming in your fur. In the cases in which you want to present a Lagotto in a competitive contest, we must bear in mind that the length of the coat must be uniform and at least 1 cm. Another consideration that we must take into account is that the feet, rump and muzzle of the animal must be washed from time to time and check that dirt does not accumulate in the ears. We must also keep the edges of the eyes clean and trim the excess hair between the pads of the feet.

How to train the Romagna Water Dog?

Training in a Romagna Water Dog is relatively easy, as it is an intelligent and well-disposed dog that likes to please and indulge its masters. Severe punishments are not only unnecessary in the Lagotto but are also counterproductive. It is convenient that you reward your good behavior where you will definitely obtain superior results. Varying the exercises when training the Lagotto is very effective since it is a dog that can get bored when an activity is repeated a lot. With the inflection of the voice and affection, much better results will be achieved than being severe or raising the voice.

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Exercising in the Romagna Water Dog

The Romagna Water Dog is agile, fast and has a lot of energy. Due to these characteristics the Lagotto needs more exercise than the average dog. He loves to take long walks and play ball, retrieve objects, and swim. Buying canine toys for these animals will be very helpful if we do not have the time to exercise it accordingly. He is also very fond of and can be entertained for long periods of time in games based on smell. If one day he cannot dedicate time to him, he will know how to adapt to the circumstances, but if we do not dedicate the corresponding time to him very often, he will most likely be restless and naughty inside the home. The recommended average time to train the Romagna Water Dogs is approximately 2 and a half hours a day between walks and games.

cachorro de lagotto romagnolo corriendo en el campo

Lagotto Romagnolo diet

Al ser un perro mediano, el Perro de Agua de Romagna necesita de una comida para perros o pienso seco empaquetado y equilibrado en nutrientes para que le de energía para el resto del día. Esto es importante, ya que existen algunos componentes en nuestra comida ya que pueden resultar tóxicos para esta raza. روليت امريكي Por lo que al darle croquetas para perros de calidad 2 veces al día será suficiente, y el can podrá tener las vitaminas y minerales necesarios en su dieta. Sin embargo, la proporción y la cantidad de veces que deberá comer el Lagotto Romagnolo, lo deberá determinar el veterinario en base a la edad, el peso y la cantidad de actividad física que realice el can.

A good diet will give the dog an excellent coat and energy so that the Lagotto Romagnolo is happy and active all day. However, it is also important to provide fresh, clean water at all times. In case you see that the dog dips its legs in the water, it is very likely that it is trying to remove something that it got into; so they must do a constant water change.

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Lagotto Romagnolo health and diseases

Although the Romagna Water Dog has excellent health and therefore a good life expectancy; there are some common complications or problems that can affect you. The most common complications are hip dysplasia first and then benign juvenile epilepsy. However, there is a new disorder called neurodegenerative disorder or neuroaxonal dystrophy. This drawback is common to find in the Spanish Water DogHowever, in 2016 it has also been identified in the Lagotto Romagnolo.

How long does a Lagotto Romagnolo live?

The Agua de Romagna dogs are medium-sized dogs that have an excellent quality of life and that is later reflected in their life expectancy. The Lagotto Romagnolo has come to live between approximately 15 and 17 years of age; however, this will depend on the basic care given to the dog. Like a correct diet and adequate amount of exercise. That is why we recommend that they approach the vet regularly, at least once a year, to check the health of the dog. ماهي لعبة الروليت

Uses of the Romagna Water Dog

In its country of origin, Lagotto Romagnolo is often used to hunt for truffles and to a lesser extent, for hunting. It is a dog that obtains good results in different canine sports, since it is intelligent and hard-working, as well as easy learning and agile. It can participate in obedience tests, agility, catching objects in flight and can also be trained for tracking. It is an excellent family dog, but unfortunately it is not very well known outside its country of origin.

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