German shepherd

Origins of the German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd, also known as the German Shepherd, is a breed of dog that comes, as its name indicates, from Germany. It is a young breed that originates in 1899 and makes up the group of herding dogs. These groups are made up of all those breeds that were developed to care for and organize sheep flocks.

Its creation is due to the fact that at the end of the 19th century, the Germans started a program to obtain a trained dog to take care of the herds from possible attacks by carnivorous and wild animals. These were mainly wolves. Another of the functions that they wanted this dog to have was to be able to guide the sheep and prevent them from scattering through the huge meadows.

Maximillian Von Stephanitz, Captain of the German army cavalry, is considered the creator or the one who gave rise to this breed. It should be clarified that he was the one who made the first crosses but later, in 1899, the best specimens of this breed that had been created were selected and both physical and mental improvement of the German Shepherd was achieved. Thus, in 1899 the breed that we know today was completed.

The first specimen of this breed was gray in color and had great similarities to the wolf we know today. Over time, the color changed until it took on the tone it has today.

What Von Stephnitz focused on was the ability of these dogs to perform grazing work. With the transformation of work at a time when society was migrating from agriculture and livestock to industrialization, Von Stephnitz saw this as a threat and began to persuade the German government to have the breed incorporated into police jobs. Here was born the association of the breed with the police and military forces.

Later, mainly due to their intelligence, resistance and reliability, police dogs began to have a notable role as guide dogs as well.

The police dog has a presence in the first and second world wars since it was used by the German army as a tracking dog in both wars and its performances in them earned it a worldwide respect.

Personality and character:

The German Shepherd is a dog that tends to get along with all members of the family, including children and other pets, as long as it has been raised together with them. It must be taken into account that the German Shepherd is characterized by having a lot of strength and being quite rough, so the owner of this pet will have to limit it and make him understand well to what extent the limits of his strength are tolerated.

The breed is very intelligent and has a character and personality that not many breeds have. It is even considered by many people as the breed of dog par excellence precisely because of the balanced character that this breed has.

Sheepdogs are easily trained and extremely obedient. At the same time they are noble and loyal not only with one person, but with all members of the family.

German Sheepdog Images

Health and possible diseases related to the breed:

The life expectancy of German Shepherds ranges from 10 to 15 years. It is very important that all those who own a German Sheepdog take into account their vaccination schedule since dogs belonging to this breed are more likely to contract distemper.

The German Shepherd is one of the breeds that carries the greatest genetic problems and this is mainly due to the irresponsible breeding of the breed. Among the genetic diseases that the Sheepdog can contract we find:

Hip dysplasia

Hereditary disease that does not have a manifestation in the birth of the dog but develops and manifests only after four or five months of age. This disease is degenerative and is caused by a malformation of the bones of the pelvis and the hip joint.

It produces great pains in the animal that with time get worse and worse, reducing its mobility and even making it impossible to carry out daily activities such as walking or running, jumping, lying down, sitting, etc. It is possible and recommended to perform a test called PennHip where estimates are made of the probability that the puppy will develop this disease. This will make it possible to do a treatment from the beginning and will guarantee that the canine has much less complications.

Von Willebrand disease

This disease involves an abnormality in coagulation. It is also hereditary, although there are possibilities of contracting it as a result of having had another disease. There are four different varieties of VWD and their treatment is not regular, although holders of this disease are often at constant risk for bleeding.

Pancreatic deficiency

The pancreas stops working correspondingly. It occurs when it stops producing enzymes and the animal begins to have greater and greater difficulties to process or absorb what it ingests. There are medications that are used to treat these problems although they do not solve the 100% of the disease. In addition, the treatment has very high costs.


The bone that surrounds the joints has a malformation and incorrect growth that even causes inflammation in the animal and causes great pain when moving and the well-known "puppy limp".

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Compression occurs in some nerves in the lower spine. This region is known as the lumbosacral zone. It can end up irritating or damaging the animal's nerve.

Canine corneal pannus

There is an inflammation in the cornea that can even cause blindness of the animal.

Recommended exercise

Sheepdogs need constant exercise. This breed stands out for its physical capacity and enjoys those places where there is a lot of space and it can run and move at will. These last activities would be ideal to repeat at least once a month, mainly to promote the mental balance of the animal, since it is a breed that tends to have disorders in its temperament. Without a doubt, doing an activity like the one mentioned once a month will significantly help prevent these problems.

During the rest of the month, an exercise of at least one hour is recommended. Among the activities that can be carried out to help it maintain form and resistance, you can go for a run or ride a bicycle with it, games with a ball or other toys that serve to make the animal move and run, and at times Allow these dogs to enjoy water so it is an activity to take into account to include in their exercise.

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Diet and recommended diet

Regarding the feeding of this breed, one of the main points to take into account is that it is necessary to control that there is not an overfeeding or an excess in the food that is given to the dog. These puppies have a great appetite that can sometimes lead them to eat more than they really should and contract gastric problems in the future that, if not treated in the corresponding way, lead to chronic diarrhea.

The ideal is to go to the vet at least once a year or every 18 months so that the dog has a general check-up and prevent problems.

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It is recommended that its first bath be after three months of life, using warm water in a place where the dog feels comfortable, familiar and welcoming. All of this is to prevent the puppy from getting hurt. It should also be borne in mind that the ideal is to use soaps and shampoos that have a neutral PH to avoid having an irritation or allergic reaction.

As for brushing, it is recommended that it be done at least twice a week to extract dead hairs and prevent them from hanging from their fur. Periodic brushing will ensure that he can look shiny and very striking to the eye.

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Photographs of German Shepherds puppies

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