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Complete guide to the Manchester Terrier, one of the most popular dog breeds. In this article you will find everything you need to know about Labradors. Its characteristics, the history of the breed, its temperament, uses, possible diseases, general care and much more.

History of the Manchester Terrier

This dog is one of the oldest dogs considered to be of the Terrier breed, as it is mentioned in various documents and books from the early 16th century. The place and beginnings of their kennel was in the city of Manchester, England around the mid-1800s. So these little Terriers are named after their city of origin.

In England the Mancheser Terrier served a lot to extinguish the rat plagues that existed at the time in 1800. These rodents were considered a threat to human health. Also at that time there was already the Terrier dog "Black and Tan" which in turn was also excellent with the extermination of mice at that time. So the man to seek to improve this race, made the crossing of the Whippet with the famous Terrier mentioned above. This is how the Manchester Terrier originates. This new breed was refined and with a smooth coat like the Whippet and in turn with the distinctive tonality and temperament of the "Black and Tan" Terrier.

Thanks to this combination of characteristics, the Manchester Terrier quickly gained the reputation and fame of the best eradicator of parasites and pests.

There was another cross to be able to obtain an even smaller Manchester Terrier with the Hot dog. Which the owners carried in their shoulder-style wallets when riding a horse, which is why they were called "pocket".

So this dog comes in two sizes, the Manchester Standard, turning out to be a medium-sized dog and the Manchester Miniature.

The Manchester Terrier Club originated in 1937. The importance of this union was to save the breed from extinction after World War II.

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Physical characteristics of the Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier body

The Manchester Terrier is an elegant dog with a compact complexion, if we look at it from the front it has a narrow and deep chest. The body of this dog is short and has well sprung ribs. The hindquarters are strong and muscular. The tail is thick at the base and tapers towards the tip, it is quite short and does not exceed the top line. The Manchester Terrier's legs are perfectly straight, well bent at the knees, and it features small feet. The fingers are strong and well arched, not defined as either hare or cat. His shoulder blades are well defined and downward. The neck of this animal is lean and quite long, tapering from the shoulders to the head.

Manchester Terrier head

The head of the Manchester Terrier is long and narrow, wedge-shaped, with a flat skull. The muscles of the mekillas are not visible, the lips are well attached. Their ears are small in the shape of a "V" or arrowhead, which are carried above the upper line of the skull and hang close to the head, above the eyes, which are small and almond shaped, never bulging. His teeth are normal and scissor-shaped.

How tall is a Manchester Terrier?

Manchester Terriers have a size or height that ranges between 37 centimeters and 44 centimeters. The ideal height for the male is between 40 centimeters and 41 centimeters. The ideal size in the case of females is 38 centimeters.

How much is the weight of a Manchester Terrier?

An adult Manchester Terrier weighs between 5.5 kilograms and 10 kilograms. Females range in weight between 5.5 kilograms and 8 kilograms and males have an it that ranges between 7 kilograms and 10 kilograms. These data always consider adult specimens.

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Accepted coat and colors of the Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier coat is thick, soft, short and smooth. Hard in texture and bright to the eye. As for the colors, it only breeds in glossy black and fiery mahogany spots. Tan on the back of the hind legs is undesirable and black should not be mixed with tan or vice versa anywhere on the body. The spots must be clearly separated and defined. The nose and eyes are black.

The distribution of the color of their coat is given as follows: In the area of the head and the muzzle up to the nose, Manchester Terriers have fiery tones. The color of the nose and the back of the muzzle is shiny black. They have a small tan stain on each cheek and on the top, just above each eye. In the lower jaw and throat, the tan color will also be appreciated, forming a well-marked "V". The toes have black streaks and a distinctive black spot on the foot, the rest of the extremities, from the knee down, is tan. They have a tan spot on the tail and usually also around the anus, very narrow. External tan markings are called trousers and are undesirable in the breed.

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What is the temperament of the Manchester Terrier like?

To define the temperament of this breed well, we will divide its description in two. On the one hand we will mention those characteristics that define the character of the breed and its personality and on the other we will detail how it behaves with other breeds of dogs, other pets and with family members.

What is the character of a Manchester Terrier like?

The Manchester Terrier has a particular character. It is a lively, intelligent dog and well disposed to learn. Dogs of this breed can be defined as active, agile and above all sports. They are spirited and courageous dogs, but they are usually neither nervous nor aggressive. The Manchester Terrier is an excellent watchdog that will only bark when necessary. He is very close to his family at all times.

How do Manchester Terriers behave?

Manchester Terriers have exceptional behavior. On the one hand they tend to get along very well with children. On the other hand, they are usually dominant with other dogs of the same species. They are excellent hunters of mice, moles, rats and other vermin and thanks to their enormous and acute hunting instinct they need an early socialization process. This is mainly because it can be an inconvenience if it is not socialized and it is intended that it lives in the same home with cats or other types of pets such as guinea pigs or rabbits. It is not a very large dog, but this does not prevent it from standing up for its master or one of its loved ones. He has plenty of courage and protective instinct. Under normal circumstances it tends to be a dog that is given and friendly both with family members and with those unknown guests.

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How to brush and maintain proper hygiene in my Manchester Terrier?

The Manchester Terrier coat does not require much attention from its owners. Being very short, hard and close to the body, it hardly falls off. During shedding times, a rubber brush will be needed to remove hair that has fallen or dies. With a brushing every 15 days is usually more than enough in normal periods and one every 7 days will reach in periods of shedding. It is recommended to use a damp mitt after brushing to give the hair shine. Nails should always be short and ears clean.

They are not dogs that present difficulties to be bathed. It is recommended not to abuse this practice and to do it when it is really convenient and necessary. Take care that water does not get into their ears and check that no rubbish gets between their toes.

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Exercising in Manchester Terriers

Manchester Terriers are usually very active and it is a breed that requires a good amount of minutes of exercise a day. It is recommended to take daily walks of about 45 minutes at least, if you can take him out for a run in a square, park or outdoor field it is ideal. They love the freedom to run and play off the leash. They can run long and fast for several minutes.

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Manchester Terrier diet

To give this breed the amount of food necessary, it is essential that a veterinarian specify it based on its weight, size, age and amount of physical exercise that your dog performs. Based on this information, the specialist will determine the number of times and proportions of food that the Manchester Terrier should eat.

It is always recommended to be able to give a good quality of food despite the price, as this will allow you to enjoy a better quality of life.

It is important to establish the schedule to provide the food, this is necessary to generate discipline for the dog and not be eating constantly, since it is a breed that can be overweight; so you have to be constant, have discipline and be attentive to the diet of the Manchester Terrier.

If the dog is already overweight, it should be corrected immediately, as this can cause health problems and will decrease agility, causing little physical exercise.

In the event that the dog leaves food on its plate, it is best to remove it. This will prevent you from continuing to eat because you are "bored" or simply because you are in sight. The fact that you have left food on the plate means that the dog has been satisfied with what he ate. In addition, this prevents the excess food from being infected by insects or flies that can damage the health of the dog.

Water is very important for the health of a Manchester Terrier, it must be within reach of the dog, clean and fresh.

Luckily, the Mancheser Terrier is not too fussy about food, so it is not difficult to provide food. There are several flavors for dogs such as chicken and vegetables, meat and chicken, or just chicken and only meat. Any of them or even the kibble and candy for dogs will like and enjoy.

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How to properly train a Manchester Terrier?

Manchester Terriers are intelligent dogs who love to be sympathetic to people. They learn very easily and quickly. They need to be socialized mainly so that they can live with other pets and cats. If the socialization process is not carried out correctly, it can generate problems in living with one of these animals. They respond well to voice inflection and reward and reward systems to a desired action that was performed.

Uses of the Manchester Terrier

These dogs are the best mouse catchers out there. Formerly this breed was bred specifically to kill as many rats in the shortest possible time for bets; Whenever he has the opportunity, he will show that he has not lost his dexterity. They can be very useful dogs in farms, stables, and cabins. It is not a very widespread breed and they are normally used as companion dogs. At the same time they are also very good and excel at dog sports such as agility trials, catching objects on the fly and obedience.


Manchester Terrier breed health

This canine breed is healthy in terms of its health, they do not usually have diseases continuously. In any case, certain diseases associated with the Manchester Terrier are characteristic.

The coat should also be checked to avoid fungi or some infections, also to avoid diseases transmitted from ticks or fleas.

Common diseases in Manchester Terriers

  • Mellitus diabetes: it is a canine disease caused by the inability to use or produce insulin. So it causes the dog to have too much sugar in the blood. Glucose is a very important substance in the organism of living beings, to the point that the liver and kidneys produce it naturally. But this disease can be treated with insulin just like humans. It is essential to always take the dog to the vet to treat these diseases.
  • Patella luxation or Tibia dislocation: is the displacement of the patella (a small bone) that is in front of the knee joint. This joint is necessary for the dog to be able to use its limbs correctly. So the dislocation is that the patella comes out of place causing great pain, thus generating a functional weakness in the can.

Life expectancy of a Manchester Terrier

The average lifespan that a Manchester Terrier can have is between 14 and 16 years. As long as a good diet and basic care are taken into account.

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