The 10 Best Dog Toys of 2020

When we choose a toy for our dogs, if we want to select the one that best suits our best friend we must take into account some aspects. First of all the strength of our puppy and size. We must also take into account that the toy that we are buying is not made up of small or sharp parts that could be swallowed or hurt and we must also take into account how interactive and nutritious that toy is going to be for our dog.

Why is it important for my dog to play?

When dogs are small and play with both their parents and with their brothers or their owners, they lay the foundations. Bases that the dog will maintain when it is an adult dog. According to experts, when dogs are puppies, that's when they learn the basics of everything. They learn to control their bite, their sexual behaviors, their instincts and behaviors related to hunting, their posture of dominance or submission. He even learns to coordinate the movements that he will have both in the form of running, as in jumping and falling. All these behaviors mentioned, the puppy is experiencing and adopting while playing. That is why playing with our dogs and providing toys for them to have fun is so important.

Play and toys are essential in the maturation of a puppy, of that there is no doubt, that is why we must always choose those toys that encourage our pet and we must dedicate the corresponding time to them so that they have fun. A dog that has not played as a puppy may have behavioral problems in maturity. These problems translate into lack of control in the bite, aggressiveness when playing with people or other animals, intolerance to contact, destruction within the home, fear, etc.

It is very important to bear in mind that although toys have a level of importance, the most important thing of all is the time that is dedicated to our dog. It is not a matter of giving a toy and leaving the animal to entertain itself. Giving him some time every day to play, whether with a toy in between or not, is really very important both for the creation of these behaviors mentioned and to strengthen the human / dog bond.

How should a dog toy be?

Toys for dogs, especially if it is a puppy, should be soft. This will not damage the puppy's teeth or interfere with their growth. Another factor to consider is how the toy is. A doll that has sharp or pointed ends is not good, as it can harm our puppy. Nor is it convenient that it is made up of small pieces that can come off and end up in the stomach of our best friend drowning him.

Another aspect that we must consider is the age of our dog. Dogs always play, be they adults, children or old people. And considering the age of life of our pet will help us to better choose the gift we want to give them. When our dog is an adult, accessories are usually bought that serve to avoid anxiety when someone leaves home, destructive behaviors or in the best of cases to create a bond between us and the dog.

Do dogs need toys?

Esta pregunta resulta fundamental, ya que muchas veces la gente tiene la idea errónea de que por edad o por funcionalidad del perro, estos no necesitan jugar. Pero se equivocan, esta demostrado que todos los perros, más allá de su edad o función a cumplir, necesitan la interacción y la diversión de un juguete. Así como también está demostrado que el tener juguete mejora la calidad de vida emocional y física del animal. لعب القمار على الانترنت Por lo cual, es indispensable que tu perro tenga los suyos

What types of canine toys are there?

There are different types of dog toys, these are classified according to their function. In total, there are 5 groups of toys for our pets, all of them vary in difficulty and dexterity, since some are physical, others mental and others combine both. We will classify them below and briefly mention what their purpose is.

Chew toys

They are probably the easiest to recognize, as their name implies. Unlike the other toys, those that make up this group have to be hard and resistant. They are essential for our dogs to discharge all their energy and anguish. Although it is more common to see them in puppies (because biting this type of toys relieves tooth pain), they are effective at all ages of our dog, so never stop offering one to yours. Their shape can vary a lot, but the most traditional ones are those that come in bone or ball shapes.

Throwing toys

This group is made up of toys in which both we and our pets must pull from the extremes. A clear example of these toys are the strings. You always have to play in moderation, set rules and prevent the dog from getting angry, because then it will no longer be a game. With the right time and dedication, this type of game will help us to practice commands like still, as well as strengthen the bond with our dogs. Although it is a game that two dogs can play, we only recommend it in cases where both have a good training and relationship. Otherwise it is very possible that it leads to a confrontation.

Search games

Well known to all, in this kind of games we will put our dog to the test. You will not only have to look for the toy, but also bring it, so it has double difficulty. Surely we have all practiced at some time throwing a stick or branch to bring it back, with greater or worse results. This group includes balls (but not all of them, since as we saw previously, there are balls for other purposes, such as biting), and discs, as well as any type of toy that is to throw. It is important that these types of toys are always made of soft materials, such as rubber or silicone.

Feed or feed dispensing toys

As its name indicates, this group is made up of all those toys in which the dog bites or shakes the toy and it slowly releases food. They are very practical for when we are not at home, for this reason they are the most recommended for those dogs that suffer from depression or separation anxiety. There are several toys in this group, but the most classic are the dispenser balls and the popular classic Kong (for those who do not know it, it is a container in the shape of a "snowman" inside which there is a prize such as croquettes, I think or any variety). These toys have been gaining popularity over time and today we can find many more options on the market.

Intelligence games

This type of toy will achieve maximum concentration of our dog. They are usually boards where one or more problems are presented (such as moving or pulling certain parts), with the prize at the end, to improve the stimulation of our dog. It is very likely that at first they will require our help, but once they get the hang of it they can do it alone. It is very important to be present, at least the first few times, to observe that our dog cannot eat and / or swallow parts of said game, which would clearly be very harmful. And be calm and patient with your pet, they should not forget that they feel your nervousness, so if you lose your calm, they will too and it will not be a good experience.

How do I choose the perfect toy for my dog?

And so we come to the most important question. Well, to choose the perfect toy for our pet, the most important thing is to know it! As we already indicated before, there are many factors to take into account such as the age of the dog, the purpose of the toy, the material it is made of, etc. But dogs, like humans, are all different and therefore the best way to find the ideal toy is to take into account all the advice we gave you, but also to know their tastes.

Top 10 Dog Toys

1. Kong Classic

When it comes to dog toys, the Kong Classic is undoubtedly the most popular. It helps to stimulate the mental health of our pet while it is very fun and comforting. Recommended by multiple scientists and dog specialists, it is a must-have toy at home. Its superior quality and incredible strength have made it the best-selling dog toy on the market. Even to represent a greater stimulus, the toy can be frozen beforehand.

2. Kong Flyer

Of proven quality, excellent material and great durability, this Kong brand flying disc is undoubtedly the best on the market. Ideal for your dog to stay in perfect condition and that they can enjoy a great time together. It even comes in two different sizes so you can find the best one for your pet.

3. Patio Plus

An innovative and very stimulating game for your dog. This mat puts your dog's smell and intelligence to work, as well as avoiding hasty food intake, thus avoiding problems such as gastric torsion. It is also very easy to wash and transport.

4. Kong Stuff a Ball

A ball that is a food dispenser but also cleans our dog's teeth and gums. Not only will we be covering our dog's need for play but we will also help maintain his oral health. Made of a very resistant material and specially prepared to withstand long bites, they come in various sizes to better fit your pet's mouth.

5. Toozey soft toys

Stuffed animals for dogs, of excellent quality and guaranteed duration. These beautiful stuffed animals will be an unmissable company for your dog, they are especially recommended for their puppy stage. Made of 100% natural and non-toxic cotton, to protect the health of your pet. It includes several stuffed animals so that your dog does not get bored and always have one close by.

6. Trixie Dog Activity

This fascinating interactive game helps improve your pet's intelligence and also provides entertainment. It is available in various levels of difficulty so you can continue to stimulate your dog's intelligence. Safe 100% product, endorsed by specialists.

7. Ropes for dogs

Super resistant 5 knot ropes, ideal for dogs with powerful bites. Made with 100% natural and washable cotton fibers. Enjoy a game with your dog, thus strengthening your bond. It also helps to clean teeth and gums. They are the most valued shooting toy by Amazon users. لعبة روليت مجاني

8. Kong Goodie Bone

This food dispenser bone will become your best ally when you have to leave home. Kong's natural rubber formula makes this toy incredibly durable and will keep your pet entertained for hours.

9. Kong Ball

Quality and durability guaranteed, this bite ball from the Kong brand (well known in the market) is ideal for all dogs, of any size or breed. You can find it in different sizes to make it ideal for your dog's bite.

10. Puzzle for dogs

Puzzle for dogs with inner sound, ideal to stimulate the intelligence of your dog. Ideal for small and medium breeds, it is made with soft but very resistant fleece. Have fun with your pet with this wonderful toy.

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