Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie breed dogs are incredible sheepdogs, where activity, intelligence and sensitivity will never be lacking. Thanks to these characteristics, having a Kelpie is having an incredible companion where you cannot stop loving him. In this article to learn a little more about this beautiful breed, we will divide it into sections to learn about its origin, the physical and temperament characteristics and the essential care for this active breed. لعبة الخيل عبر الانترنت

History of the Australian Kelpie

It all started when in the year 1870, the Rutherford family arrived in Australia with their six brown and black Collie dogs, they were a very well formed Scottish family. Once there, these dogs called Collie at the time, aroused an interest in Australia that the family had never seen, especially that of Australian sheep herders. The Australian Kelpie breed of dogs aroused that interest due to its excellent work as a shepherd dog, and began to crossbreed with different sheepdogs from this country, but especially English sheepdogs; one of these dogs was a bitch they named Kelpie. The Gaelic translation of his name means "spirit of the water." This beautiful dog won a herding contest in 1873 and this was the kick that the breed needed, to give it popularity, and generate a strong demand for these dogs. Another well-known breed of sheepdog from the same country is the Australian pastor.

The breed standard was established in 1902 and they were named after the winner of the contest: Australian Kelpie. After 87 years, the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) finally recognizes the Australian Kelpie as an independent breed of dog.

Physical characteristics of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie breed of dogs are dogs that love to play and be constantly doing things because of their history as a herding dog. That is why the FCI classified it within Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). Section 1: Sheepdogs. It can also be mentioned that when they exceed 14 Kilograms, they are considered dogs of medium breed.

Australian Kelpie dog body

The body of Kelpie dogs is angular, with a top line that is straight and with a strong, straight back. Its rump is long and slightly sloping. As for the rear area, its tail is set low and has an upward curve at the end of it without exceeding the top line.

The Kelpies' chest is deep and narrow, they have straight legs with a very good articular angle and rounded and compact feet. The neck is long and has a slight curvature. The skin is stretched and well attached to your body. العاب لكسب المال

Head of the Australian Kelpie breed

Its skull is quite round and slopes slightly towards a stop that is very well defined. The area of the nasal bridge is straight and its muzzle, a little shorter than its skull. The head of the Kelpies has many similarities with that of the foxes, their ears, of medium size, have a high set, are wide at the base and end in the shape of an arrowhead with curved edges towards the inside. Their eyes are almond shaped and they have a very lively expression and their teeth are scissor-shaped.

Australian Kelpie elevation

Kelpies tend to have a height of between 46 cm and 51 cm for males and between 17 and 19 inches for females.

How much does a Kelpie weigh?

Both male and female Kelpie dogs weigh between 14 Kilograms and 21 Kilograms. Anyway, they can also make 1 or 2 Kilos more that is also in a healthy weight based on their size.

Australian Kelpie dog coat

Kelpies have fur that varies in the length of their hair, with the belly, legs, tail, and ruff areas being longer than the rest of their body. The coat of this breed of dog is double and waterproof. To finish describing both layers of its fur we have the upper layer that is hard and relatively short and the lower layer that is thick.

Australian Kelpie dog colors

For the Australian Kelpie dog breed the colors black, chocolate brown, reddish, cream or beige, greyish blue and fire red are accepted.

kelpie australiano feliz con la boca abierta

Australian Kelpie temperament

Australian Kelpie dogs are highly energetic due to their original duties as a sheepdog, as well as being alert and highly intelligent to perform their tasks. But also, they are dogs that are super friendly and very loyal. In this section we will divide it into two sections to understand what the Australian Kelpie's temperament is like. So on the one hand we will detail how their character is, and on the other how they behave.

Character of Australian Kelpies dogs

As we have already mentioned, one of the characteristics that the Kelpies have is their agility. This, added to the fact that it is a very hardworking and obedient dog, makes it a very balanced dog. He is very close to his master and has an intelligence above the average of dogs. They are not very barking, but if they feel danger, they will bark.

Behavior of the Australian Kelpie

This breed is not characterized by being very outgoing with those who do not live together. They are generally very shy around strangers. As for his socialization, if it was correct, he will not only get along well with other dogs, but he can calmly accept animals of other species. Including cats. Due to their high energy levels, they are ideal for young children, they play and get along very well with them.

General care of the Australian Kelpie dog breed

To have an Australian Kelpie breed dog, there is not much care that one has to take, but if they are dogs that need to use up the energy they have, in addition to giving them a good diet. That is why we dedicate this space to the essential and basic care that this breed needs, such as its hygiene, training, correct exercise and its health.

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Kelpie toilet

Because of their relatively short hair, they don't need a lot of dedication when it comes to brushing. With a brush every 10 days it will be more than enough for his coat to look in optimal condition. In the molting season, it is advisable to brush more frequently. Other recommendations regarding their cleanliness is to take care of their nails, to keep them short and in case of bathing them be very careful with the water in their ears.

Training for Kelpie dogs

Kelpies are characterized by their willingness to learn and by their above-average intelligence. These characteristics of the breed make them easy to train, however we must take into account the aforementioned, their enormous energy, so if these dogs get bored they can commit mischief and destruction at home.

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Recommended exercise for an Australian Kelpie dog

If you intend to adopt a Kelpie breed dog or at least have DNA of this breed, you have to bear in mind that these dogs are very energetic. Kelpies need a lot of activity to be comfortable, therefore if you or those who live in your home do not have much time to dedicate to your pet, nor do you have a wide area where the puppy can run from one place to another, do not it is the breed that will best adapt. On the other hand, if you have a large family, where there will always be some member willing to play or go for a walk with the puppy and also has a wide area for this dog to go from one place to another, this is a breed that will adapt to perfection.

Kelpies will need a daily walk and an hour to two hours to burn off energy. Either on the walk, going for a run with your pet or in a park playing catching and looking for objects. Something to keep in mind in this regard is the good relationship between the owner and the puppy. If there is a close relationship, the Kelpie can go off leash and even walk several meters away.

kelpie australiano acostado en el campo

Recommended diet for a Kelpie dog

Australian Kelpies need a good diet in order to develop and expend all their energy as they have always done since their origins as a sheepdog. We can give you a diet that is balanced in protein and nutrients but always appropriate to the amount of activity the dog performs. For example, if they are sporting dogs, or that work in the fields, they will surely have to give them more food or more times a day. However, the amount and portions of dog food or dry food that the dog will eat will be determined by the veterinarian based on the dog's age and weight. Proper nutrition should also contain plenty of clean, fresh water so that the Kelpie dog can hydrate properly and continue to run happily everywhere.

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Australian Kelpie health and diseases

The Australian Kelpie dog is considered to be a fairly strong and healthy breed due to the origin and work it always had in the field as a shepherd dog and a guide for a flock of sheep; however there are some diseases more prone in this breed of dog than others. These complications or health problems can appear of course, but the most frequent are cryptorchidism, a hereditary disease that affects the sexual part of the dog and hip dysplasia, a problem that causes some hip bones to become safe and lame the dog and suffer a lot of pain.

Another problem that these canines can suffer is progressive retinal atrophy, a disease that affects vision and provides abnormalities in the eyes. That is why it is important to carry out medical check-ups 1 time a year with the veterinarian to avoid any illness or problem. It is vital to be attentive to the dog to detect if it is having any problems in its daily life.

How long does an Australian Kelpie live?

As we said, the Kelpie breed of dogs present and are in good health and their life expectancy reaches 13 years of age. However, we have to pay attention and give it the proper care for the breed, as well as a good quality diet and frequent exercise. It is important to take him to the animal health specialist at least once a year so that he can verify the health of the dog and avoid any future problems.

Uses of the Australian Kelpie dog breed

Esta raza, originalmente, era considerada una raza de perros de tipo Boyero. Es una raza que posee mucha energía y agilidad. Además del uso actual que se le suele dar de pastoreo en la mayoría de los casos, los Kelpies son perros que muestran mucha destreza en pruebas de agilidad y de atrapar objetos al vuelo. افضل موقع مراهنات عربي Son perros que no decepcionan en los deportes caninos.

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