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Origin of the Siberian Husky

During the 19th century, Siberian Husky was used by Siberian Eskimo tribes who used this type of dog for activities such as: Hunting, sniffing tracks and even as a means of transport, since dogsleds were the main means of mobility. that they had in those tribes. This animal begins to be used as a means of transport due to the need that the Chuckchi tribe had to get away from their native lands in order to get food. Faced with the situation that was presented to them, they had to find an efficient means of transport for both people and food. This gives rise to that role in Siberians as sled dogs.

Estos perros han sido cruzados en algún momento de la historia con los lobos árticos. Con el paso de los años, la parte de lobo que supo estar presente en el Husky Siberiano ha ido desapareciendo de a poco. Al día de hoy se puede confirmar que ha quedado eliminada por completo. كيف تلعب القمار Por lo tanto el Siberian Husky que conocemos en la actualidad no es para nada un híbrido de lobo como muchos creen, es un auténtico perro.

The first Siberian Huskies to arrive in Alaska did so in the early 20th century. In these lands they are still called Chukchis, their original name. It was due to the speed that the breed had that dog racing began to be frequented and increasingly popular in the United States. In this country is where they receive the name by which we know them today, Siberian Husky.

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Character of the Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky have a temperament that is difficult to find in other dogs, so much so that it is the highest point, even above their physical appearance.

This breed is recognized for its very good character, for being playful and affectionate. They are not guard dogs by nature, they even suffer greatly if left alone. They need to be accompanied all the time, it is even advised not to leave them alone for long periods of time as they can become very destructive.

This type of dog has a lot of vitality and it is a very important fact to take into account when you are going to adopt a dog of this breed since they are not made to be still. They will need several walks, go for a run, do sports constantly.

They really enjoy the company of other dogs but be careful, they must be very well trained. It must always be borne in mind that this type of animal is an agile and efficient hunter. If he is not well trained he could do a lot of harm to other animals, especially birds and rodents.

Most of the specimens of this breed do not usually bark, the safest thing is that you will never hear your dog barking, although there are some isolated cases of Siberian Husky dogs that do bark. But the fact that they do not bark does not mean that they do not emit sound, this breed stands out for howling as if they were wolves, sometimes they do it simply for pleasure.

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Health and possible diseases of the Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is usually a breed that enjoys good health, its longevity is between ten and twelve years. However, as with all breeds, they have a certain genetic predisposition to contract certain diseases. Mainly in one of its greatest attractions, the eyes.

Eye disorders Siberians are prone to developing eye problems such as hereditary cataracts, which can be verified by regular check-ups, glaucoma and hair follicle dystrophy or zinc deficiency dermatosis.

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Recommended exercise

Siberian Husky need an intensive exercise routine. The area in which they will be carried out is important, it must be safe and limited, or do it with a strap that contains them. This is because they have a strong and constant desire to run if they are let loose and they will not respond to the call of their owners if they are ordered to stop or turn back. It is essential that the garden is fenced since they are capable of taking great jumps without even having to run, so the height of the fence is also important. An adult Siberian Husky needs approximately three hours of daily exercise.

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First steps of the Siberian Husky

The big question from first-time users of a Siberian Husky is: What are the first steps like? Do they adapt quickly to the home? How do I teach them to relieve themselves in the right place?

Well, let's answer them all. The first thing to keep in mind is that whether you obtain a recently weaned puppy or adopt an adult specimen, it will take time to adapt and it is impossible to know how much. But it will be much faster for the dog, if you and your family give love and patience. It is essential to avoid negative challenges, as these can influence the character and sensitivity of the animal.

Always try to make sure the orders are clear and, if possible, give them some kind of reward (a congratulation, a toy, a canine treat). As for how to teach him to relieve himself, we recommend using canine training towels, which are very useful and help our pet learn faster. We leave you the following note: canine training towels, in which we explain how they work step by step.

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Diet and feeding in Huskies

La alimentación del Husky Siberiano puede abarcar una gran variedad de alimentos diferentes. Esta puede estar basada en carnes de diversos tipos desde cordero o carne vacuna hasta pescado o pollo e incluso se les puede incluir en sus dietas frutas y verduras. Así y todo lo ideal es ofrecerle como complemento un alimento balanceado o pienso específico para su edad, tamaño y sexo. De esta forma se pueden evitar problemas futuros con sus dientes. Se recomienda que los machos ingieran alrededor de 1. اربح المال من الانترنت 500 calorías diarias y las hembras aproximadamente 1.350 calorías al día. No sobrepasar nunca las dosis de alimento balanceado ya que puede ocasionarles diarrea a los animales.

The dog has to have a diet rich in proteins and fats, in turn always avoid everything that contains soy since no dog usually digest this product well. As a puppy, during its first months, the Siberian Husky must divide its meals in four doses. It is done this way during the puppy's first four months. Then up to a year and a half it should be reduced to three doses. From the year and a half of the animal's life, the ideal is to distribute the food in two daily doses with a minimum separation of eight hours.

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Recommendations in the toilet

The Siberian Husky is a dog that for its abundant coat is clean and easy to maintain. With two weekly brushings it is usually enough. When the shedding or shedding periods arrive, which tend to occur twice a year, it is recommended to brush it, if possible, every day or even to bathe it with hot water at least once a week to suppress dead hairs. and favor the preparation of the skin for the new molt.

It is a very neat dog and therefore despite its large amount of fur it does not need a bath too often like other dogs. One bath a month is enough for the animal to be in good condition.

A very relevant fact about its coat is that it has a double layer of hair that works as a thermal insulator. This makes the Siberian Husky can withstand the harshest colds and also the heat of a city in summer. In addition, it is this same fur that protects it from UV rays (ultra violet).

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