Canine eye hygiene

The eyes of our best friends are a very delicate organ that requires us to pay close attention to them. For this reason, you have to know how to identify the main signs or symptoms that represent eye conditions and you have to know how to properly clean your eyes.

In this article we are going to give you advice on how to perform a correct cleaning treatment in the eyes of our pets and how to identify the main symptoms and signs that may indicate an eye condition. In addition, we have selected some excellent quality canine eye hygiene products that you could consider for your puppy.

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Considerations to take into account when cleaning my dog's eyes

Surely, if you are a first-time owner, you have wondered how to clean your pet's eyes. First of all, what you should take into consideration is the so-called periocular zone. If our dog has excess hair that grows towards his eyes, it must be combed in a way that does not affect his vision and clears his eyes or trim the excess hair. If we do not pay attention to this, it is very possible that our dog's hair will come into contact with his eyes. This will cause irritations or even that our pet begins to lose vision. The same happens when it is the eyelashes that grow too long and get into the eyes of our dogs. For this reason, this possibility must also be taken into account.

There is another condition that occurs with some frequency in some breeds and is congenital and is when a row of eyelashes grow on the edge of the animal's eyelid. These eyelashes grow into the eye causing constant roses and irritations that, if left untreated, can lead to a corneal ulcer. This condition is known as distichiasis and should only be treated by a veterinarian.

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How to clean my dog's eyes?

It is very common for your dog to get his eyes dirty whether playing at home, on walks or in the park. Although dogs have powerful eyelids that serve the function of preventing foreign objects or small particles from getting into their eyes, they are not always enough to prevent it. For these reasons it is important to know how to wash the eyes of our best friends and to know how to use each of the products that fulfill this function.

Find a quiet environment to perform eye cleaning

As in humans, the dog's eye is an organ that has a lot of sensitivity. When we are about to clean it, it is important that we have delicacy, patience and choose a quiet place to prevent our puppy from moving a lot. Before starting the eye cleaning, we recommend starting with caresses, a soft voice so that the puppy understands the calm and gain his trust. A nervous dog at this time can cause us not to clean correctly or that some of the elements are introduced into his eyeball and abruptly. Remember also to clean our hands before starting the treatment.

Inspecting our dog's eyeball

This is necessary to rule out possible infections in your eyes. We must not only analyze the eyeball, but also its tear ducts. If we observe that it has an excessive or greenish tear, either of the two may be indicating that the dog has an eye infection. In these cases it is important to take our dog to the vet.

What drops to use for cleaning my dog's eyes?

Con utilizar suero fisiológico es más que suficiente si se trata de una limpieza ocular simple en la cual los ojos del animal están sanos. ويليام هيل Estas se adquieren en recipientes de una sola dosis o monodosis y son muy prácticas cuando se tiene una sola mascota. También se pueden adquirir en recipientes más grandes que si bien resultan más económicas hay que procurar mantener la correcta higiene en el envase cuando se deja de utilizar.

How to start cleaning the dog's eye?

We must use a gauze soaked with physiological saline. With the gauze it is cleaned around the eyeball, as well as the eyelashes and eyelids. We must always apply a little pressure, keeping in mind that the dog's eyes are closed and thus remove any dirt.

How to put the drops in my dog's eye?

Finalmente, cuando ya hemos lavado los contornos del ojo, pasaremos a su interior. Los abriremos con mucho cuidado. ماكينات القمار Recordemos que las caricias y palabras dulces ayudan mucho en estos momentos para que el perro mantenga la calma. Con uno de nuestros dedos posibilitamos que se mantenga abierto el ojo y dejamos caer una gota a lo sumo dos en cada uno de sus globos oculares. Con una gasa limpia retirar los restos de líquido que caerán generalmente por el lacrimal del can.

This process is suitable for all dogs and enables us to extract excessive lagañas and remove possible foreign objects that have entered our pet's eyes. In addition, if we do the entire process, we will also have cut the excess hair and we will significantly help the care and eye hygiene of our dog. It is recommended to clean our dog's eyes at least once a week (the excess hair trim is checked once a month).

Some recommendations for cleaning your pet's eyes

  • Getting used to it so that it allows us to manipulate it and clean its eyes is essential. For this reason, you have to be patient and look for an environment of great tranquility.
  • Always clean the dog's eye from the inside to the outside of it.
  • If we do not have a gauze, which is ideal, we can calmly replace it with cotton, we just have to pay attention that it does not shed fibers near the dog's eye.
  • Use gauze or a different piece of cotton for each eye. If you have an infection in one of your eyes, we may also infect the other. It is always better to prevent this from happening. اون لاين بلاك جاك
  • When the dog has hard and difficult to get rid of it, a good technique is to heat the physiological saline to soften it or to soak the eye a little more with the cleaning product.
  • Do not use cleaning products that are not suitable for eye cleaning. Using any type of cleaner can considerably irritate your dog's eyesight.

Signs that may indicate an eye condition in my dog

We have already learned how to clean the eyes of our best friend, now it is time to know how to diagnose a possible anomaly. Here we will mention some signs that may be indicating a problem in your dog's eyes. In the event of any of these complications, it is very important that you see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • Tearing
  • The size, shape and color of the dog's eyes.
  • Anomalous discharge.
  • Squint.
  • Constant blinking.
  • Hair loss in the periocular area.
  • Redness of your eyes.
  • Abnormal coloration in your eyes (it may be whitish or it may be opaque).
  • Itch.
  • Pain.
  • Inflammation in the eyelids.
  • Soft or hard consistency in the eyes.
  • Photophobia or sensitivity to light (both solar and artificial).
  • Visible nictitating membrane
  • Bulging eyes or sunken eyes

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