Small Vendean Griffon

The small Basset Griffon Vandean dog breed, commonly called the Vandean Griffon or the Small Vandean Griffon, is a small and elongated dog that is dedicated to hunting. They are short and with wire hair originating from France. They were generally used more in hunting rabbits because of their developed sense of smell. In this article we will answer the question, What does a small Vandean Griffon look like? Starting a little with its history, physical characteristics and temperament; then for the care necessary for this breed and its uses.

History of the Little Vandean Griffon

Most hunting dog breeds originated in France and the Little Vendean Griffon is no exception. This canine breed corresponds to the group of Vendean Griffons, formed by four different breeds that have many differences according to their height. There are two variants of the Basset, while the Griffon is very popular, its somewhat larger cousin, the Great Basset Griffon Vendean, is virtually unknown outside of its homeland. The term "Basset" refers to the short legs characteristic of this breed and "griffon" to its rough coat. Their relatives or ancestors were raised in the French region of Vendea, reason for the third word that makes up the name of the breed. In 1950, the two variants of this breed separated. They were first seen in England in 1969 and are now found in the vast majority of countries in the world.

Physical characteristics of the Little Vendean Griffon

Small Vandean Griffon dogs always developed perfectly in hunting, particularly in rabbits because of their great sense of smell, which is why the FCI classifies them within Group 6: Hound-type dogs, scent dogs and similar breeds. Section 1.3: Small-sized Bloodhound Dogs. However, when exceeding 15 kilograms this dog is within the medium breeds for being short but robust.

Small Vendean Griffon Body

The body of the Small Vendean Griffon is somewhat elongated, with straight, muscular loins and somewhat ascending. The tail has a high insertion and is carried like a saber. These griffons have a deep but not very wide chest and moderately rounded ribs. The shoulders are dry and thin, descending and quite close to the body. Powerful, straight legs and medium-sized feet with compact toes.

Head of the Little Vendean Griffon

The head of the Small Vendean Griffon is made up of a slightly domed skull, somewhat elongated and not very wide. The occiput is quite developed and the stop is also pronounced. Its snout is much shorter than in the Great Vendean Griffon Basset, although somewhat elongated and square at the end. The ears of these dogs are narrow and flexible set below the line of the eyes; they bend inwards and can almost reach the nose. The eyes of this canine breed are quite large with lids glued to the eyeball.

How tall is a Small Vendean Griffon?

The Small Vendean Griffon has a measurement that ranges between 34 centimeters and 38 centimeters approximately, although a variation of 1 cm above or below can be admitted. In the case of small male and adult Vendean Griffons, their estimated height is between 39 centimeters and 35 centimeters. In the case of adult females of this breed, the height at the withers ranges from 33 centimeters to 36 centimeters.

How much does a Small Vendean Griffon weigh?

The estimated weight of the Small Vendean Griffon is between 15 kilograms and 20 kilograms. The adult males of this breed have a weight that is between 17 kilograms and 20 kilograms. As for adult females, their weight is around 15 kilograms and 18 kilograms.

Fur of the Little Vendean Griffon

El pelaje del Grifón Vendeano Pequeño es de duro y áspero al tacto. En cuanto a la longitud del mismo, no es muy largo, se podría definir con una longitud media. Para terminar de definir el aspecto de su manto, este tiene brillo y no es rizado. كيفية لعب القمار Las orejas de estos canes también están cubiertas de pelo.

Colors in the Small Vendean Griffon

There are three types of coat according to the color of the Small Vendean Griffon. It should be noted that the nose is always black and the eyes are dark regardless of the type of coat.

  • Unicolor: dark fawn, hare hair, greyish white.
  • Bicolor: white with gray, red, tan or black spots.
  • Tricolor: white, black and tan; white, hare hair and fire; white, gray and tan.
grifon vandeano pequeño

Temperament of the Little Vandean Griffon

The cute little Vandean Griffons are very outgoing, cheerful and friendly, so having one of these dogs is joy all day. On the other hand they are extremely active and independent; So to better understand the temperament of the little Vandean Griffon, we are going to describe on the one hand what the character is like and how it behaves.

Character of the Little Vendean Griffon

El Grifón Vendeano Pequeño es un animal lleno de vida, alegre y sencillo. Ágil y vivaz, sin embargo, suele ser bastante tranquilo dentro de casa. Tiene un carácter sociable y es sensible a la atmósfera del hogar. لربح المال Es algo testarudo, lo cual implica algunos inconvenientes a la hora de adiestrarlo pero al mismo tiempo es un perro muy cariñoso que en ningún caso se muestra dependiente.

Behavior of the Little Vendean Griffon

The Small Vendean Griffon has a fairly good behavior in general terms as it is a very sociable breed that gets along excellently well with other dogs and also with cats and other pets. He has a good relationship with children if they are not too loud. He tends to bark when there is a visitor in the home of a stranger but then greets them enthusiastically.

General care of the little Vandean Griffon

A very important issue to take care of this beautiful little dog is that the little Vandean Griffons love activity; so one of the basic cares in addition to a good diet or quality diet, they should take constant walks or exercises on a daily basis. That is why we carry out this section to tell you what are some of the basic care that the breed needs, such as grooming or hygiene, proper brushing and the training or exercise necessary for these canines.

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Feeding of the small Vandean Griffon

A small Basset Vandean Griffon breed dog needs a balanced and balanced diet; especially for the constant activity that they must carry out thanks to their historical status as a hunter. A diet based on dry feed or dog food will be the best for your health. In this dog, the quality of the croquettes is more important than the quantity; since being medium dogs, they should not eat a large quantity to avoid being overweight. That is why they should eat 2 times a day. However, they should go to the animal health specialist to be told exactly based on weight, age and amount of exercise, the amount of food that a small Vandean Basset Griffon should be fed.

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Health and diseases of the small Vandean Griffon

The little Basset Vandean Griffon is a very healthy breed, however there are some health problems or complications of the breed. For example, some of the most common problems are hip dysplasia, eye, heart or joint problems as time goes by. That is why it is important to treat the issue of food well, and above all, check the health of the dog at least once a year. The latter is important, since in this way they will be able to catch the problem in time and take action on the matter.

How long does a small Vandean Griffon live?

Small Vandean Griffon breed dogs are dogs that are in good health as long as they are given basic care, such as a good diet and regular exercise. In addition, these cute little dogs have a life expectancy that ranges from 12 to 14 years of age; so it can be said that they are semi-long-lived dogs in terms of their life. However, it is important that medical checkups are carried out at least once a year with the veterinarian to verify that the dog does not suffer from any disease or frequent problems of this breed.

Brushed on the Small Vendean Griffon

El Grifón Vendeano Pequeño apenas necesita cuidados en cuanto al tratamiento y cuidado de su pelaje. Cepillarlo con una carda una vez a la semana es más que suficiente para asegurarnos de que su pelaje se encontrará en muy buen estado. Debemos controlar y asegurarnos de que no se acumule suciedad o cerumen en los conductos auditivos. Las uñas deben estar cortas. También es necesario recortar el exceso de pelo entre las almohadillas de los pies para que no se peguen espinas o hierbas en ellos. Una vez al año, el manto debe ser saneado, quitando a mano el pelo viejo para dejar que crezca pelo nuevo. كيفية لعب بلاك جاك Según el estándar, las orejas y la cola del Pequeño Basset no deben ser muy largas, por lo que en las exhibiciones se suele remarcar esta característica recortando el exceso de pelo.

How to train a Vendean Basset Griffon?

The Little Vendean Griffon can be taught many things, but don't wait too long, as he is quite independent as a working dog. Although he is very fond of his master, he does not endure long training sessions well. We must always be very firm in training with the Small Vendean Griffon and reward his good behavior with something he likes, such as food or a toy. The order to go to the master's call is very important. It is a dog that can become stubborn on many occasions and that complicates the training process.

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Exercise for the Little Vendean Griffon

The Little Vendean Griffon is able to walk for a long time without getting tired; Thus, if we have it as a family dog, we must take it frequently for a walk, rain or shine. However, the Little Vendean Griffon knows how to adapt if one day it cannot exercise and can settle for running around the garden a bit. We must make sure that the fence of our park is solid, since by the smell that these dogs have and their instinct, you can venture only to investigate on your own a trail that you consider interesting; therefore, we must also watch it if we let it loose in the field. If he is well trained, there will be no problem when we lick him next to us. The recommended time to exercise these dogs is approximately 2 hours a day. It is recommended to play games that involve the animal running, long walks and various activities with balls or throwing objects to make our dog burn energy.

Uses of the Small Vendean Griffon

In its country of origin, the Small Vendean Griffon is almost exclusively used as indicated by its original function, a pack hunting dog. In the rest of the world it is still relatively unknown, but it is gaining popularity as a family dog. However, it is advisable that you carry out some type of activity, tracking or venting.

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