Brussels Griffon

Origins of the Brussels Griffon

This breed belongs to the categorization of dwarf dogs due to its weight and height. The Brussels Griffon is often confused with the Belgian Griffon and the Little Brabantine. They are not the same breed and it can be said that they are breeds that derive from the Brussels Griffon, even if attention is paid to the details, it will be possible to appreciate that they have differences mainly in their coat and color.

The Brussels Griffon, the Little Griffon, and the Belgian Griffon are all descended from an ancient breed of terrier-type dog called Smousje. He Smousje was a breed that lived mainly in Belgium and was used for the elimination of rodents.

During the 19th century the Smousje were crossed with Pugs and with King Charles Spaniels, crosses that later gave rise to a new and beautiful breed known today as the Brussels Griffons.

The three breeds that derive from the Smousje began to become popular both in Belgium and the rest of Europe when Queen Maria Henriette began to breed these animals.

After the Second World War the Brussels Griffon almost became extinct, but thanks to a group of expert breeders from England the breed was saved. Despite this, the popularity of this species of dog during the first half of nineteen hundred was never the same.

Character and personality

The Brussels Griffon is characterized by being a very active dog so it is important that its owner gives it the possibility of exercising routinely, it is always alert as if it were a guard dog and is, despite its size, excessively brave. It is not usually normal for them to shrink from any noise or animal even though it is much larger than it. A very important fact to take into account especially when you take them out to exercise or take a walk outside the home.

The Griffon tends to be very close friends with those around him and is an animal that is very attached to whom he considers his master. These types of animals will choose a person and accompany them forever.

Other characteristics that this breed has is that they tend to be nervous dogs but they are made to go for a walk constantly and the degree of nervousness they have will decrease considerably.

Para finalizar los aspectos que definen su personalidad y carácter hay que mencionar que es muy importante la socialización en estos cachorros. Un Grifón mal socializado puede ser agresivo con aquellos desconocidos. العاب الربح Suelen ser difíciles de socializar por su carácter fuerte y es difícil hacerlos aceptar a otros animales, sean perros o mascotas de otras especies. Otro de los problemas que trae una mala socialización es que los cachorros se pueden volver sumamente destructivos dentro del hogar, ladradores y no tolerar que se le acerquen a aquella persona que ha considerado su amo.

They are ideal dogs for adults who have a lot of time to dedicate to the animal but they are not recommended for those people who are going to have a dog for the first time or families with small children or those who live alone and will leave the animal alone for a long time.

Images of copies of Griffon De Bruxelles

Health and possible diseases

The Brussels Griffon is usually a very healthy breed and there are not many diseases that affect them more often because of the breed they belong to. However, we will clarify which are the diseases that are most often repeated in animals of this breed:

Stenotic nostrils

Alterations occur that obstruct the upper respiratory tract.


It is the propulsion of the eyeball and is not considered a disease. However, it is considered a pathological picture that derives from various infections and is caused by an inadequate adaptation between the bony orbit and its contents.


It is when a partial or total opacity of the lens of the eye occurs. The opacity causes the light to scatter inside the eye and cannot be focused, creating blurred or diffuse images. It is one of the main causes, which if not treated leads to blindness. It is treated by surgery.

Patella luxation

It is when the patella, that small bone that is located in front of the knee joint, came out of its corresponding place and causes pain and weakness in the limb where this occurs.


It is when the "new" eyelashes grow in a place that is not the correct one, outside the line considered correct. This affects the vision of the animal. شركة المراهنات bwin

Other diseases that tend to be present in this breed are injuries to the eyeball, some types of cancer and retinal atrophies.

Recommended exercise

The Brussels Griffon is a very active and energetic dog, it needs a lot of physical exercise and the positive thing about this is that being a dog with such a small size, exercise can be carried out at home.

It is advisable to take them for a walk at least once every two days and it is possible to do it every day better. They are dogs that, as we said before, need a lot of attention, so making them play with balls or other toys for dogs will be very positive to control the dog's mood.

In times of high heat or high humidity, it is recommended to reduce exercise because they suffer a lot from thermal shocks and can harm their health.

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Recommended food and diets

Él alimento balanceado o pienso es un buen complemento para la dieta de nuestro Grifón de Bruselas. Hay que tener siempre en cuenta que los alimentos balanceados no son todos iguales. قمار على النت Algunos son más aceptados que otros por las mascotas, otras no están compuestos de forma correcta por los nutrientes correspondientes, algunos son para perros adultos y otros para perros más jóvenes. Hay que tener todos estos puntos en cuenta y siempre es recomendable complementar el pienso o alimento balanceado con carnes, frutas, verduras e incluso otros tipos de alimento como el arroz.

It must always be borne in mind, with all dog breeds, that giving it the same food that we humans consume every day is harmful for them.

If we give it the same foods that we consume, the puppies will be ingesting flours, fats and even they will not be ingesting the nutrients and vitamins in the correct proportions. Excess flour or carbohydrates and fats will only help our friend to gain weight quickly.

It is always advisable that our pets have feeding schedules and that the quantities of puppies are reduced but more frequently. Upon exceeding one year of age, the frequency should be decreased and the quantities increased until reaching two servings of food per day.

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Grooming and fur of the Griffon

Caring for Brussels Griffons is pretty simple. Two weekly brushings are mainly required to keep the coat in optimal condition. As for the baths, the indicated thing would be to do one every three months and with warm water to remove the dead hair that can remain despite brushing.

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