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Origins of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever comes from Scotland (United Kingdom), it arose from the need of man to have an ideal companion for hunting birds that was becoming enormously popular among the wealthy. Scotland's terrain, full of lakes and swamps, required a dog that can adapt to both land and water hunting.

To get to the dog that we know today, the best water dogs (as their name implies, dogs specialized in obtaining things or prey from water) were crossed with the first retriever dogs (name given to the dogs that are in charge of to recover the hunted prey). After several crosses, this breed was reached, which in addition to being one of the most beautiful, is also an expert in tracking and recovering prey.

There was a lot of controversy about which was the first Golden Retriever that was obtained, today we know that the first specimens emerged around the year 1850. Lord Tweedmouth is considered the creator of this breed, and his estate is still used for meetings and shows related to the Golden Retriever.

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it was registered as a breed first by the United Kennel Club (United Kingdom) and some years later by the American Kennel Club (United States).

At present it is one of the most popular dogs in the world, appearing among the most chosen in almost all the countries that keep records of their dogs.

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Character and personality of the Golden

Its enormous popularity is largely due to its incredible character, this breed is suitable for all families, especially those with children.

Golden Retrievers will never tire of playing (we are all aware of the large number of advertisements in which a ball is thrown at them and the dog looks for it). They are also very intelligent, kind, patient, friendly and trusting dogs.

They will accept the whole family and give themselves completely to it, they are very easy to train because in addition to being cunning they are also docile. They tend to get along very well with other dog breeds and you will rarely seek a fight with them. Their prey drive can be a problem with small dogs (such as poodles for example), although this can be avoided if they are socialized as a puppy. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that this instinct will make him want to hunt other possible pets that we have, especially birds or rodents.

They are not good watchdogs, their character will make them trust strangers and even want to play with them. This may be, perhaps, the only weakness of the breed.

But that's not all, this wonderful dog has also adapted to many other tasks, being widely used as a therapy or support dog for people with disabilities. It is also used as a search and rescue dog.

Images of Golden Retriever dogs

Physical characteristics

The first thing we should highlight is its fur, it is not only beautiful but also has incredible characteristics. Golden Retrievers have a coat with two types of hair, the outer one that is resistant to water and the inner one that is soft and keeps the dog cool in summer and warm in winter (This inner coat sheds in spring and autumn, thus keeping the dog dog at its ideal temperature in each season).

The coat can be yellow (or gold), cream or even white, although the latter is not yet accepted in dog shows.

There are some small varieties between the American and British (European) Golden Retrievers, we will explain them below:

British type

It has a wider and shorter muzzle. Its legs and tail are also shorter. It is also usually heavier than the American dog.

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American Type

He is taller than the British, but less stocky. In most cases they have a denser coat.

His head is proportional to his body, his ears are at eye level and fall on his cheeks. Its snout, like that of all prey collecting dogs, is very powerful. They have a muscular neck, their body is well balanced, being slightly longer than tall. لعبة بينجو

Their life expectancy is 13 years, although this will depend on their general health, and may exceed 15 years.

Its height at the withers ranges between 52 cm and 63 cm. And its weight ranges from 25 kg. up to 35 kg.

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Difference between Labrador and Golden

Many people today do not know the difference between Golden Retrievers and Labradors. Although they are two quite similar breeds in terms of physical appearance, there are some very specific differences. كازينو كبار الشخصيات

We are going to detail the main distinctions in a simple and concise point.

  • La raza Golden Retriever puede alcanzar un tamaño mucho mayor en contextura física. كيفية لعب القمار Por lo que los Golden, más altos y esbeltos.
  • The beautiful coat of the Golden can have some shades of cream or gold; while Labradors have a uniform coat in terms of color. The coats are multiple unlike the Golden, such as black, blonde or chocolate color.
  • The coat and toughness of the Labrador dog is usually hard and rough; while the Golden have soft hair and different lengths.
  • The Labrador usually lives longer than the Golden. In any case, both have a life expectancy greater than 10 years.
  • Both breeds are very intelligent in their own right and are above average. The Labrador Retriever is a very loyal, super trustworthy and very personable breed. It is a dog that loves water and games of smell and agility. While Golden Retrievers can get even smarter. They also love to do different tasks and are very docile and reliable. So he loves to be friendly with people and especially with boys.

Health and possible illnesses in the Golden


It is the main danger of this breed, a very harmful disease that is quite common among Golden Retrievers. Health studies carried out around the year 2000 showed a very high percentage of cause of death in both America and Europe.


In second place we have obesity, we must bear in mind that these dogs need to do about 2 hours of daily exercise to stay in good condition. It is also advisable not to offer our food, no matter how beautiful and good they are, your balanced food is more prepared for your energy needs.

Hip dysplasia

It is developed in most cases by a hereditary malformation. When this problem appears, what happens is a displacement of the hip that tends to cause intense pain and lameness in the animal. Dogs that are affected by this disease tend to have difficulty performing common activities such as walking, running, jumping, climbing a ladder, and even lying down or sitting down. In more advanced cases or those that have not been treated, dysplasia can completely incapacitate the animal. Approximately 20% of Golden Retrievers suffer from this disease.

Eye disorders

Most are of the hereditary type, so it is advisable to make sure that when you obtain a puppy of this breed it is through a responsible breeder. The most common of these eye problems in Golden Retrievers are cataracts, but they can also suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, entropion, and corneal dystrophy.

Other complications

Some specimens of this breed have presented cardiovascular problems, but to a much lesser extent than the other diseases mentioned above.

In turn, when doing so much exercise, it is likely that our dog may suffer from dislocation of the patella, patella of the cruciate ligaments and osteochondritis.

Recommended exercise

They need to do a significant amount of exercise, especially when they are puppies, it is recommended between 2 and 3 hours per day. It is a breed that has a high amount of energy, so if we offer it to exercise more, it will be happy to do so, but we must not overdo it because it can cause bone and joint problems in its old age. When they are adults, between 1 and 2 hours of moderate exercise is recommended.

They can include games between the exercises for both their own and the dog's enjoyment (they will never tire of fetching the ball or the branch). If you are looking for toys for your dog, we leave you a note in which we talk about the 10 best toys of 2020, clicking here.

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Corresponding toilet

Golden Retrievers need to be brushed daily or at least 3-4 times a week. Keep in mind that it has a considerable amount of hair and that (especially during the shedding season) if you don't brush it, you will find hairs on all your furniture and floors.

In addition, it is likely that their own hairs become entangled, generating suitable places for the appearance of parasites such as fleas, ticks and others.

It is not advisable to bathe them, they have a protective layer on their fur that helps them fight diseases. Therefore you should only bathe Golden Retrievers if they are considerably dirty.

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Proper nutrition

There is quite a bit of controversy over what a Golden Retriever should eat. Some argue that the feed is of good quality, others that it is better to give cooked meat, and some even argue that it is better to give it raw food. Another key question is how much should a puppy eat?

We recommend that you take him to the vet who will give you a diet suitable for your dog. When we talk about Golden Retrievers it is important to take into account some factors:

  • They always have to have fresh water available
  • Puppies eat 3 to 4 times a day, adults only 2 times.
  • It is highly recommended to accustom your puppy to having fixed times for meals, this is achieved by offering him the plate with food always at the same time. After 20 minutes you remove the plate, whether it has eaten or not. In a few days the dog will adapt to those schedules and this will help a lot in its digestion (which is quite sensitive in this breed).
  • Remember that this breed tends to obesity, so the amount of food that we should give in each ration will be stipulated by a veterinarian based on the amount of daily exercise that our dog performs.

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Pictures of Golden Retriever puppies

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