English greyhound

The Greyhound, also known as the English Greyhound, is considered the fastest dog that exists today. It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour making it not only the fastest canine breed, but also one of the fastest animals there is. Do you want to know more about this beautiful greyhound? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the breed and we give you the best recommendations if you decide to adopt one.

History of the Greyhound or English Greyhound

The English Greyhound dog breed, also known as Greyhound, has its origins in Great Britain. The history of this breed is not known with much certainty, but there is a theory about it: By 900 AD Arab merchants moved some similar specimens of these dogs to Great Britain; giving the origin to the race. In case this theory is true (as happened with the Spanish Greyhound and the Sloughi breed of Arabian greyhounds) would become the ancestor of the Greyhound breed or English Greyhounds.

Whatever its origin, this breed of dog was used as hunting dogs because of its speed, like other types of Greyhounds. Today this English breed of dog is widely used in dog racing. However, there are many people and groups and NGOs against these activities and practices, since in addition to over-demanding the dog, once they are "no longer useful" for the activity, unfortunately, they are abandoned.

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Physical characteristics of the English greyhound

The English Greyhound is a large breed of dogs that according to the FCI classification belongs to group 10, sighthounds, section 3, short-haired sighthounds. To make a complete, understandable definition, with information easy to locate in the article, we will make the description by areas.

Body of the Greyhound or English Greyhound

The body of the English Greyhound has a strong, muscular build with generous proportions. He always has a proud bearing and accompanies it with a solid and relatively long back. The back of the Greyhound is powerful, with a slight bow. As for the tail, it is long and set very low, tapering towards the tip and hanging in a slightly pronounced curve. The chest of these dogs is deep and spacious, the ribs are long, quite arched and sloping back. The flanks are well marked.

The Greyhound, has shoulders, descending and well inserted, they are muscular, but at the same time not loaded. The front legs are long and straight like all greyhounds, they have freely mobile elbows, placed below their shoulders. The pasterns are moderately long and at the same time slightly arched. They have good stifle joints and straight hocks. The feet of the English Greyhound are moderately long with compact, well arched toes. His neck is long and muscular and above all slightly arched.

The head of the English Greyhound

The English Greyhound has a head that is made up of a long, flat skull with a moderate width, a slight stop, and powerful, well-marked jaws. The ears of these sighthounds are small and very thin, they appear bent backwards, the well-known rose-shaped ears, except when the animal is alert that it raises them. The eyes of this dog are oval with oblique insertion. His teeth are always presented in the form of scissors.

How tall is an English Greyhound?

The English Greyhound is a dog that is large in size and approximately between 71 centimeters and 76 centimeters in the adult male, and ranges between 68 centimeters and 71 centimeters in adult females

How much does an English Greyhound weigh?

The English greyhound has a weight that ranges between 27 kilograms and 40 kilograms in adult males and oscillates between 26 kilograms and 34 kilograms in adult females. This approximate weight that the copies of this breed have, they place it in the classification of large dogs that includes breeds that weigh between 25 kilograms and 45 kilograms.

What is the coat of the English Greyhound like and what color variants does the breed present?

The coat of the English greyhound can be characterized as fine, short and close to the body. Although they have fairly short hair, it is resistant to adverse climates and low temperatures. As for the color variants of this breed, we can find specimens with black, red, pale red, fawn, blue and fawn coats. It must be taken into account that the specimens may or may not have white spots. The color white can have and are accepted several variations ranging from a small spot on the chest to an almost entirely white coat with some spots of another color. There are also all-white English Greyhounds. The eyes are preferably dark.

How many types of greyhounds are there?

English Greyhound temperament

To make a correct description of the temperament of the English Greyhound, we have divided this section into two parts. In the first we will deal with everything related to the character of the Greyhound. In the second half we will cover everything related to the behavior of this beautiful breed. We believe that this would facilitate the location of the information and the understanding of it.

What is the character of an English Greyhound like?

English Greyhounds are intelligent, sensitive and affectionate dogs. If we have a dog of this breed, we can see that they are strongly attached to their master and the family with which they share a home. These dogs bark very little and it is not their specialty to be watchdogs. At home they are calm and sociable, and it is normal that their presence is not noticed. Outside they are active and are alert to everything that happens in their environment. Its hunting instinct is well developed and it has high energy levels. They are very docile dogs and offer an impression of good sense.

How does an English Greyhound behave?

Generally, the English Greyhound has a behavior that is totally reliable. With children he is respectful and playful and is always open with everyone, although he can be somewhat shy with those he does not know. It is very rare that it causes problems with other dogs, with some exceptions: In hunting or in a race. In these two circumstances or any other that may motivate them, the emotion of the moment they live can make them a little irritable. It is an innate quality of their nature to chase things that move fast, by this we mean rodents, cats, balls, discs, etc.

Take into account the aforementioned recently, as it has a strongly developed hunting instinct. Living with other pets of other species will be difficult but not impossible. This is due to their innate hunting instinct. It is extremely necessary for the English Greyhound to be socialized, otherwise living with animals such as cats, rabbits or even some domestic rodents will be impossible. Socialization with calm animals, but if it has been well, it is essential that it be done since it is a puppy and that each phase of the process is respected. If you don't do it correctly or ignore it, you will always tend to chase any animal you see running.


General care of the English Greyhound

A very common question is what is there to know about greyhounds? when it comes to having one. As for the care that must be taken so that it grows in a healthy and healthy way, they are not many or very difficult.

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How should I brush my Greyhound?

The coat of the English greyhound needs very little care. It is more than enough to brush the coat once a week with a soft brush and polish it with a suitable glove. In this way it will remain in perfect condition for much of the year. When shedding periods come, she loses practically almost no hair. It is also recommended to brush the animal more frequently.

Greyhound nails should always be short, it is recommended to control this. Check your teeth frequently to prevent tartar from forming on them. Despite the fact that the coat of the English Greyhound is quite short, it is very resistant to bad weather and can live outside in a kennel without having physical problems. However, they are dogs that like the vast majority of sighthounds enjoy much more being inside the home and close to their family. Make sure the animal sleeps in a soft and well-protected place.

What should I consider to maintain a correct toilet in it?

For our English Greyhound to enjoy having skin in optimal condition and healthy and shiny hair, it is advisable to give it a bath every 40 days or so. The time periods can vary considerably depending on the activity and the places where our pet is. On the side of the warm water baths, it is best to check that the shampoo used does not irritate the skin of our dog. It is always advisable to look for a bath soap that has a PH similar to that of the dog's skin, which is PH 7.

Once the problem of choosing soap has been solved, we must consider that when giving our dogs a bath it is necessary to protect their ears, so it is recommended to wash the area of their head with a cloth carefully avoiding throwing water on it .

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How to train my English Greyhound?

The English Greyhound, compared to most breeds of sighthound, is a relatively easy dog to train. He can learn all kinds of commands and is quite obedient. It is also convenient to warn that there is an exception in their obedience, and this happens when they discover a prey, see a cat, a hare in the field or some other animal or rodent of a different species. This is when the dog stops paying attention to any type of order. This can be controlled a bit if a proper socialization process is carried out and respecting each of the stages. Responds very well to a loving, kind and consistent approach. Training that uses a reward system to incentivize the dog is also very effective.

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How to exercise my English Greyhound?

English Greyhounds require intense exercise but it does not necessarily have to be extensive. These dogs can run a lot. They love to run and they really like to show how happy they are. However, as we already mentioned, you need less exercise than you might think. Although we see them as active and dynamic, the English greyhound like most sighthounds is used to being at rest for a long time a day. And the short time it remains "active" can become "dynamite." In conclusion, there is no need to over-demand this breed. An hour of intense training a day or an hour and a half at the most is usually more than enough. To this you can add a walk or two a day.

It is important to note that leaving him loose to run and play can be tricky, as there is always the risk that he will escape and endanger himself and other animals. In addition, due to its speed, it will not be easy to catch again. It is a good idea to accompany your master or a member of the family if you go for a run, although you can also leave it loose in well-fenced areas. At home it is quiet and do not panic if he is extremely lazy.


How far can a greyhound run?

This breed has the fame of the fastest dog on the planet and one of the fastest animals that can exist in the world; so if you have one, you should know that they love to run. Many times they reach a speed of 69 km / h.

English Greyhound Health

This breed of greyhound is in good health, however it has the difficulties of any large dog.

What is the life expectancy of the English Greyhound?

The life expectancy of this docile breed of dog is between 10 and 14 years. In any case, this age range depends on the care given to the dog, the exercise it performs and the quality of the food provided.

So the answer to the question How long is the life of a greyhound? it will depend on all the care you give your dog.

Common Greyhound health problems or illnesses

  • Gastric torsion
  • Retinal atrophy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hypersensitivity or allergy to certain chemical compounds (can complicate the delivery of medications)

How many times is a greyhound fed?

To give it an adequate and nutritious diet, it is essential that it be of quality for this breed of dog. As we said before, it is prone to gastric torsion, so following the following steps will be vital for a correct diet:

  1. Divide the food into different portions a day with a small portion. (Consult with the veterinarian how many times based on the weight, size and age of the dog)
  2. Do not feed it right after exercising.
  3. After the dog eats it should be calm.
  4. Avoid drinking too much water when exercising, before and after.
  5. The dog has to drink what is necessary, without getting stuffed.

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Uses of the English Greyhound or Greyhound

It is English Greyhound or Greyhound is a breed highly gifted for racing; however, the specimens used for running are different from those presented in exhibitions. This is because show greyhounds are considerably larger in size. To avoid any damage as much as possible, it is advisable to have a good training before competing in races. We provide this information because it is what the books establish, we do not endorse racing with dogs and we consider the English Greyhound or Greyhound as an excellent companion dog and very useful for hunting sports due to its instinct and its great speed.

Greyhound Curiosities


  • He fastest dog in the whole world and one of the fastest animals on the planet.
  • They can run at a speed that ranges between 60 and 69 kilometers per hour. But there are records of these dogs of 75 km / h.
  • A greyhound more than 75% of the time passes in the air when running.
  • One of the reasons why it is the fastest dog it is because it has a greater amount of red blood cells than other dogs; allowing you to get more oxygen to your lungs and muscles.
  • The tail of a Greyhound is what direct the direction of your route When run.

Search and vision

  • Find objects which are more than 800 km apart.
  • He range of vision of the Greyhounds it is one of the most developed since they reach 270 °. This allows you to find objects that are behind them many times.
  • This breed also has a stereoscopic visionThis quality is that they can see different items when they are in motion better than when they are still.
  • You may see it with the eyes open when sleeping, as some greyhounds have this rare ability.


  • They are one of the dogs with the highest body temperature.
  • The blood of these dogs is often used for transfusions to other dogs in an operation, since they have a universal blood group.
  • Although it is a large dog, they have the well-developed jumping ability. There is a jump record that reached 9.14 meters in height.
  • Most of the dogs of this breed have certain difficulty sitting on the floor, this is very uncomfortable for them. Many times you can see that they will be one finger off the ground almost without touching it.

History and famous

  • Shakespeare He may have been a fan of the Greyhounds, as he mentions them in his works 11 times.
  • Very famous characters from different stories like Cleopatra, Frank Sinatra, Al Capone, Henry VIII Y Leonard nimoy they have owned greyhounds.
  • This breed is mentioned in the beginning of the famous book "Don Quixote de la Mancha" by Miguel de Cervantes «In a place in La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember, not long ago lived a nobleman of the spear in the shipyard, old shield, skinny nag and Greyhound runner. «.
  • For a long time the greyhound was a royalty dog and only reserved for nobles and some aristocrats.
  • The Greyhound is the only breed of dog named in the Bible.

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