The Dalmatian has a history that presents too many contradictions and legends; in fact there is no clear consensus on what its specific origin is. Some associate it with known breeds such as the Pointer or even the Great dane, but the arguments are very weak. What we do know is that spotted dogs are documented in older civilizations such as classical Greece and Ancient Egypt. It is likely that this white hound with numerous spots traveled as a companion dog and escort to the carriages or caravans that transported merchandise of the time.

The Dalmatians as we know them today come from Croatia, the first official proof we have of them is a painting dating back to 1,600 AD. They owe their name to Dalmatia, a coastal area that was formerly part of Austria.

When it arrived in England in 1862 it was when it gained its popularity and it is only in the middle of 1890 when the first Dalmatian club is formed that the official standards of the breed are established.

They began to be used as firefighters, a task that they still maintain today, it is par excellence the most used breed of dog in fire stations.

In 1961 the very popular Walt Disney movie "101 Dalmatians" finished catapulting the fame of these dogs to its maximum splendor.

This brought quite a lot of problems as many irresponsible breeders only sought to profit from the popularity of the breed without caring about their health and this led to a considerable increase in conditions such as deafness and some skin allergies. Different unbalanced specimens also began to appear, which led people to tire of his character and his popularity began to decline.  

As the breed ceased to be so marketable, the breeders who were only looking for money stopped breeding them and little by little the breed recovered and today we can find a notable increase in the quality of the specimens that in fact have notably decreased their problems of Health.


It is obvious that its main characteristic is the spots on its fur (short and dense), which can be black or brown. He has a muscular and very athletic body. They need a lot of outdoor activity, they love to play sports and they have a lot of stamina.

It is an affectionate dog that always seeks to play, which is why it is an excellent company for children and other dogs. They have a special sympathy with horses.

They are attached to their owners and have great intelligence which makes them very easy to educate. But be careful, you have to be strict in teaching because if Dalmatians detect that you are not firm they will begin to develop their own behaviors.

At birth they are totally white and the spots appear between the first 2 to 4 weeks.

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It is a fairly healthy breed, which has an average lifespan of between 12 and 13 years. However, irresponsible and excessive parenting has caused the following diseases to occur frequently:


Without a doubt its biggest problem since from birth a 10% of Dalmatian puppies are deaf, either totally or partially.

Hip dysysplasia:

It is developed in most cases by a hereditary malformation. When this problem appears, what happens is a displacement of the hip that tends to cause intense pain and lameness in the animal. Dogs that are affected by this disease tend to have difficulty performing common activities such as walking, running, jumping, climbing a ladder, and even lying down or sitting down. In more advanced cases or those that have not been treated, dysplasia can completely incapacitate the animal.

Skin problems:

Their skin is very sensitive and tends to suffer from allergies and irritations. A proper diet will be essential to avoid this problem.

Urinary tract problems:

Other problems that affect this breed the most are stones and infections. Also in this case, it is advisable to pay close attention to the advice that we will give later regarding their diet. شرح لعبه البوكر

Elbow dysplasia:

It is a joint disease that is caused by the poor development of bone tissue that at the beginning will produce arthritis or inflammation in your joints and over time this will transform into osteoarthritis.

Stomach twisting:

Basically, the stomach folds back on itself and does not allow its emptying, causing multiple damage to the pancreas and kidneys. This can cause the death of the animal if it is not treated in time. Therefore it is advisable to give small portions of food several times a day instead of a single large portion.

In addition, some Dalmatians have epilepsy and retinal problems, but these are very rare.


It is very important in the health of the Dalmatian to have a correct diet. With this, we mean that it is advisable to give it a good quality feed that is low in calories, something essential if we want our dog not to have disorders in its urinary tract.

A su vez, debemos alimentarlo dos veces al día (nunca una sola vez), y se puede agregar algo de líquido al alimento (leche por ejemplo). قمار اون لاين Y recuerden que siempre debe tener agua fresca y limpia.

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If you think that the Dalmatian does not lose much hair by being short, you are very wrong. Brushing it daily will be the only way to keep your furniture and floors hair-free. Keep in mind that the whole year is the same, so it is best to have a brushing routine.

It is important to check and clean your ears well once a week, because they are somewhat prone to getting otitis. And finally, we recommend bathing the Dalmatian approximately every two months.

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You will never (or almost never) get your Dalmatian to exercise too much, because these dogs are runners with incredible endurance. We recommend taking it out for a walk as many times as possible and, especially when they are puppies, letting them run in the park or wherever you can.

They are not dogs suitable for living in an apartment, they need a lot of free space for their exercise. لعبة مباشر

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