What are the best dog breeds for beginner owners?

Having a dog for the first time can be a bit unsettling. Especially since it is likely that we have doubts about the diet, care and maintenance of your pet. However, for many owners who have not had dogs, or are inexperienced, training will be an issue that will create concerns and doubts that they will not know how to resolve. In this article, we have selected some canine breeds that are the most suitable for those owners who have little or no experience with dogs. The dog's friendly and eager-to-please attitude makes them very receptive to training, so if you follow the basic rules, you will find very favorable results after this process.

Still, exercise needs may vary. Therefore it is important to choose an ideal breed for the environment and lifestyle that you lead. The Pug or Carlino, with its modest need for exercise, will have a lot of fun in urbanized areas. On the other hand, the Labrador Retriever will adapt better to a rural life. Coat care can vary, from the Whippet, whose brushing needs are practically few, to the Keeshond that needs many more treatments. Let's see the ranking that we have prepared on the most suitable or suitable dog breeds for beginner owners.

The 10 most suitable dog breeds for beginner owners

Boston Terrier

He Boston Terrier It is one of the most recommended breeds for those inexperienced owners of dogs. These dogs, in addition to being super affectionate and companions, are very intelligent, which makes their training and training much easier than with other breeds. They are quite a few guardian dogs in the home and their care does not involve many difficulties. He Boston Terrier It is a short, stocky dog with a broad head and great musculature. It is a breed that is perfectly adapted to rural and urban life.

Boston Terrier marrón y blanco hembra acostada.
The Boston Terrier is characterized by being a faithful dog with a moderate temperament

Labrador retriever

At present, the Labrador retriever it is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Labs are family dogs that are perfectly adapted to living with children and family members of all ages. The energy levels of this breed of dog is very high, so we must consider having a large park and time so that it can exercise. In addition to being very active dogs, they are excellent companions that easily learn the commands that their owners give them. Therefore the training process will not be a problem.

Labrador Retriever Negro Zaino
The Labrador Retriever is the ideal dog for a typical family, they respond well to training and are very tolerant.


The Schipperke, originally known as Spitske, they are dogs of Belgian origin that are very easy to care for. They are dogs that are very receptive to training and have a fairly high energy level. Their name means "Little Jumper" which gives us to understand that they are small and very active and playful dogs. Their fur requires a bit of attention and they are animals that have a great longevity.

The Schipperke is descended from the Spitz Stock. Many mistakenly think that it is a breed that derived from the Belgian Shepherd

Pug or Carlino

The Pug, also known as Pug They are small dogs that are unmistakable for their appearance and have been very popular in the last decade. This breed of dog is very companion at home, as well as friendly and easy to care for. Generally they are not buts that bark a lot which makes it ideal for living in the city and even in a building. He Pug It is an affectionate, lapped, calm dog that does not demand much exercise or many needs in terms of training. Yes, they are dogs that usually present various complications in terms of diseases and overweight.

pug o carlino sobre un almohadón
The Pug, unlike other small or dwarf dog breeds, does not usually bark with excitement

Tibet spaniel

He Tibet spaniel It is a small dog that does not need much physical exercise, which makes it ideal for families that live in highly urbanized areas. This canine breed is characterized by being very friendly with its environment, both family and friends of the family and they are very receptive to those people whom they know well. This makes them dogs that end up being easily trained and excellent companions.

raza de perros spaniel del tibet acostado en el campo
The Tibetan Spaniel is characterized by its longevity, intelligence, and guardian instinct.

Shetland Sheepdog

He Shetland Sheepdog comes from the most northwestern coastal part of Scotland. It was a dog originally common on farms. However, with the passage of time it adapted perfectly to urban life. It is a dog that is very easy to train and is an excellent companion. They are dogs that require a lot of exercise but are very intelligent therefore they do not usually present problems either for their exercise or for their training. It takes a lot of dedication to keep its coat in good condition.

Cachorro Sheltie


He Keeshond It is a dog that is characterized by having high energy levels. Despite this characteristic of their behavior, Keeshond are very calm dogs. This is mainly due to the fact that they were raised in the beginning in Dutch boats, a fact that carved their behavior and transformed them into a perfect dog to live in small homes, of reduced dimensions. The Keeshond is a dog that could be defined as receptive and intelligent, which implies that it is easy to train and ideal for a first-time owner.

keeshond parado de perfil en la nieve
The Keeshond is a fast learning dog and despite having a lot of energy, it does not require much space in the home.

Cocker spaniel

There are two different breeds of Cocker Spaniel that reflect its origin as a hunting dog. The best known is the English cocker spaniel, while the most recent is the American cocker spaniel, which quite often can be found outside of the United States. Cocker Spaniel are very familiar, sociable, affectionate and active dogs. They also have a great ability to learn which does not complicate their training and training. As for its care, you must invest a lot of time to maintain it properly.

cocker spaniel
The Cocker Spaniel is an enthusiastic and mischievous dog, it must be trained frequently to avoid being mischievous


The WhippetThey are dogs that need to burn energy due to their nature of hunting and running dogs. Therefore, if our intention is to have one of these dogs as a pet, we must know that we must spend at least 2 hours per day of exercise. Whippet are very fast, affectionate animals and excellent companions. They do not tend to present complications in their training and in family life.

Whippet perro
Whippets are dogs that need a lot of free running without leashes in open field preferably

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Despite being very loyal companions to their owners, the popularity of these dogs has been declining steeply in recent decades. He Cavalier King Charles Spaniel It is a dog that is characterized by being calm, getting along excellent with children, very tolerant and receptive. Which implies that it not only adapts to coexistence in any type of home, but it also makes it a very easy dog to train.

cavalier king charles spaniel tricolor
The King Charles Spaniel adapts perfectly to living with children due to its great tolerance.

What attributes have we considered to define which breed is suitable for a first-time owner?

The ranking that you have just appreciated is completely subjective and based on our personal and general opinions about each of the canine breeds that exist today. Among the factors that we have taken into consideration to put one race above the other are the following:

Breed personality

It is one of the fundamental factors in determining how easy or difficult it can be to train a dog. There are dogs that are usually very given and enjoy pleasing their owners and there are other dogs that tend to be a bit stubborn or bored when you try to train them. In this note we have selected those dogs that tend to have a given personality and that usually like to comply with the orders of their master or their environment.

Race intelligence

Another factor that is very important when determining whether or not a dog is easy to train. Training is very important to be able to determine whether or not a dog is suitable for families or new owners in dog ownership. A dog that ignores it is a dog that can cause us some problems inside or outside the home. The intelligence level of the breeds that we have selected is quite high and therefore enables training to be carried out easily.

Breed behavior

Another important factor in determining whether or not a dog is the most suitable for owners who do not have much experience in dog ownership. The behavior of a dog will define, among other things, how well it gets along with other dogs or other pets in the home. The better the behavior, the easier it is for our new family member to adapt perfectly to living with cats, rabbits and other animals in the house. Good socialization is always important and the dogs we have selected tend to make this process relatively easy.

Common health problems

All dog breeds tend to have some complications or conditions to which they are more prone. There are many canine breeds that have a greater number of possible diseases to contract, mainly hereditary or for the simple fact of belonging to a certain breed. As this can be difficult for a first-time owner, we have selected breeds that tend to have mild health problems, easy to detect or failing that, not very numerous.

Necessary care

Although all dogs need care when we adopt them, there are dogs that require much more care than others. They can be in terms of health, diet, grooming, brushing or even level of exercise. Although this factor is not one of the heaviest we have chosen dogs that do not require much attention in all aspects. We will find breeds in which it is important to brush our dogs daily such as the Shetland Sheepdog and we will find dogs that require little care in terms of their coat but require various care in terms of their exercise such as the Whippet.

Adaptation to various environments

Another point to take into account is the level and ease of adaptation to various environments. With this we refer to whether they are dogs that adapt to life in rural or urbanized areas or if they have the facility to fit into both types of spaces. Having dogs with this ease of adaptation implies that in case of vacations or removals they will not generate any type of complication for a beginning owner who is not used to organizing trips or removals taking into account the new member of the family.

How do they get along with children or other people?

One last attribute to take into account is the relationship of our dogs with other people or with children who may live under the same roof. We have selected dogs that do not have difficulties in accepting strangers who can come to the house. At the same time, these dogs are all very fond of young children.

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