Nail clippers for dogs

In this article we are going to teach you how to choose the best nail clippers for dogs and we are going to deal with everything related to these. How to use them? How often to cut our pets' nails? What types of nail clippers for dogs are there and in which situations or dogs are they most advisable? And of course, we will make a guide that you can use as a guide when cutting the nails of your best friends.

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Types of nail clippers for dogs

There are several models of nail clippers for dogs. Each one fulfills specific functions and has its positive and negative attributes. We will see the variety of canine nail clippers that we can find in the market.

Clip-on dog nail clippers

The clip-type dog nail clippers are one of the most classic of all. These tools have sharp tips and in appearance they are very similar to pliers or pliers, hence their name. The particularity of these types of nail clippers is that they have a much finer and more precise tip than a common tweezers and at the same time have the same curvature as the canine nails.

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Guillotine dog nail clippers

The guillotine style nail clipper for dogs has the particular characteristic of achieving a more precise cut than the rest of the nail clippers. It prevents the nail from being crushed and is ideal for dogs that are very mobile.

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Digital or sensor dog nail clippers

The digital nail clipper or also known as a sensor nail clipper for dogs has a system that alerts us when it is the right time to cut the dog's nail. If the light is red, this is giving a warning that the scissors are not in the correct position. If the light appears green, cutting can be performed. Many of these digital nail clippers come with a yellow light that indicates an intermediate position where it is not safe to cut the dog's nail. لعبة بينجو

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Scissor-type dog nail clippers

Este cortauñas es el más común y es como una tijera pequeña que corta la uña de forma lateral. Estos cortauñas no son los indicados para cortarles las uñas a perros de tamaño grande, gigante ni mediano. كازينو اونلاين Sirven únicamente para perros pequeños, toy o cachorros.

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Other products needed to trim a dog's nails

Canine nail files

The files are used to polish the dog's nails once the cut has been made. There are manual and electric.

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Styptic powders for dogs

Styptic powder, also known as stop-bleeding powder, is used for when the dog is injured when cutting nails. These powders are usually analgesic and anti-inflammatory that sterilize the dog's wounds.

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What are a dog's nails like?

To start this guide, there is no better way than to comment on how our dogs' nails are. The reality is that dog nails are going to have variations and it is impossible to define each of the possibilities. Depending on the breed, the age, the size of the dog and even in some cases its hereditary traits mean that there are a large number of shapes, sizes, colors, curvatures and nail thicknesses in dogs.

The important thing is to know how to identify when the nail is worn, when it is calloused and when it is long enough to require a cut. The reality is that everyday actions such as running, walking and playing, cause natural and permanent wear and tear on the nails of the dogs due to the constant rose that the nail has with the floor.

Should we cut the nails of dogs?

Dog nail trimming is not only done for aesthetic purposes. It is super necessary that the nails have the corresponding length. This prevents them from having injuries, wounds or problems in their legs.

If the dog has longer nails than it should be, it will feel discomfort when running, playing and even walking. We bear in mind that when the dog's claw is longer, it touches the floor and being hard, in a run or even walking, it can hurt one of its legs. For these reasons, it is important to check regularly and cut the nails at the appropriate time.

When should I trim my dog's nails?

Podemos darnos cuenta de diferentes formas. La mejor de todas es revisar al can cuando este está parado en cuatro patas y ver que las uñas no toquen el piso. La medida perfecta es apenas por encima de la línea del piso. Hay veces, que por diversos motivos nos olvidamos de controlar esto. مواقع القمار Es entonces cuando deberemos darnos cuenta por el caminar de nuestro mejor amigo. Si lo notamos que no camina normalmente y está completamente sano, posiblemente sea porque requiera un corte de uñas.

As for the time, this varies, there are dogs that grow their nails much faster than others. The best reference that we can have to know approximately every few weeks to make a nail clipping is with the same but. That is, we cut him 2 weeks ago and today we cut him again. Then every 2 weeks or so it will be necessary to check their legs to see if they require a new treatment.

Small and dwarf breeds tend to grow the fastest. Large or giant breed dogs tend to be the slowest growers. On average, nails should be checked every two to three weeks or so.

How to cut your dog's nails at home?

You don't need to be a professional or have a lot of experience to be able to do this job properly. Of course, you must follow this step-by-step guide to avoid making typical mistakes of someone who cuts their dog's nails for the first time. As the days go by, you will acquire the practice and experience necessary to be able to cut your dog's nails at home like a professional. And remember, if you do not dare, if your dog does not stay still or if you have some insecurity, there is always the option of going to a specialist or canine beautician.

Acquire the necessary elements to cut your dog's nails

Before starting, you should be sure that you have all the necessary tools to trim your puppy's nails. It is very simple, in addition to the nail clippers for dogs, you must have a file to polish the cuts, a little warm water to soften the nail and it is recommended that you have specialized cloths and powders manufactured for when an accident occurs in one of the cuts. Remember that the nail clipper you have, must be the one indicated for your dog. There are an immense number of types of clippers for the various sizes, shapes and thicknesses of the nails of different dogs.

Correctly choose the place and time to cut your dog's nails

If you think that cutting your dog's nails is as simple as grabbing him anywhere and at any time and cutting his nails without saying more, you are in error. It is important to know that the dog must be calm and the place must be comfortable and relaxing for you and your pet to avoid mistakes in the cuts. And something very important, your peace of mind is going to be transmitted to your best friend, therefore you must be calm as well. Many people use soft, relaxing music or do this process outdoors after they have tired the puppy. They are techniques that you can implement and analyze whether they serve you or not. The important thing is to get the dog calm.

If we accustom them from puppies to nail trimming, this process will be much easier when the dog grows and has a little more strength. Once you have found the right place and the right time to cut your nails, you can move on to the next step.

Calculate the exact measure of the nail of the canine prior to making the cut

If your pet is standing on all fours, you can check and get an idea of how much of the nail should be cut. The ideal measurement is when the nail is flush with the floor without touching it. You must also take into account where their nerve endings are and try not to cut on them. If we look closely at our dog's nail we will see that there is a part where it has a very diffuse, medium pinkish coloration. The cut of the nail of the but should be done between 2 and 4 centimeters before this coloring. Dogs have nerve endings in their nails and cutting on them will cause bleeding and pain. That is why there are times, that if you are in doubt, it is preferable to cut the nail less than to overdo the cut and hurt it. If you make this mistake, for these cases the healing powder works.

Proceed to cut the nail of the dog

Once we have obtained the elements, the corresponding environment and knowing where to cut our dog's nail, we proceed to make the cuts. If you have a mischievous, fearful or restless dog, who can become stressed or move suddenly, we recommend that you seek help from a friend or family member.

When making the cuts you must firmly grasp the nail and make the cut straight, fast, with the correct pressure and above all clean. We advise you to start with the hind legs, which are usually the easiest to cut and in turn the shortest. Do not forget to cut out the dewclaws that could be identified as thumbs in humans.

Rewarding our dog after nail trimming

If we use the prizes after trimming our dogs, and also reinforce with a nice caress and congratulations, it will help for the next time. Positive reinforcement is always good for these processes because the dog remembers it and associates it, making it easier to carry out the action later. That your dog has good behavior when this process is carried out is very important and it will avoid that there may be mistakes when it is done.

Massaging the dog's nails and paws from time to time to familiarize him with having his paws touch is also a helpful reinforcement. Since it is gaining confidence without the need to make the cut. When the time comes he is much more open and given and there will be a better chance that he will stay put.

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