How and when to dress a Yorkshire Terrier?

In this article we will focus a little on fashion and a little on the physiological needs of Yorkshire Terriers. This canine breed, being companion dogs, are not very resistant to low temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary that when winter arrives and the temperatures drop, we have some accessories and clothing not only to keep these beautiful little dogs warm, but also so that they do not suffer from cold during the day. Then we will move on to informal and clear some doubts about the Yorkshire Terrier and their clothing.

Is it necessary to buy clothes for a Yorkshire Terrier?

This question does not have a universal answer. The reality is that both the Yorkshire Terrier and many other dwarf or toy dog breeds are not cold tolerant. Therefore, whether it is necessary to buy clothes that warm our pet will depend mainly on the season in which we are and how low the temperatures are in the city in which we live, the time we take our puppy for a walk , how long or short their fur is and the temperature inside our home. As you will see, the answer to this question is conditioned by many factors.

Sheltering our puppy goes beyond whether an outfit or clothing looks nice or not. Putting a coat on our pet and protecting it from the cold is linked to the health and well-being of our best friends. Therefore, always, when buying a garment for our fellow dogs, we must prioritize many things before whether the garment is beautiful or not. First of all we are going to identify that our dog needs a coat, you can see that in our note of How to identify if my dog needs a coat?. Once we have identified the reasons why the dog needs a garment, we will start to look for those clothes that are adapted to meet those needs of the puppy. When we have selected the garments that meet what our dog is asking for, only then will we choose the one that is most beautiful.

What aspects to consider before buying a garment for my Yorkshire Terrier?

A Yorkshire Terrier may need a piece of clothing for many different reasons. The most common is usually when low temperatures are approaching and we need a coat for them either to walk inside the house or for when we go out with our pet for a walk. But there are other reasons, many times we live in places where it rains too much and we need some waterproof clothing to be able to walk it. There are times when they are usually bought some light garment simply to protect them from a strong sun. Or because the sun is not very strong but our puppy has skin problems and needs that sun protection. And there are times when there is no cause and we buy their clothes just because we like them and they look beautiful. We are going to mention the aspects that should be considered when choosing your clothes.

  • First of all we must select the size well. We can not buy something smaller or larger than what it corresponds to, our dog will be affected to move in both cases and will be really uncomfortable.
  • Another factor to take into account is the comfort of the dog. We can choose the size well, but there are certain garments that, although we love them, can cause discomfort to our dog due to an accessory that he wears or in many cases the hoods usually make them uncomfortable.
  • Third, we consider the ease with which the dog can be put on clothes. There are clothes that are beautiful but they are made in such a way that it is very difficult to put them on or take them off. Keep that point in mind. In general, those garments that have buttons or closures or are cape type are the simplest in this regard.
  • The ease of washing and drying combined with how unruly our pet is. If we have several pieces of clothing that can fulfill the same function, this will not be a problem. Now we only have one coat for our dog and it is very easy to get dirty. We are going to be in trouble on more than one occasion or depriving him of taking the odd walk.
  • Finally, it is important to know what material is the garment that we buy. Depending on the function of what we are buying, one material will be more beneficial than another. If we are looking for something for rainy days we will look for a raincoat. On the other hand, if what we are looking for is something for winter, we will look for it to be cotton or wool. If it is something to protect our dog from the sun, it will be made of a lighter material. At this point we must also take into account those materials that can cause an allergy to our pet.

Winter clothes for Yorkshire Terrier

We will leave you some clothes that we have selected and are perfect for winter in a Yorkshire Terrier. We have chosen the garments taking into account the material with which they are made and that they are warm enough to withstand temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees.

Winter clothing for female Yorkshire Terrier

Winter clothes for male Yorkshire Terrier

Costumes for Yorkshire Terrier

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