Feeders and drinkers for dogs

Dog feeders are part of the basic equipment of every puppy. There are a large number of dog feeders. We can find them in different sizes, materials, colors, heights, shapes and with different functionalities. There are many characteristics in the feeders that when choosing one for our pet we must know how to identify in order to choose the most suitable container.

In this article we will tell you what are the relevant characteristics that you should take into account when selecting a feeder and we will show you the products that in our opinion are the best in each category of feeders. By following these tips, you will find the container that best suits your dog.

How should the ideal size of my dog's feeder or drinker be?

One of the first characteristics that we must take into account when selecting a feeder for our dog is size. To select a dog feeder of the perfect size, we must first know how much food our pet eats or should eat per day. Second, we must consider how often we feed him per day. Knowing these two data we will know the volume of each ration of food that our pet receives.

Once we have determined the volume of each portion of food that our puppy receives per day, we will have the knowledge to choose the appropriate size of the feeder. For our dog to eat better and more comfortably, it is recommended that the food container be four times larger than the volume of its ration.

The breed and age of our pet will be a determining factor in selecting the appropriate feeder. Let us bear in mind that when our pets are still puppies, it is recommended to feed them in smaller quantities but more frequently. Instead, as they reach adulthood, these servings become larger and larger and the frequency decreases.

Next we will leave you a table that we have diagrammed so that you can have a reference of the feeder size that is recommended for each of the following breeds. In all cases we consider that the dog is in adulthood.

  • XS feeders: Extra small feeders are those that measure up to approximately 25 centimeters. These feeders are indicated for breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, the Chihuahua, the Dwarf Pinscher, and the Papillon. All dwarf or toy sized breeds.
  • Feeders S: Small feeders or small feeders measure up to 35 centimeters. They are recommended for dogs such as the Jack Russel Terrier, the Maltese Bichon, the Tibetan Spaniel. As you will see, these feeders encompass the largest breeds within the dwarf breeds and the smallest breeds within the small breed category.
  • Feeders M: Medium feeders are up to 45 centimeters in size and are ideal for breeds such as the French Bulldog, the Pug, the Poodle or the Beagle. Small-sized breeds.
  • Feeders L: Large or large feeders are up to 55 centimeters and to name some reference breeds we could name the Border Collie, the Australian Kelpie and the Schnauzer. Covers small and medium-sized breeds.
  • XL feeders: They are extra large or extra large feeders. They measure up to 65 centimeters and are ideal for breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, the Dalmatian or the Golden Retriever. All large breeds.
  • XXL feeders: The largest feeders on the market. They are larger than 65 centimeters. They are exclusive for giant-sized breeds. Among them, to cite examples we have the Irish Wolfhound, the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Spanish Mastiff, Great Dane, Leonberger, etc.

In general, if our best friend does not finish his meal and uses the dessert feeder, we must consider that in the life of a dog, two or at most three sizes of feeders are usually bought. One for their first months of age. This will vary depending on the size of each dog. Large or giant breed dogs will require three different sizes throughout their lives. Small, toy, and medium breed dogs generally use only two sizes.

In the case of toy, small and medium breeds, a trough is used until one and a half or two years of age where they eat 4 meals a day and another for adulthood where they only make two. In contrast, large and giant dogs use a feeder until one year of age. Another feeder is used up to two or three years and when they reach adulthood they use a larger one.

What material should I choose for my dog's feeder and drinker?

Another factor to take into account is the material of the feeder that we are going to choose. All materials for feeders have factors that make them more suitable for one type of dog than others. Or they make them more suitable for the place where we live or the age and behavior of each puppy. Below we will mention the characteristics of each one so that you can choose the one that best suits both your home and each dog.

Stainless steel dog feeders and waterers

Stainless steel feeders have a great advantage in terms of hygiene. It is the most hygienic feeder material of all. This product is available in all shapes and sizes and there is even a wide variety of double stainless steel feeders. Double feeders not only serve to place both the food and the water container and that they are next to each other. Rather, most of these products are height-adjustable and are perfect for larger dog breeds.

Other positive factors of stainless steel feeders is that they have great durability. So if your dog is into nibbling and destroying everything, it may be an excellent option to consider.

Amazonbasics, 2 comederos para perros antioxidante, el más vendido del mercado
Amazonbasics, 2 antioxidant dog feeders, the best-selling on the market
Set of 2 sturdy stainless steel bowls for puppies, dogs or cats .; Dishwasher safe for convenience.
13.99 EUR
Trixie, comedero doble de acero antioxidante, con soporte metálico cromado
Trixie, stainless steel double trough, with chrome metal support
stainless steel; 2 stainless steel feeders with support; metal bracket, chrome; low noise level due to silicone rings
8.99 EUR
Coocnh, 2 comederos antioxidante, para razas pequeñas o toy
Coocnh, 2 antioxidant feeders, for small or toy breeds
Bowl bottom: 15 cm. Bowl mouth: 10.5 cm. Bowl height: 3.5 cm .; Who should attend: 1-3 kg Mini dog or cats?

Plastic dog feeders and waterers

Plastic dog bowls have the advantage of being lighter, more practical and more manageable than other bowls. It is also possible to find them in various sizes that adapt to any type of dog and exist in an immense number of designs and colors.

Another advantage of plastic feeders is that they are much cheaper. As for the disadvantages we can mention that they do not have as much durability and many times, depending on the quality of the plastic, they tend to run while the dog is eating. That is why it is recommended to buy plastic feeders that come with a rubber base that sticks to the floor.

GP, comedero de plástico, alto - anti hormigas, para razas pequeñas o toy
GP, plastic feeder, tall - ant ant, for small or toy breeds
Width: 21 cm; For buts and cats; Antiants
Sharples, comedero profundo de calidad premium, super resistente y facil de limpiar
Sharples, premium quality deep feeder, super strong and easy to clean
High quality extra deep bowl .; With ribbed rubber at the bottom to prevent spills and tipping.
6.95 EUR
Georplast, comederos de plástico, colores variados, antideslizante
Georplast, plastic feeders, assorted colors, non-slip
Diameter: 16.00 cm; For buts and cats; High quality
3,30 EUR

Ceramic feeders and drinkers

Ceramic feeders are often heavy and impractical to carry. They are usually easy to find in different sizes and shapes and due to their weight they guarantee that the container does not move while our puppy is eating. They are not cheap but aesthetically they are the most beautiful of all. There is a large number of models and colors to select the one that best suits our home.

They are hygienic like the stainless steel trough but do not offer great durability, due to the fact that they are made of a delicate material. They are ideal for quiet dogs when it comes to eating. If your dog is one of those that chews on the container and takes it to you to serve them more, we recommend that you do not choose this option.

Arquivet, comederos de cerámica, antideslizante, con patitas!
Arquivet, ceramic feeders, non-slip, with legs!
White design with gray interior fingerprint stamping .; It is a good alternative to plastic or stainless steel feeders.
7,09 EUR

Other types of feeders and drinkers for dogs

There are other diverse types of feeders that can be manufactured in various materials and shapes. We will mention those that we consider to be the most relevant for you to take into account. All are very useful at different times of the year or for certain lifestyles or even for certain personalities of the dog.

Antivoracity dog bowls

The antivoracidad feeder is the one indicated if your dog eats very fast. These containers are made of various materials and have a peculiarity in their shape. They are similar to a mold to make flan, since in the center they have an elevation that prevents the dog from taking a lot of food at the same time. Because of this, the dog's food intake is controlled and slowed down in a very significant way. Generally these feeders are used for a while and then our dog tends to get used to eating more slowly.

SamGreatWorld, Comedero antivoracidad, antideslizante y  fácil de limpiar
SamGreatWorld, Antivoracity, non-slip and easy to clean feeder
Dishwasher safe and easily washable .; The rubber feet prevent it from moving during meals.

Travel feeders and drinkers for dogs

When we are going to take a relatively long trip with our pet, it is essential to have enough food and water for our puppy. If we are going to bring food, we will need a container in which to give it to them. Travel feeders fulfill this function. They are generally silicone, which makes them light, light, simple and practical to equip. They are easily cleaned and there are a huge number of models to select from.

Automatic dog feeders

Automatic dog feeders are clearly the most expensive of all. These food containers give us the possibility to load said feeder with balanced food or feed (there are different capacities) and program it to release the amount of food indicated in the schedule that we establish.

This type of feeder is perfect for those times when no one is left at home because everyone has to fulfill certain obligations. Then the trough is placed, it is filled with balanced food or feed and the time when you want to feed the pet and the weight of the portion is configured. The feeder will do the rest of the work and our puppy will know that he will have eaten his share.

Another advantage of these feeders is that the food that is loaded is kept in optimal conditions since it is hermetically closed. The feed will not soften, it will not be exposed to the sun, it will not be contaminated and our dog will eat its food in excellent condition. Many families, when everyone has obligations and the puppy must be left alone for several hours, usually leave the dog a lot of food on its plate. In general, the dogs after an hour or two have already eaten everything that we have left them. That alters their diet, can break them down, and is not good for them at all. Much less if it is a practice that we must carry out more than once a month.

If we must leave our dogs alone at home for more than 6 hours at least twice a month, it is highly recommended that they have a feeder of this type. Also if we are forgetful masters, and we tend not to respect meal times and one day we feed the dog at noon, another day at mid-afternoon, another day instead of giving it three times we give it two more loads, they should consider this feeder. If they control the schedules well but do not control the quantities well, it is also recommended.

A peculiarity that we have not mentioned and that incorporate this type of feeder is that some models come with a microphone included. This serves so that we can leave a message or a sound, that our dog listens and approaches the feeder and can realize that it is time to eat.

YGJT, capacidad de 3.75 lts, no necesita baterías, fácil de desmontar
YGJT, 3.75 liter capacity, no batteries needed, easy to disassemble
🐈 【DIMENSIONS】 20x20x15cm (7.9x7.9x5.9inch), capacity: 1.8L; 🐈 【PACKAGE】 One water dispenser + one food dispenser

Height-adjustable feeders and drinkers

This type of feeder is generally made of stainless steel. The advantage offered by these containers to which the height can be adjusted is that it prevents gastric torsion in many dogs. Many breeds of dogs, usually the largest (large and giant breeds), suffer from a stomach complication called gastric torsion. By having the possibility of raising the feeder, the chances of a dog contracting this disease are reduced by 70%.

If we have a Greyhound, a German Shepherd, an Irish Wolfhound, a Cane Corso, a Doberman or any breed of dog that tends to be prone to gastric torsion, this type of feeder is very necessary.

Another advantage that these containers offer is that they favor very adult dogs that suffer from problems such as arthritis or some problem in their bones or joints and have difficulty lowering their head.

Caldex, comedero de altura, muy resistente, de metal
Caldex, high-height feeder, very resistant, made of metal
easier Dog food; High Support Feeder; Easy To Fill; Comes With Two Dog BOLS
32,79 EUR
Trixie, comedero de altura ajustable, para razas pequeñas, acero inoxidable
Trixie, height adjustable feeder, for small breeds, stainless steel
Pet accessory; For feeding cats and dogs; Helps keep your pet's food or water in perfect condition
EUR 16.99
ICA, comedero de altura ajustable, de metal, excelente calidad
ICA, height-adjustable feeder, made of metal, excellent quality
Width: 25 cm; For buts and cats; High quality product
24.95 EUR

Shapes of feeders and drinkers for dogs

Another variant in dog feeders is the shape they have. There are different types of shapes that can be more or less beneficial depending on the dog we have. Below we will explain what the characteristics of each of the feeder formats are and which one we should take into account according to our best friend.

Shallow or shallow feeders and waterers

Feeders that tend to be shallow or shallow are very useful for snub-nosed dogs and most puppies. This is because the flatness of the container allows the dog to easily reach the food inside the feeder, removing a great deal of tension from the neck and throat area of the animal.

Cuencos de comida y agua para perros, de la marca MLife, 2 unidades
MLife Dog Food and Water Bowls, 2 Pack
They are perfect for food, dry food, wet food or water, 2 cups (300g) .; It can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Deep dog feeders and waterers

Deep dog feeders are specially designed for dogs with a large, long muzzle. As it is a deep container, it allows the dog to reach the food and not spill it as it would with a shallow container.

Cuenco elevado para perros de patas largas SuperDesign, extraíble, de acero inoxidable, con soporte de melamina resistente
Stainless Steel Removable SuperDesign Long Legged Raised Dog Bowl with Sturdy Melamine Backing
Anti-spill: with raised side on the melamine support to avoid spills.
63.95 EUR
GP GP10062 Comedero Anti Hormigas Alto y Grande
GP GP10062 Tall and Large Ant Feeder
Width: 29.5 cm; For buts and cats; Antiants
Cuenco elevado para perros de patas largas SuperDesign, extraíble, de acero inoxidable, con soporte de melamina resistente
Stainless Steel Removable SuperDesign Long Legged Raised Dog Bowl with Sturdy Melamine Backing
Anti-spill: with raised side on the melamine support to avoid spills.
42,33 EUR

Cone or triangle shaped feeders

Triangular or cone-shaped feeders are designed exclusively for those pets that have long ears. The format of this container prevents them from staining with food or getting wet if water is deposited on it. That is why they have a fairly narrow opening and both sides are steep.

perfk Comederos Triangulares Interactivos para Perros PFeeding Tazón Healthy Slow Food
perfk Interactive Triangular Feeders for Dogs PFeeding Bowl Healthy Slow Food
Size (LxWxH): about 25x25x13cm / 9.84x9.84x5.11 inches; Fun feeder Eco-friendly durable plastic, suitable for cats and dogs

Final conclusion

As you will see, there are an immense number of feeders for dogs. All of them have advantages that are better adapted to one breed than another, or are better adapted to one dog's behavior than another. Some are more practical for the owner's lifestyle, others are more suitable for the dog's age or possible complications. There is no trough that can be said to be the best universally. We must analyze how our lifestyle is, how our pet is in all its dimensions and based on everything, choose the one that best suits. We hope we have helped you a little to decide on which feeder to choose and we hope we have cleared up the most doubts. Don't forget that if you have any left you can contact us by leaving us a comment right here.

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