Bearded Collie

The dog breed Bearded Collie, or also called Bearded Collie in English; It is a beautiful dog with long hair and, in general, bicolor. Another breed of dog similar to this is the Bobtail. Bearded dogs are originally from Scotland, which from 1514, originated a breed of imported Hungarian shepherds. In addition, these canines from the beginning were used as herding dogs. If you were looking for more information about the Bearded Collie, you've come to the right place. In this article we will answer the question What is a Bearded Collie like? Beginning by explaining a little of its history, physical characteristics and temperament. But also the basic care that they must have for this breed.

History of the Bearded Collie

The origins of the Bearded Collie are uncertain, but it is believed that it could be related to the Polish Shepherd of Valée, known in Scotland if we go back to the 16th century. The already extinct Old Gray Irish Sheepdog, could also have made a contribution to the ancestral bloodline of these dogs. Its main function was to control the herd, specifically cattle, of the time, before the arrival of mechanized transport. The survival of this breed is due in large part to the devotion of Mrs. Gwendoline Willison омг, who in 1944 obtained a pair of these almost extinct dogs. In this way, he developed Beardie, as he is affectionately known from his Bothkennar kennel, England. After fifteen years, this breed was introduced to the United States where it quickly gained popularity and its future is assured.

Physical characteristics of the Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie dogs are beautiful and very intelligent thanks to the work they did throughout their lives. It is for this reason that the FCI classifies them within Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). Section 1: Sheepdogs. In addition, these dogs, although they seem quite large because of their fur, they are a medium-sized breed.

Bearded Collie Body

The Bearded Collie is a slender but solid dog; his body is slightly longer than he is tall, with an approximate ratio of 5: 4. The back of this dog is flat and the loins are strong. It has a tail that is set low and should reach at least the heels; this is curved in shape, but is not above the back. The chest of this animal is deep and the ribs are well arched, but not barrel-shaped. The shoulders should lean back. Their forequarters are straight and strong boned; pasterns, flexible. As for the hindquarters, these are muscular, with pronounced hocks and low heels. The hocks are lowered at a right angle to the ground and, in normal position, lie behind the line of the buttocks. The feet are oval, with strong pads and toes arched and close together. The neck is relatively long and slightly arched.

Head of the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie has a head that stands out and is made up of a skull that is wide, smooth, and square. By this we mean that it is of equal length and width. The muzzle measures the same as its skull, and the stop is relatively deep. The ears are a bit long and hang down at all times, except when the animal is alert. At those times they rise up to the line of the skull, never above. The eyes are quite far apart from each other and they have a lively and inquisitive expression; they should not be bulging. The denture is scissor-shaped.

How tall is a Bearded Collie?

The Bearded Collie is a dog that belongs to the group of medium breeds and has a height that ranges between 53 centimeters and 56 centimeters in the case of adult males and between 51 and 53 centimeters in the case of females. adults. Although the most important thing is that the dog has a complexion, it should be noted that too large a size in the specimen is not desirable.

How much does a Bearded Collie weigh?

The Bearded Collie does not have established weight ranges for competitions. What is sought is that the dog does not look disproportionate. We are also going to clarify that the weight of the specimens of this breed tends to be between 18 kilograms and 27 kilograms. Adult females have a weight of between 18 kilograms and 23 kilograms approximately and adult males have a weight that revolves around 22 kilograms and 27 kilograms.

What is the coat of a Bearded Collie like?

The Bearded Collie has a coat that has two layers: the top layer of its coat is smooth hair, which has a hard and rough appearance. In addition, it should be clarified that it is not convenient for it to be very curly, although a soft wave is acceptable. As for the lower layer of its coat, it is thick, woolly and soft.

Colors in the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie can present a wide variety of colors in its coat. We will start by mentioning the most frequent colors to see in the specimens of this breed. Slate, reddish brown, black, reddish blonde and gray are accepted in all their shades. At the same time, it is also possible that these coats have white spots. Of course, these white spots should only appear on the snout, the tip of the tail, the chest, the neck and the legs. The spots on the neck should not exceed the shoulder line, nor is it allowed to exceed the heels on the hind legs. Tan spots are allowed, but only in the area of the eyebrows, the inside of the ears, the cheeks and the base of the tail. This tan color establishes a limit between the white color and the other possible colors that his coat has. It is common for the Bearded Collie to become lighter in color with the arrival of maturity. The color of the nose depends on the coat, but it should always be smooth, as well as the edges of the lips and eyes.

Collie barbudo parado en el campo

Bearded Collie temperament

These dogs have great self-confidence, they are very intelligent and they are always active and alert. These characteristics were acquired thanks to the herding work of their ancestors. In this section we will answer the question: How is the temperament of the Bearded Collie ?; So for this we will describe on the one hand how the character is and on the other, how it behaves.

Character of the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a dog that has a beautiful character. We can define the specimens of this breed as cheerful dogs, very lively and full of life. The Bearded Collie is a vigilant and very confident dog. At the same time it can be said that he is also very intelligent and loves to learn. He usually enjoys working with and for his master. It is an affectionate, gentle breed, really charming. Bearded Collies are active animals, like the vast majority of herders and enthusiasts, not at all clumsy. They are excellent dogs for the family, and they are not adapted to live in a kennel or outside the home precisely because of the great bond they maintain with the members of their household.

Behavior of the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is very well behaved inside and outside the house. For starters, he gets along very well with everyone by nature. Your family, your owners, visitors who come home, other dogs, cats and even other pets of different species. Similarly, the fact that he gets along with everyone by nature does not exempt him from needing a good socialization process as a child. It is usually a dog that barks when it hears that visitors have arrived at home and tends to receive them boisterously, but without disturbing them.

Basic Care of the Bearded Collie

They are dogs that need special attention and time to care for their fur; combing and brushing the Beardies regularly will be one of the main care along with a good diet and the vaccination plan. In this section we will give you a breakdown of all the information you need for the essential and basic care that Bearded Collies need. Like their hygiene and grooming with brushing, training and recommended physical activity; In addition, we will describe their health, the most common diseases in the breed and their diet.

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collie barbudo corriendo en el pasto

When and how to brush a Bearded Collie?

El cepillado es uno de los aspectos más importantes del cuidado en un Collie Barbudo. Necesita cepillarse muy a menudo, más de lo que sus amos se podrían llegar a pensar en un principio. Hay que peinarlo varias veces a la semana para evitar que se produzcan enredos. Al mismo tiempo es muy importante ocuparse de aquellos pelos más largos de la barba y recortarlos. Este proceso hay que hacerlo con bastante frecuencia. Otro punto que también debe ser tratado y revisado es que los conductos de aire no estén obstruidos. Estos deben ser limpiados con un líquido especial para los oídos cuando sea necesario. كيف تربح المال من الإنترنت Debemos controlar y recortar el exceso de pelo de entre las almohadillas de los pies. Es ahí en donde pueden engancharse hierbas. 888 casino arab chinas, etc. En las muestras se prefiere a los perros de pelo más largo, así que el Bearded Collie debe tenerlo bien separado en la espalda; no es fácil conseguir que el manto se presente en óptimas condiciones para una muestra.

Ideally, brush your Bearded Collie every day or at least every other day. In times of shedding, although it is not a dog that loosens too much, intensify brushing or add warm baths. This may be the only point against these dogs, the time it takes to care for their fur.

Tips for training a Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is an intelligent dog and a fast learner. A friendly approach is more than enough to achieve the best results in training. It is advisable to carry out a training process based on games, and accompany with a jovial tone of voice and praise for their attitude. They should not be pressured, because their willingness and receptivity can be lost.

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Recommended exercise for a Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a very active and lively dog, always ready to do any kind of exercise. These exercises can be walks in the country, the city or the beach, where you would not hesitate to get into the water that you love. If our family loves jogging or going for a run or doing some other outdoor exercise, taking a Bearded Collie as a company is an excellent option. Since these dogs have a past of sheepdogs, they do not tend to stray too far from their master if they remove their leash. Due to its great adaptability, you will feel comfortable both in the country and in the city, and if you cannot take a walk one day, there will be no problem if you stay at home. In general, it is recommended that a Bearded Collie get about two hours of exercise a day. When the Bearded Collie is a puppy, you have to be very careful with the amount of exercise it performs. Over-exercising can lead to joint problems.

Best food for the Bearded Collie

In order for your Bearded Collie or Bearded Collie to have a beautiful and healthy coat of hair, it must eat a nutritious and healthy diet. It is important to note that for this breed of dog, homemade food is the most advisable; such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. However, vegetables and grains also help a lot to complete a + a plus their nutrition.
Si usted prefiere la comida balanceada para perros o pienso seco, con una ración de entre 1 taza y media a 2 tazas de alimento de calidad estará perfecto. Esto se debe dividir en 2 comidas al día. Los cachorros de Collie Barbudo deberán comer entre 3 a 4 tazas al día. بينجو العاب Estas son estimaciones en base a un genérico, lo que les recomendamos es acercarse a un veterinario para que en base a la edad, el peso y la actividad que realice el can, el especialista pueda determinar la proporción y la cantidad de veces al día que debe comer el perro.

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Bearded Collie health and diseases

Although there are not many health problems that Bearded Collies can have and they are in good health; there are some more frequent complications or diseases in this breed. Some of them are hip dysplasia, some diseases that they may have in the colon, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, Willebrand's disease and aortic stenosis. To avoid these diseases or catch them in time so that the dog suffers as little as possible; It is important to keep the vaccination schedule up to date and also go to the animal health specialist on a regular basis; We recommend that you do at least once a year and take note of this activity.

How long does a Bearded Collie live?

Bearded dogs are a very hardy breed as far as health is concerned and they can enjoy a good quality of life. In addition, life expectancy is between 14 and 15 years approximately; for what they are considered half-long-lived dogs. In any case, it is important to give it the care that this breed needs; like a good diet and approach the vet at least once a year to check the health of the dog and that it does not suffer from any disease.

Uses of the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie has traditionally worked as a sheepdog, but today it excels in various canine sports: among them are obedience, agility or catching on the fly tests. It stands out above all in these last two specialties. It is a very suitable dog for a family that enjoys sports and does not care or has the time to brush it often.

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