Dog collars

When we talk about accessories for dogs, dog collars undoubtedly come to mind. These are very important since they will allow us to go out for a walk with them, to be able to train them and even, if we accompany the necklaces with a badge or with a GPS device we can locate ourselves if they escape or lose. In this article we will show you the wide variety of canine collars that exist, the best offers on the market, the positive attributes of each collar and some tips for you to select the best one for your 4-legged friend.

Personalized dog collars

Holly, con nombre y numero de tel., entrega de 24 a 72 hrs, varios tamaños y colores
Holly, with name and phone number, delivery from 24 to 72 hrs, various sizes and colors
LARGE VARIETY> 5 colors available and 10 thread color options
14.95 EUR

Original collars for dogs

Cerda Life´s, ¡collar de Marvel! que tu perro sea el más chulo del lugar, varios tamaños, resistente
Cerda Life´s, Marvel necklace! make your dog the coolest in the place, various sizes, resistant
Puppy collars - neck circumference 18 - 30 cm | Necklace thickness - 15 mm; Nylon collar for small dog - made of nylon and polyester
Global, collar con la bandera de España, de nylon reforzado para mayor durabilidad
Global, necklace with the flag of Spain, made of reinforced nylon for durability
30 cms; Made of nylon; Colors of the Spanish flag; Durable and elegant design; With leather reinforcement
8,86 EUR

Collars with leashes for dogs

Leather and craft collars for dogs

Avanzona, collar de cuero con capa interior ultra suave, varios tamaños y dos colores disponibles
Avanzona, leather collar with ultra soft inner layer, various sizes and two colors available
The thick padding softens the contact surface and protects the skin on the neck .; Idea for all breeds of dogs
Arppe, collar para galgo, cuero bovino, suave al tacto, calidad premium
Arppe, greyhound collar, bovine leather, soft to the touch, premium quality
Avoid chafing and breaking of the hair; Lined with superfelt material, provides pleasant contact with the skin
15,89 EUR

Luminous dog collars

Anti-pull dog collars

Dog collars with GPS or locator

Tractive, collar con gps, resistente al agua, rango ilimitado, valla virtual incluida,bateria recargable
Tractive, GPS collar, waterproof, unlimited range, virtual fence included, rechargeable battery
ACTIVITY TRACKING - With this function you can keep your dog healthy and fit
69.00 EUR

Anti barking dog collars

Collar anti ladridos, sumergible y efectivo, incluye pila que dura 6 meses, con garantia
Anti-bark collar, submersible and effective, includes a battery that lasts 6 months, with guarantee
Dogtrace D-Mute anti-bark; Small, effective and submersible. With manual or automatic regulation
65,94 EUR

Anti flea dog collars and ticks

No products found.

Puppy dog collars

Nobby Cadenas Gargantilla Dos Filas Cromado
Nobby Two Row Choker Chains Chrome
Double chain .; 30 cm x 2.0 mm; Chromed chain.
9,48 EUR

How to choose the ideal collar for your dog?

When we are about to buy a collar for our dog there are a wide variety of factors that we must consider to choose the ideal one. We must take into account characteristics such as its material, the morphology of our dog, its behavior, extra attributes that the collar can have, etc. Below we will mention some key points to analyze before deciding on one of them.

When can I put a collar on my puppy?

Although this question seems easy to answer, it is very important to know when we are going to use the canine collar. We will not need the same type of collar if we are only going to use it to walk our dog in the park, as we will leave it with the collar on for most of the day. If we are only going to wear it a few hours a day for your daily walks, a simple and resistant necklace is perfect. On the other hand, if the dog is going to wear it for most of the day, we must prioritize its comfort and softness.

Behavior of our best friend

If our dog tends to pull a lot on the leash, or is one of those dogs that when they see a cat or another dog usually despair and want to run towards them, it is important to choose an anti-pull collar or a harness. This is essential because excessive pulling on the part of our dog can cause them serious problems if they do not have the right collar or solve this behavior.

Take a closer look at the collar materials

Dog collars are usually one of the cheapest accessories that exist in the canine market. When choosing the necklace, the quality of it must be taken into account. That the necklace is cheap does not mean that it is bad, and that the necklace is more expensive does not mean that it is the right one. You always have to analyze what materials they are made of and if they fit perfectly in our dog or not. Since there are many models that will be perfect for one type of dog and others that will adapt better to other dogs.

How to calculate the measurement of the collar for a dog?

Like when we buy many other products that require a precise size, when we go to buy a dog collar online, one of the factors that generates more doubts is the size that it should have. To correctly select the size of our dog's collar we must do the following:

  • Measure the outline of the dog's neck just above the line of his shoulders. This measurement is the circumference of the neck and will indicate the minimum measurement the necklace should have.
  • Once the circumference measurement is obtained, we must compare this number with the minimum and maximum length of the necklace.
  • Necklaces come in a variety of measurements based on size. Generally, the Large or large size usually comprises between 50 centimeters and 60 centimeters. The medium size tends to be between 40 centimeters and 50 centimeters. The small or small size ranges from 30 centimeters to 40 centimeters and so on.
  • When we choose the collar we must leave a margin of between 2 centimeters and 5 centimeters so that the collar does not tighten the dog too much and generate discomfort.
  • It is important to take into account the age and weight of our dog since having these data will give us a reference on whether we will need a new leash in the future.

Other recommendations about dog collars

Although they are less important recommendations than those we mentioned in the previous point, it is never too much to take into account these tips to improve the comforts and well-being of our puppies.

Invest in various dog collars

Having more than one necklace in our home for our best friend can be very beneficial since there are some necklaces that are used for specific situations. In addition, having more than one necklace can get us out of trouble if it breaks on a walk. This way we will guarantee that we will always have the equipment available to be able to take out our friend. Many people use a simple collar on their dog for the everyday day, and if their walking companion is very unruly, when going out for a walk they put a collar with GPS. The same with dogs that pull on the leash, only these anti-pull collars or harness are used to take them out for a walk.

Take the length of the strap into account

The leash that accompanies the collar of our dog must be long enough to allow us to control both its walk and to avoid abuse in case of an emergency. The recommendation for most dogs that usually take their walks in urbanized areas is that they have a leash between 1.5 meters and 2 meters in length. This guarantees that the dog has a certain mobility in his walk avoiding the tension of the rope and at the same time makes it possible that in case of an emergency it can be avoided without generating abuse in the dog.

How tight should a dog's collar be?

The dog's collar should be adjusted to a point where it is not too loose allowing the dog to come loose and at the same time it should ensure that it is not tight enough that the dog is uncomfortable or makes it difficult to breathe. You must leave a margin of at least 3 centimeters greater than the circumference of your neck. In summary, the dog's collar should be snug but not suffocate.

The necklace should not be used as an item of punishment

Many people with little experience in keeping pets at home use the collar as punishment to correct some behaviors of the dog. This is wrong, since the collar should be seen by the puppy as an object that gives him joy. Either because he is going for a walk or because he is going out to play. If we manage to associate it as a challenge, when walking it will always go out sad or scared.

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