English cocker spaniel

Origin of the English Cocker Spaniel

This breed of dog commonly known as the Cocker is originally from Wales. From this breed another similar one called the American Cocker Spaniel arose, the product of a slight variation that it had on its arrival in the United States.

Although it is not officially confirmed, everything indicates that this race is one of the oldest known, since its beginnings would take place in 500 BC It was around those years when the Carthaginians arrived in the land that they themselves baptized as Hispania in honor of the huge number of rabbits (called "span" in the Carthaginian vocabulary) that they found there. For this same reason, the dogs in charge of chasing rabbits are known as spaniel, which means "rabbit dogs".

A recently found statue with an approximate age of 2,000 years shows the fairly clear figure of a spaniel, this being one of the clearest signs that this theory would be true. In addition, another fact that shows how old they are is that at the beginning of the 1st century AD, laws were enacted in Ireland for the benefit of these dogs, because the king of that time was very fond of them.

They were highly appreciated for their great capabilities when hunting, being many times more effective than the blank weapons themselves. The popularity of the breed and the passage of time led to differences in the use that they were given, thus emerging Water Spaniels (to collect water birds) and Land Spaniels that were divided into two others, pointers and lifters. of prey.

The Cocker we know today arises from this second group, and receives its name from specializing in hunting woodcock or pheasants. In 1902 the United Kennel Club made the first breed standard official.

During the First World War, this breed (like so many others) was close to extinction. Fortunately, some breeders dedicated themselves to restoring and improving the breed, obtaining specimens with longer limbs and more square features. With these changes the popularity of the Cocker increased even more reaching unsuspected limits and expanding to the whole world.

Character and personality of the breed

It is a dog that stands out for its intelligence and determination. They are excellent pets for families who can dedicate time and attention to them, but they are not recommended if they are going to be left alone for many hours. They need to spend time in the company of their owners who love to please above all else. They are characterized by forming a great attachment to a person in the family in particular, generally who is in charge of feeding them.

They are ideal for families with children and other pets, as they love to play with them. On the other hand, they are somewhat manipulative, since their "sad look" often wins over people and they take advantage of that weakness very well. In fact, they are one of the breeds with the highest percentage of attacks on their owners, but this is largely due to a lack of a good and early education on the part of the latter.

Images of various copies of Cocker's

Physical characteristics

It is a breed of dog with a perfectly balanced, resistant and athletic body. Their limbs are strong and muscular, especially the hindquarters. We could say that it is a square dog since it is almost the same height as it is long.

Its head is broad, with a large nose and characteristic ears shaped like large drops that fall on both sides of its face. Their eyes are of good size, bright and generally dark in color. The tail is carried horizontally and is medium in size, although it is usually cut when they are very small.

Its soft and very beautiful coat. It is normally short but has long fringes in the area of the ears, legs and tail. It can be of a single color or of several, with different patterns or spots.

Its height at the withers varies for females between 35 cm and 40 cm. And for males it goes from 38 cm to 43 cm. The weight of these dogs ranges between 12 and 16 kilograms. Their life expectancy is quite considerable since they live between 12 and 15 years.

Health and possible diseases

It is a fairly healthy breed that has weak points in its eyes and ears. Next we will make a brief description of the possible diseases that they can suffer.


This complicated disease is one of the most common in this breed when they are adults. Being the main cause of death of the English Cocker Spaniel, along with old age. The most important thing is to identify it in time to be able to treat it. In the case of malignant tumors, they must be controlled (removed if possible) so that they do not spread the disease throughout the body. Benign tumors are not cancerous but may need to be removed if they prevent the body from working properly.

Progressive retinal atrophy

It is a hereditary disease that usually occurs in many breeds of dogs. This disease has different forms of presenting itself and usually occurs when the dog is an adult. It is a degenerative disease and unfortunately it can be treated but has no cure.


It occurs when a partial or total opacity of the lens of the eye occurs. The opacity causes the light to scatter inside the eye and cannot be focused, creating blurred or diffuse images. It is one of the main causes, which if not treated leads to blindness. It is treated by surgery.


It is an eye disease, which pathologically increases intraocular pressure.

Ear infections

Their large and beautiful ears are the cause of one of the most frequent problems in this breed. Because they are so long and hairy, a lot of dirt and microbes are likely to “hide” there. It is very necessary to check and clean your ears on a regular basis to avoid infections and other complications.


It is generally hereditary in nature, approximately 6% of the specimens of this breed suffer from total or partial deafness.

Recommended exercise

This breed has considerable energy, a leisurely walk a day will not be enough to calm its physical and mental needs. Make sure you give them enough time and space to run, play, and do all kinds of activities like hunting.

We recommend between 2 and 3 daily walks of 30 or 40 minutes in length, and at least 2 weekly outings in which the dog can run and expend all its energy.

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Their tough coat requires fairly frequent grooming, if possible 3 or 4 times a week.

The bath will be necessary every approximately 2 months, as long as the dog does not get heavily soiled ahead of time. Pay special attention to the care of their ears and eyes. Checking them between 1 and 2 times a week will be of great help for the health of our pet.

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The amount of food you should feed your Cocker spaniel will depend on the amount of exercise that he does. The food that a dog intended for hunting and exercise should eat is not comparable to another intended for a much calmer family life.

Even so, in both cases, I think it must be of excellent quality since it will not only have a positive impact on his coat, but also on his health. Do not forget to always provide a good amount of fresh water.

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Photographs of Cocker Puppies

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      • Sii are very affectionate. Tender playful have a lot of energy..My little diana passed away 6 months ago it is hard to believe how time passes. Lumbar thoracic tube had two hernias in his spine .. That happened because of the stairs issue is very bad for THEM. BEING SMALL. HER OLD AGES HER HEART BEING DELICATE, IT COULD NOT BE OPERATED .. GOD TAKEN HER. NOW MY HUSBAND GIVEN ME A MACHITO COKER CALLED PLUTO IS DIANA'S NIGETE .. IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW THE DEATH OF ONE WITHOUT YOU AFFECTS YOU .. THANKS FOR YOUR PUBLICATION THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL @.

  1. Sii are very affectionate. Tender playful have a lot of energy..My little diana passed away 6 months ago it is hard to believe how time passes. Lumbar thoracic tube had two hernias in his spine .. That happened because of the stairs issue is very bad for THEM. BEING SMALL. HER OLD AGES HER HEART BEING DELICATE, IT COULD NOT BE OPERATED .. GOD TAKEN HER. NOW MY HUSBAND GIVEN ME A MACHITO COKER CALLED PLUTO IS DIANA'S NIGETE .. IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW THE DEATH OF ONE WITHOUT YOU AFFECTS YOU .. THANKS FOR YOUR PUBLICATION THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL @.

    • Thank you for leaving us your comment Lore. How beautiful it is to receive anecdotes and experiences from Coker Spaniel owners. An amazing breed

  2. I have a cocker spaniel, I am from Cuba, she is 10 months old and she is charming and it is very true that the person who gives them the food is considered for it as his mother with me is since I arrived she does not let me walk, it is behind me if I feel It is above me with the only one that does that is with me and it is my alarm clock in the morning she knows that I get up at 6 to get ready for work and she is in charge of that they are very iperactive but she has never bit anyone I have 2 children and play a lot with them, mostly it stays loose due to the conditions where I live I have a lot of patio, but they are wonderful, it is the breed that I like the most

  3. I was about 15 years old, but his docility and taste for people who treated him and spoke well to him made him kidnap him, he was very knowledgeable, freshly bathed, dewormed, and ready to caress him, he was stolen from me three years ago and I'm still grieving we continue, we don't want another, it's hard to forget them, his name was Tiburcio,
    They forgot when they get into "brama" it is a difficult stage for them, my Tiburcio lived it difficult because we did not operate, if he had children, but later he also liked dogs, it is curious with them that, the neighbors realized

    • We are sorry to read that you have been kidnapped: / We hope you are at least well, and we send you a big hug, Bety, thanks for reading!

  4. He has me in love. Excellent breed and very faithful. He suffers a lot if he feels that he will be left alone, not very sociable with other animals with which he must first get used to

  5. I never thought that my cocker spaniel would be able to bite me, I once read that there are special eaters for his ears, I thought they would put that one, since he always sticks his ears when eating or drinking.

  6. I love it, every day one learns much more, it is good to know what diseases can attack our dog children, I had a girl for 17 years, today I have Lucas for one year and they are poles apart, a lady and a demon from Tazmania, each with very different characteristics but both a love

  7. This breed will be for me the best I think it completes everything my family expected, my baby is the motivation to get home from being at home and above all from love they are super loving with their masters they are badly bred but just as all races know that each member of the family raises them badly in their own way ... it is an excellent breed

  8. I had a golden cocker spaniel, his name was Koby, he accompanied us for 12 years and a heart attack killed him, but he had a happy life, I also had a black cocker spaniel. Sophia took her for surgery and she died with anesthesia when she was 2 years old. Now the Runny a tricolor cocker has come into our lives, he is one of the family, I hope he lives many years and is always happy.

    • Thank you very much Hugo for telling us your experience, we are sorry to read about sofia: / Surely Runny will live many years !!

  9. My cocker died 2 months ago, it was very bad, but I am recovering, it is very difficult to find a dog as strong, faithful and beautiful as a cocker spaniel, they are a love, they are the best !!

  10. The information is quite complete. I really congratulate you because sometimes many of us do not know the care.

    I am 12 years old with this breed, I have two dogs Kira 8 years old and Venus 1 year old.

  11. I love the Cocker breed. We had Loqui for 15 years, he was a very happy dog. Then he died of his heart, we suffered his loss too much… we will never forget it.

    As the years went by, Paris arrived, a golden Cocker Spaniel, regal like the solo one, thanks to him we have been able to calm our pain and fill ourselves with love.

  12. Hello…. My name is Sonia and I am from Chile and I would like to tell you that I had the great blessing of having an adorable and beautiful ears (as I affectionately call these specimens) and it was for 14 and a half years, her name was Shiloh and it was my adoration was my baby…
    To this day I still cry and miss him too much 😢 ...

  13. Hello… I had Canela a loving golden cocker spaniel. She accompanied us for 14 years and was one of the family. Great companion… She passed away two years and two months ago and will always be in my heart. He had cancer and no longer wanted to eat or drink or walk. We had to sacrifice her and it no longer made sense to feed and drink her with a syringe and for her to vomit and not even have the strength to relieve herself, it was not fair to make her suffer just for not letting her go, it was very selfish. It is a very special breed, those of us who know it know it and love them.
    Now I have Olivia who is two years old and she is very affectionate although she has her character… I hope she will accompany us for as long as God wants. I only wish that he does not suffer the day his time to leave comes. No one will replace the place of each one in my heart but all my pets were very loved and cared for.
    Very good article. I congratulate you

    • I thank you for your huge heart, Patricia, you have made a very tough decision but, at least for me, the right one. I love that you have been able to find a new partner in Olivia, hopefully she will be with you for many years!

  14. I have a cocer is the second I have had in my family I can say that they learn quickly, they demand attention in their own way, it is like having another child at home, they need to go for a run, my first cocker spaniel gave him an acv, he was close to 12 years approx. He left the house we think he went to die somewhere where we would not see him because we could never find him again 😔 I can also say that they recognize each member of the family, they are very faithful companions, they are excellent friends of the children. eye I said friends not toys, since some parents do not respect the space of the animal, and let the child do what he wants otherwise it is a dog who is a friend of other dogs, which I mean, my dogs never fought with others on the contrary even up to the more brave were friends of my dogs 🤷‍♀️


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