Cirneco del Etna

Cirneco del Etna dogs are dogs that come from Italy, more precisely in the city of Sicily. Its original name in Italian is Cirneco Dell'Etna. They are podenco style dogs of small size and quite slim in terms of their body structure. In addition, this dog is one of the most historic dogs in the world. If you are looking for all the relevant information about this affectionate and kind pondeco, you have arrived at the indicated and more complete page. We will start with its origins, physical characteristics and temperament. Then we will go on to basic care for the Cirneco del Etna and health and food issues in addition to the uses of this slender breed.

History of the Cirneco del Etna

The Cirneco del Etna, it is proven that in ancient times it has been present in various areas of Italy, mainly Sicily. It is believed that this dog is a descendant of hunting dogs that were used in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. These hunting dogs, predecessors of the Cirneco del Etna, were introduced in the region of Sicily by the Phoenicians.

The existence of the Etna Cirneco has been proven on this Italian island since coins from that time were found that had the figure of a dog with the same characteristics of the Cirneco engraved on one of their faces. Mosaics were also found, with representations of this dog dating from many years before the birth of Christ. There are those who claim that it is the oldest hunting dog. What remains clear is that in ancient times it has been highly respected and highly appreciated.

Physical characteristics of the Cirneco del Etna

The Cirnecos del Etna are dogs in which they have their antiquity, and have been used to hunt wild rabbits. That is why the FCI classifies them within Group 5: Spitz-type and primitive-type dogs. Section 7: Primitive Type - Hunting Dogs. In addition, this dog is one of the small podencos, so it can be said that it is a dog of small breed, by not exceeding 15 Kilograms.

Body of the Cirneco del Etna

The body of the Cirneco del Etna has a square complexion, that is, the length of the trunk is equal to the height. The back of these dogs is long and straight. As for its tail, this is also quite long, it is set low and curved like a saber; when the animal is in motion, the tail curves above its rump. The chest of the Cirneco del Etna is narrow with underdeveloped muscles, its abdomen is tucked up. The shoulders are long and powerful. They have long, thin, straight legs with light bones. The hocks are well lowered and the feet are oval with well arched toes. Muscular and lean neck, arched at the top and well defined.

Head of the Cirneco del Etna

The head of the Cirneco del Etna is made up of a long and narrow skull. Its muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull or should be at least the same length. The bridge of the nose is straight and the cheeks are flat. Seen in profile, the nose rises above the level of the poorly developed chin and lower jaw. The lips are delicate, taut and well matched. Their ears are erect and long and triangular. Of course, they should never be longer than the total length of the head. They are of high insertion and are quite close together. Slightly oblique oval eyes of medium size, but which appear smaller due to their deep set. Scissor-shaped denture.

How tall is the Cirneco del Etna?

El Cirneco del Etna tiene una estatura que va desde los 42 centímetros a los 50 centímetros si tenemos en cuenta todos los ejemplares adultos de esta raza. مراهنات التنس Si solo consideramos a los machos adultos, su alzada va de los 46 centímetros a los 50 centímetros. En cambio, las hembras adultas miden entre 42 centímetros y 46 centímetros.

How much does the Cirneco del Etna weigh?

The weight of this breed tends to be between 8 kilograms and 12 kilograms in adulthood and taking into account both male and female specimens. If we only consider the male and adult Cirneco del Etna, the weight ranges between 10 kilograms and 12 kilograms. On the side of adult females, their weight ranges between 8 kilograms and 10 kilograms.

Fur of the Cirneco del Etna

The coat of the Cirneco del Etna is soft and close to the body. It is approximately 3 centimeters long on the body and tail and is slightly shorter on the head, ears and legs.

Colors in the Cirneco del Etna

At the Cirneco del Etna, practically all shades of pure red are allowed, even the most diluted shades such as isabelo or reddish blonde. White on the chest, feet, belly, or tail tip is also acceptable, although a white collar is less desirable. Pure white, white with cinnamon spots and, in general, all shades of red mixed with some lighter or darker hairs are uncommon, although admissible.

perro de raza Cirneco Dell’Etna de perfil en otoño

Temperament of the Cirneco del Etna

The Sicilian sniffer dog is a very gentle, affectionate and kind dog with people, but also very active, lively and tenacious. He will always expect to receive a lot of attention, but above all a lot of love from his family environment. In this section we will respond to How is the temperament of the Etna Cirneco ?; starting with his character and then his behavior.

Character of the Cirneco del Etna

The Cirneco del Etna is friendly, good, intelligent and docile. Outside the house it is a very active dog and if it is exercised accordingly inside the home it is usually calm. It is a dog that tends to bark a lot. It will bark to warn that something strange is happening, but it is also normal for it to bark for no apparent reason. He is loyal and affectionate with his family and his master, and in return he needs a lot of attention. He is strongly attached to his master and is very dependent on his family. It is not adapted to living in dog houses.

How does a Cirneco del Etna behave?

Puede ser algo reservado con otros perros y no le gusta tener que compartir a su dueño con otros animales. Sin embargo, sí se lle va razonablemente bien con otros ejemplares de su misma raza o de otra similar. La convivencia con un gato en la familia es buena si ha sido socializado des de cachorro, pero sí persigue a los de fuera de la familia, y no debe mezclarse con animales como conejos o animales parecidos debido a su fuerte ins tinto de caza. Es paciente con los niños y razonable mente tolerante. الرهان الرياضي Anuncia la visita de extraños pero sin ir más allá, ya que no es un perro de defensa.

Basic care for a Cirneco del Etna

Cirneco del Etna dogs are dogs that are in good health, however it is important to give them certain important care. In this section we will detail with more precision how often the brushing of these dogs, the exercise and training or training has to be; and on the other hand, health issues, more frequent diseases and nutrition.

How to brush a Cirneco del Etna?:

El Cirneco del Etna no necesita muchos cuidados cepillado. Su pelaje estará en perfectas condiciones si lo cepillamos aproximadamente una o dos veces por semana con un cepillo suave. Podemos darle brillo con un guante de masaje. Debemos revisar siempre que no haya cerumen en sus oídos y mantener las uñas cortas para que no tenga problemas al correr o caminar. Cuando estos perros mudan su pelaje, se recomienda cepillarlo de forma más frecuente. Con un cepillado día por medio suele ser más que suficiente. رهان المباريات No es un perro que pierda mucho pelo debido a las características del mismo.

How to train a Cirneco del Etna?

The Cirneco de Etna is a dog that is strongly attached to its master. He quickly understands what is being asked of him and is generally quite compliant, although he does not adapt well to long training sessions. Nor can absolute obedience be expected from him. It is essential that the training be firm and with a lot of affection.

Recommended exercise in the Cirneco del Etna

The Cirneco del Etna needs a lot of activity and must be able to run at least an hour a day to burn energy. However, we should not let it loose in places where we cannot control it because it can get carried away by its instinct. It can jump a lot, so it is desirable that the fences in the garden are high and solid.

perro de raza cirneco del Etna parado de perfíl en un campo abriendo la boca

Food of the Cirneco del Etna

In order for the shine of its coat and its health to be in perfect condition, it is important to follow a correct diet or a balanced diet. It is important to give them quality food, either dry food or kibble for dogs, so that they can acquire all the nutrients so that they grow healthy and strong. If the food that is given to the dog is of quality, it will be able to digest it better and keep its activity intact. It is best to give 2 servings a day of food, one in the morning and one at night. However, it is important to mention that the amount or portion of food that should be given to the dog; It must be determined by the veterinarian based on the age, weight and physical activity that the veterinarian performs. Another important point is to give him fresh and clean water constantly, this will help a lot in his diet.

Sicilian sniffer dog health and diseases

The Cirneco del Etna is a dog with very good health and quite strong, luckily it is a dog that does not have many diseases, and it is also difficult for them to be of hereditary origin. However, it is a breed that is prone to some complications or health problems such as diseases in its skin, such as irritations or allergies, but also in the bones. So it is important to check the health of the dog from time to time, to avoid diseases or recurring problems in this breed.

On the other hand, if they are dogs that work in the field, checking their legs and ears frequently is a good habit for them to acquire. Since it is likely that each time you finish your day, you will have spikes stuck, or you can catch fleas and ticks.

How long does a Cirneco del Etna live?

The Cirnecos del Etna dogs are dogs that are very strong in health matters; and since it is difficult for them to contain hereditary diseases, their life expectancy ranges from approximately 12 to 14 years of age. However, it is important to carry out checks with the veterinarian to verify that the dog does not have any disease; in addition to giving him a good diet and proper exercise so that he does not fall into a sedentary lifestyle or obesity.

Uses of the Etna Cirneco

The Cirneco de Etna is a very suitable hunting dog. It is mainly used in the hunting of hares and rabbits. While he can be trained for dog sports, he is not a successful dog, he must be trained for fun.

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