Beds for dogs

Las mejores ofertas de camas para perros

Sleeping is a pleasure not only for humans, dogs also enjoy this rest time a lot. The bed we select for our dog can have a lot of influence on the behavior of our best friend. It is for this reason that it is very important to know how to choose the bed that fits perfectly ... Read more

Dog collars

collares y arneses para perros cachorros, adultos y ancianos o viejos

In this article you will find the best collar or harness for your dog. In addition to recommendations, we will explain how to choose the correct one based on your dog's behavior, the different types of collars that exist, when it is advisable to use a collar and much more information about this common article that we often do not pay attention to what do you need.

Dog snacks

Una mano dandole snacks para perros a un rottweiler

Dog snacks, also known as sweets or treats, are an excellent complement to the diet of our best friends. In addition to being nutritious, these delicacies for our pets can help us enormously in their training stage as a reward for a certain action taken. To use this type of food correctly it is necessary that we know ... Read more

Wet food for dogs

Choosing well the food of our dogs is vital to maintain their well-being. Today, in the market there is an immense variety of foods of different types, qualities, brands and characteristics. In this guide we will mention all those wet feed that we consider convenient to give to our pet. Among the contents of this ... Read more

Dry food for dogs

What is a dry feed? Dry dog food is, as its name indicates, one that is characterized by being dry, generally in the form of balls commonly called kibble for dogs. It is the most traditional of all types of dog food and has a wide variety of brands and options for ... Read more