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All dogs require a space inside the home to be able to sleep at night, rest during the day and even to hide after having done some mischief. It depends on the personality of the animal and the life that the dog leads as a family, these houses are often located outside the home and on other occasions they are inside.

Dog houses, also known as dog beds or kennels, must necessarily have insulation. This point is important as it will give our pet a feeling of protection and it will also feel that it is its place. It's the place you can go when you're scared, tired, angry, or even feeling down. The insulation of the doghouse will also serve to protect it from humidity, rain, wind and even the cold if our puppy sleeps outside.

If we want our dog to accept the doghouse as his own space; We must take into account certain points that will make the adaptation and acceptance of the dog much easier. Among these points we must analyze the material from which the spoon is made, choose a good location; more than anything if the bucket will be located in a park and carry out periodic maintenance. Last but not least, we must always bear in mind that there is the possibility that our dog; If you lived in the home for many years, it may not be adapted to living in it or it may require a longer process.

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How important is a kennel for dogs?

It is very common for a family dog to have a doghouse in the garden and despite having its own "home", when night comes, it sleeps inside. This is very normal in many families around the world. Having a doghouse in the park does not imply that our dog has the obligation to sleep outside the house. The most common is that the dogs have their own doghouse on the house grounds and in turn have permission to get on the couches, enter and leave the house and even sleep in bed with a family member.

Beyond protecting our dog from winds, humidity, cold or rain, the doghouse has a very important function for our dogs and that is that they feel a territory as their own. This sense of ownership in dogs is important as they begin to learn what the limits are within a home. The doghouse is the beginning of a process that prevents our dog from having dominant attitudes with other pets or dogs. Once we acquire the kennel, we must make sure that it provides a comfortable, safe and proper space (avoid that other animals in the house "occupy their space"), if we achieve this, it will be a matter of days before our dog begins to interact with his new house.

What types of dog houses are there?

There are several types of kennels for dogs. We have an immense range of sizes, colors, materials used in its construction, transportable, fixed, heated, classic, etc. Without a doubt, options to choose from will not be lacking. The only advice we can give you here is that you analyze well before buying one, the current size of your pet and the size expected in adulthood. In this way you can save yourself from having to buy a new kennel when our puppy grows and gains weight. As for the material of the kennel, choosing a resistant one when we have a large puppy and a little destruction is not a bad idea and if we opt for a wooden spoon, those that are resinous usually keep parasites away.

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Characteristics of kennels for dogs

The dog houses that meet the following four points that we are going to list will be ideal for your dog without a doubt. Always make sure you comply with these four characteristics and I assure you that you will not regret your next purchase.


The doghouses must be hygienic, otherwise our dog will not be living in a place in adequate conditions. Now the question is, how do I know which model is more hygienic for my dog? The plastic huts do not hold moisture, much less smell and are easy to clean. It is difficult for bacteria to form if we maintain a proper cleaning periodically and they are usually disassembled, something that makes it extremely practical to clean and to move.


Second characteristic that our house should have, comfort. If our pet's house is not comfortable or comfortable, it will cost our dog to adapt to it and it is even possible that we will never be able to accept it. Many doghouses are made of fiberglass, this allows that when there are low temperatures the heat is better conserved inside.

Another important factor to consider is if the bucket is off the ground. Many kennels have their base detached from the floor a few centimeters, which makes it possible that the cold temperature of the floor is not transmitted to the body of our dog when it is lying on it. Some dogs need to sleep on soft surfaces (generally larger breed dogs), this will be solved by buying a padding or mattress for the interior. The size of the puppy and the bed are also important, buy the size that fits our dog well and not one in which after a few months it will be expensive for our dog to get in and out.


The durability of a shed will depend mainly on the material with which it is made. Although most scoops are robust and tend to last a long time, keep in mind that plastic ones are less durable than those made of wood. The advantage that wooden spoons offer us is that they last for many years and that with the simple fact of sanding them and repainting them we will have it like new once more. On the other hand, the plastic spoons, although they do not have that durability, are easier to move, clean and even assemble.


In my point of view, the most insignificant attribute of all but in which many spend more time analyzing and deciding. The aesthetics of a bucket, for the dog, is irrelevant, but for those who live in the house not so much since if a color is chosen that does not match the garden or the environment we will give our house an ugly appearance. There are many different models of dog beds. We will easily find the one that best fits our home aesthetically because there are different colors and designs.

How to choose the correct material for my doghouse?

The main objective that the material of a doghouse must fulfill is to isolate the dog from various climatic factors. The cold, the heat, the humidity and of course the wind and the rains should not affect our puppy if he is inside his kennel. In the various stores we will find various materials for the booths, the most recommended are wood and plastic. Prices will vary and will adapt to any budget. Generally the main reason why the price increases considerably is because of the size of the bucket.

Resinous wood spoons keep parasites away and also better protect the dog from high temperatures in the summer or low temperatures in the winter. Buckets that are made of plastic are often less expensive and also have the advantage of being easy to clean and move. They are also ideal for winter and for rainy days as they protect better than wood against inclement weather. The disadvantage of the plastic huts is that for the summer they are not very recommended since they get very hot, they should be located in the shade if possible.

What should be the ideal size of the kennel for my dog?

In the markets there are five predetermined sizes of dog houses. These conform to the size classification of dog breeds. We have mini booths, small booths, medium booths, large booths and giant booths. We must consult with our veterinarian what size our dog will have in the future and buy one that fits perfectly with him. We must take this factor into account since a doghouse much smaller than the dog will make it feel uncomfortable and will not accept it. On the other hand, one bigger than our best friend, in winter it will make it difficult to heat the interior of it and it could get cold if the temperatures are very low or the dog is not very resistant to cold temperatures. Another disadvantage of very large litters is that it will be difficult for the puppy to feel safe.

The tables larger than the puppy that is going to use it are only recommended if they are going to be inhabited by more than one dog. In that case we must bear in mind that both will get along well and we will eliminate the problems of low temperatures and insecurity that the puppies may feel. The perfect size of a bucket should allow our dog to stand up, move easily within the bucket and can lie down fully extended.

What is the proper location for my doghouse?

The ideal place to place your dog house is important so that it is properly protected. It is useless to have selected the correct size, the ideal material and to have equipped the bucket so that the dog is comfortable if we end up placing a plastic hut in the middle of the sun's ray. We must take into account all the climatic factors that can affect our dog, especially if it sleeps outside at night. Where the wind usually comes from, where the afternoon sun shines, if it is necessary to place a curtain or door; these are considerations that we should take into account.

How to maintain the doghouse?

We must avoid that in the doghouse there are insects, parasites, that it is dirty or broken. A dirty house will make an uncomfortable place for our dog. A broken house will allow the wind or cold to enter and our dog will not have a good time. To properly maintain the shed we must clean it at least once a week. It is enough to give it a good watering either with the hose or a pressure washer. It is also recommended to disinfect every certain period of time.

Are all dogs adapted to living in a kennel?

Dogs are very different from each other. There are dogs that will adapt to your kennel immediately and there will be others that will necessarily require an adaptation process. This process can be quick for some puppies, for others a little longer, and others may never accept the house.

There are many breeds of dogs, especially toy breeds that do not get used to sleeping in the garden; and the booths are used only during the day when they go running and playing in the park. The dogs that are best adapted to the huts and to sleep in them at night are those of large or giant sizes and those that have origins in very cold lands such as the Siberian Husky or the Samoyed.

The booth will always have use, if it is not during the night, it can be used during the day. If it is not used in the winter, it can be given its correct use in the summer; and take advantage of the advantages that the kennel offers to our dog. The important thing is always to look for the best for our puppy. Therefore evaluating all the advice, the positive and negative attributes that we have left you in this post will be the best way to do it. If you have a question, do not forget to leave us your comment.

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