Entlebuch Mountain Dog

The Entlebuch Boyero dogs or also known as Entlebucher, is one of the oldest mountain dogs of the Swiss Alps, also known as Sennenhund.These dogs due to their history have an excellent quality of life and an incredibly shiny coat of fur, They are Dogs that due to their origins are very active, independent and with a lot of self-confidence, but very loyal and devoted to their family. In the following article, you will learn about their history and origin and what they were used for; the origin of its name, physical characteristics and temperament, how it behaves with other dogs. Also, if they decide to have one, we mention what are the basic care for the breed; As for the necessary food, grooming, the exercise recommended for the Entlebucher Boyero.

Origin of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

The Entlebuch Boyero dog breed, also called “Entlebucher”; It is another of the 4 famous Swiss cattlemen, originally from the Alps of that country, especially from the city of Entlebuch, hence its name. The other 3 Swiss mountain dogs, or also called "Sennenhund", are the famous Bernese Mountain Dog, he Appenzeller Mountain Dog and the Great Swiss Mountain Dog. All of them have as their predecessor the Tibetan Mastiff, also known as Tibetan Mastiff; This millennial canine, arrived from Europe by the hand of the Alexandrian army for the war, and later by the Romans.

These 4 dogs have previously been used as herding dogs and livestock guard against attacks from possible wolves or bears, but they were also used as draft dogs; then when they were crossed with other Mastiffs, the 4 breeds recognized as the Swiss Mountain Cattle Dogs were developed.

For the year 1913 in a fair, four copies of this race participated with the tail docked; Therefore, from this date, the Entlebuch Boyero can be found in the catalog of the "Swiss Kennel Club".

The Entlebuch Boyero dog is the least known of the 4 Swiss mountain dogs, yet it is used as both a family and work dog.

Physical characteristics of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

This magnificent breed of dog, the Entlebuch Boyero, according to the FCI classification of dogs, is cataloged within Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molosser - Mountain type dogs and Swiss Cattle dogs. In Section 3: Mountain Type Dogs and Swiss Cattle Dogs. In addition, it can also be mentioned that it is a dog that ranges between a medium and large size, but due to its weight, it can be determined as a medium breed.

Entlebuch Mountain Dog Corps

The body of the Entlebuch Boyero is rectangular, the proportions are 8:10 being longer than it is high. Their trunk is long, wide and deep, they have a straight and powerful upper line. The tail is set high and is generally short in nature. In some countries it is usually amputated, although it is a practice not recommended and not allowed in various parts of the world. The legs are straight and have an excellent joint angle. They are also powerful and their feet are round and compressed. The neck is short, thick and muscular and they have shoulder blades that are downwardly set and elongated.

Head of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

The head of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog is large for its body size, its skull is flat and it has a soft stop and a strong muzzle. The transition from the skull and cheeks to the muzzle can be clearly seen. Accepted dentures are scissor or pincer shaped, although the scissor bite is preferable. The eyes are quite small and have a very lively expression. Their lips are poorly developed and their ears are set high and triangular in shape. Their tips are rounded, they are not too big and they hang next to the animal's head.

How tall is an Entlebuch Mountain Dog?

The height at the withers of the adult Entlebuch Boyero is between 44 cm and 50 cm for the male and ranges between 42 cm and 48 cm in the case of the female. However, the ideal height of a male Entlebuch Mountain Dog is between 48 cm and 50 cm; while for females it ranges between 44 centimeters and 48 centimeters.

How much does an Entlebuch Mountain Dog weigh?

The weight of these animals varies between 24 kilograms and 30 kilograms in the case of males and has a range between 20 kilograms and 26 kilograms in females. However, for both genders the ideal weight of an Entlebuch Boyero is between 23 and 28 Kilograms.

What is the coat of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog like?

The mantle of the Entlebuch Boyero has a short, hard coat, somewhat rough to the touch and a shiny appearance to the eye. It is shiny and falls close to the body. It has two layers, the lower layer is denser than the upper one and in times of shedding of hair they do not show excessive hair loss. 

What color is an Entlebuch Mountain Dog?

Only a black coat with symmetrical tan and white spots is allowed, this type of hair color is usually called tricolor. There should always be white in the face area, in the form of a band that goes from the forehead to the muzzle. It also has white color on the feet, chest and neck. The tan color can vary between yellowish brown and a little more intense brown. The fur of this color is found on the legs, on both sides of the muzzle and cheeks, on the upper part of the eyes, on the belly, on both sides of the chest and on its tail. Both on the chest and on the legs, the tan hair is found between the black and white fur. The nose is always black.


Entlebuch Mountain Dog Temperament

In this section we will deal with the temperament of the Entlebuch Boyero, it is a dog that due to its origins has a lot of energy to give to its family, but also very loyal and obedient; He can also be independent thanks to his self-confidence, but he will always be devoted to his owners. To better understand how the Entlebuch Boyero is, we separate the information, on the one hand, how is his character and on the other hand, how he behaves.

What is the character of the Entlebuch Boyero?

These dogs have a lot of liveliness and energy. They have impressive intelligence and are by nature very cheerful and festive. They are very close to their family and mainly to their master. They are excellent watchdogs that can generally be described as poised, serene dogs, with a lot of courage and bravery, serious and difficult to bribe, if not impossible. They have a very high level of obedience but can show their own initiative many times. They are not servile at all and it is recommended that they do not live in kennels. They like life outdoors during the afternoon and morning but whenever they are with their master or sharing the space with someone else.

How does an Entlebuch Mountain Dog behave?

En cuanto al comportamiento, son perros que tienden a llevarse bien con otros perros. Por lo general al haberse criado históricamente en granjas es un animal que se lleva muy bien con aves y gatos. Se lleva muy bien con ellos pero igualmente precisa de un proceso de socialización. Si bien hemos dicho que se lleva bien con otros perros, el macho puede llegar a ser algo dominante, motivo por el cual vuelve a ser necesaria una buena socialización. Con los niños también tiene una muy buena relación. كيف تربح بالروليت Puede llegar a ser algo distante con extraños o mostrar un poco de desconfianza. مواقع مراهنات كرة قدم No permitirá que nadie se acerque o entre en su propiedad mientras el dueño no se encuentra en la casa. Son muy cercanos a su dueño y súper leales, los protegerá como protege su propio hogar.

General care of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

As for the basic care for an Entlebuch Boyero there are not many. However, we must know that the more and better we take care of our dog, the better his quality of life will be, so he can enjoy more time with us. It is important to give it a good diet, groom it every so often and provide the necessary exercise for this breed; That is why we divide the information for you by basic need for basic care

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Grooming and hygiene of the Entlebuch Boyero

El manto del Boyero de Entlebuch no necesita cuidados excesivos. Es muy productivo usar un cepillo o una carda para quitar el pelo caído o muerto de su pelaje. تعليم القمار En épocas normales se recomienda un cepillado cada siete o diez días en promedio. En épocas de muda lo más recomendable es realizar un cepillado cada tres días como máximo. También ayuda mucho pasar un trapo húmedo para que el pelo se vea brilloso y darle al menos un baño en agua tibia cuando comienza la temporada de muda. Procurar mantener siempre las uñas cortas.

perro de los alpes suizos

How to train an Entlebuch Mountain Dog?

In terms of training, Entlebuch Cattlemen are dogs that learn the commands of their master very easily and quickly. They are dogs that enjoy learning new rules, although it is not advisable for the training process to be monotonous. The dog will get bored and the process will lose its effectiveness. Variety and change keep you more willing, entertained, alert, and motivated. Responds very well to trainers who are balanced, firm and loving.

A socialization process is usually recommended in which you maintain positive experiences with various situations such as contact with other people, other animals and various scenarios.

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How to exercise an Entlebuch Mountain Dog?

The time that is usually recommended for exercise for these dogs is about an hour a day on average. It is an excellent working dog that requires a lot of activity and exercise. If you lead a quiet life you will become an insecure and taciturn dog, it is not good that these dogs are not active. They are territorial dogs, which makes it difficult for the dog to get away or get lost and makes it an ideal dog to take for a walk, a run, the park or the field without a leash. They love running around outdoors, playing ball games, and copes well with adverse climates.

Food for the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

To take care of its health and also the beautiful coat of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog, it is important to give it a good protein diet since it is a fairly active dog. It has to be balanced in products with calcium and vitamins. However, it must be taken into account that it is a quite gluttonous dog and that it loves to eat, so it must be given the necessary rations that the vet mentions twice a day, or smaller portions and more times in the day.

When you do or perform tricks or exercises, they may want to give you the odd treat, and obviously this herder loves it; But it must be borne in mind that if it is not taken for a regular walk or exercise, it has a tendency to gain weight and be overweight, which will make many things difficult for the dog's quality of life.

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How long does an Entlebuch Mountain Dog live?

The Entlebuch Cattle Dog has good health and excellent quality of life, so much so that of the 4 breeds of Swiss Cattle Dogs it is the longest-lived. This beautiful dog has a life expectancy of between 11 and 15 years, however they can live a few more years. The health of a dog does not only depend on the standard life expectancy that a breed of dog can have, but also on the good nutrition or diet that is given and the necessary exercise based on its size and age.

We recommend that in case you see any abnormality or difficulty in your dog, approach the closest trusted veterinarian to avoid any future health problems. However, it is always good as a general check-up, take the dog to the vet once a year to check that his health is good.

Possible diseases of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog

Although the Entlebuch Boyero breed is in good health, it is necessary to know that like any other dog, it has common diseases or problems. Some of the most prone diseases in these canines are stomach or gastric torsion, this happens a lot in dogs that are fast eaters, or those that are usually restless before and after eating. On the other hand, elbow and hip dysplasia are two other difficulties that these dogs can have; So if you see him walking strangely, or when you caress some part of his body he cries or complains, going to the vet is the best thing they can do for him.

It is recommended and necessary to go to the animal health specialist in any case that they see a malfunction or problem that the dog may have.

Uses of the Entlebuch Boyero dog breed

At present it is a dog that is used mainly as a companion dog. If the master is suitable, he can participate in dog sports such as agility trials or catching objects on the fly. It serves as a tracking and farm dog.

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