Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Cattle Dog or also known as Appenzeller, is one of the four dogs best known as mountain cattle of the Swiss Alps. They are dogs that due to their origins are very active, intrepid and self-confident. In this article you will be able to know in depth its history and origin; where its name comes from, the physical characteristics, how it behaves with other dogs, some basic care for the breed; such as the necessary food, cleanliness, recommended exercise and the uses of the Apenzeller Boyero.

History of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Dog breed, also known as Appenzeller, is one of the 4 breeds of Swiss Cattle, together with this magnificent dog, is the famous Bernese Mountain Dog, he Great Swiss Mountain Dog and the Etlebuch Mountain Dog. These breeds are estimated to have been descendants of the Tibetan Mastiff, also known as Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs are from the mountains of the Swiss Alps, so their resistance and fur are incredible. Formerly, it was a dog used as a cattle herder and guardian of homes. موقع 365 سبورت

The name of this dog comes from the city where the breed originated, Appenzell, Switzerland, but it is also known as Alpine Boyero.

This breed of dogs was tried to make official in 1853, however, it was not until 1898; But it was not until 1914 that the Appenzell Boyeros standard was enacted for the first time.

At present the Appenzeller canine breed is little known since there are few specimens in Switzerland and neighboring countries; so this medium breed has a fairly small population. They are also excellent family dogs, and are also used as rescue dogs, in addition to their original tasks.

Physical characteristics of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Mountain Dog according to the FCI classification is found in Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer-Molossian type dogs, and in Section 3: Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. In addition, according to the size of these dogs, they are in a fine line between the categories of medium and large breeds; however it can be established that it is a medium breed.

Body of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Boyeros have a longer than tall body build, in proportions it would be 10: 9, giving their body a somewhat rectangular appearance. The top line is straight and solid. they have a high set tail that is curled to one side on the rump. The chest of these Boyeros has a well marked front part and is quite deep. Their legs are straight with a very good joint angle and they have strong, cat-like feet. The neck is powerful and long.

Head of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

Los Boyeros de Appenzell tienen un cráneo plano en la parte superior, ancho entre sus orejas y afilado en la punta. La frente de estos perros se estrecha hacia el hocico que es apenas más corto que su cráneo. Las orejas tienen una implantación alta y son triangulares, quedando colgantes. Cuando el animal está alerta, la cabeza junto con sus orejas dan un aspecto triangular. الربح من الانترنت مجانا Los ojos son color almendra y bastantes pequeños para el tamaño de su cuerpo, de implantación oblicua. Se acepta dentadura en tijera y en tenaza, siendo preferente la mordida en tijera y también la más frecuente de ver. 

How tall is an Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

The height of the Appenzeller Boyeros is 52 centimeters to 56 centimeters for males and 50 centimeters to 54 centimeters for females. These measurements are those that are considered ideal for the Swiss breed, but a variation of 2 centimeters is also accepted both above and below these measurements.

How much does an Appenzeller Mountain Dog weigh?

The weight in an Appenzeller Mountain Dog ranges between 22 kilograms and 26 kilograms for females and has a variation that goes between 25 kilograms and 30 kilograms in males. However, the ideal weight of this breed is between 22 and 32 Kilograms for both females and males. To maintain this ideal weight, it is advisable to maintain a balanced diet and constant exercise; To have the most accurate information, it is ideal to approach our dog's nutritionist to tell them what food to eat, how much and the amount of exercise necessary based on the age and size of the dog.

What is the coat of an Appenzeller Mountain Dog like?

The coat of the Appenzeller Boyeros is rough, hard and stiff. It is quite thick and to the eye it can be seen shiny and lustrous, well adhered to the body of the animal, covering the lower part of its coat which is woolly in appearance.

What color is an Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

The most common of the colors in the Appenzeller Mountain range is known as tricolor, which is black, tan and white. There are also specimens where the chocolate color predominates, although they are rare to see. The white color is the one that adopts a vertical shape, as if it were a band, in the area of its face that begins in the forehead and ends in the chest, passing without interruption through its chest, muzzle and neck. The feet are white, like the tip of its tail, white spots on the neck are allowed, although only one is allowed for competitions in this area, and a white half ruff is also tolerated. We are going to see the tan color present in the area of its tail, on its legs, on the sides of its snout, cheeks, above its eyes, on both sides of its chest and on its belly. موقع المراهنات العالمي

boyero appenzeller

Appenzeller Mountain Dog temperament

When one is thinking about having this breed of dog, one of the questions that is asked is, How is the temperament of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog? Is it a good dog? What will the dog's behavior be like? among others, and it is logical. In simple words, he is a very happy, high-energy, lively and super-energetic dog. Beyond this brief introduction, we carry out this section to detail the character and behavior of the Appenzeller breed of dogs.

What is the character of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

This breed of Swiss Cattle Dogs are dogs that have great resistance, especially to work, they have high energy levels, they are sober, active, cheerful and lively. His character is very festive, he is always happy and celebrating the arrival of well-known people at home, even so, he is balanced and has a lot of intelligence. They are dogs that tend to bark a lot, are vigilant and have a lot of courage and bravery. With strangers he is distant, will not be easily fooled and is very close to his family and his master.

How does the Appenzeller Mountain Dog behave?

Regarding the behavior of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog, they tend to have a good bond with other dogs although the males tend to be a little more dominant with other dogs of the same sex. If the socialization process was adequate and effective, it will not present problems to live with animals of other species.

He is distant and reserved with strangers, very different from how he is with his family. He will be shy and observant. If the tenant is a friend of the family and the dog knows him, he will receive him in a very happy way. He needs a good socialization process to get along completely well with the children, he will always accept those of the family, but he is very protective of them and if other children come that he does not know and interprets that he is fighting "his" it could cause a problem trying to defend it. He is a family dog, he will get along with everyone but he will choose one as his master and will have a much stronger connection with that person.

General care of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog breed

This beautiful and energetic dog does not need too much care, however it is good to know what basic care must be taken for an Appenzeller Mountain Dog. This section will explain how to keep this breed clean and bathed, the training and exercise it needs, the recommended diet, its life expectancy, and some possible health problems. In any case, it is always advisable to approach the veterinarian to evacuate doubts or have the exact information regarding the necessary nutrition or how to solve the diseases in case the dog contracts any.

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How to bathe an Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

As for grooming for an Appenzeller Mountain Dog, the coat does not need much care. Simply using a brush or a card to remove remains of dead or fallen hair from its fur will be enough to keep it in optimal condition. In shedding periods it is recommended to brush it between two and three times a week, outside of the shedding season with a weekly brushing is more than enough to make its coat look perfect and with the corresponding shine. They can be given lukewarm baths when shedding, but overuse of baths is not recommended. When taking baths, control the water that does not enter your ears. Control the length of the nails that must always be kept short.

Training of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

To properly train an Appenzeller Mountain Dog requires firmness and balance. Although it is not the ideal dog for first-time trainers, it is not a dog that usually presents many complications in this process. You must ensure that you face all kinds of situations, people and other animals until you achieve the results you are looking for. The socialization process is of utmost importance so that it adapts to living with other animals, so that the males are not excessively dominant and so that it is a dog that adapts to the human visits that they may receive in their home. The socialization process of these dogs also helps a lot to make dogs of this breed less barking and distant. He is very active, has high levels of intelligence and is always ready to learn.

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How to exercise an Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

He likes to exercise a lot, like all Swiss cattlemen. They are excessively active, which will require you to take it out for a frequent walk. Walks to parks are very useful, as is any outing that involves the dog moving freely and without the leash. Do not forget that Appenzell Cattle Dogs require long periods of rest when they are puppies so as not to affect their bone development, so when they go through this stage it is not recommended that they be subjected to long walks or very strenuous games.

They are very territorial and do not explore on their own generally, this means that they do not stray too far from their master and they can walk without a leash in certain places. Inside the house they are stable and quite calm. He withstands bad weather and loves to be outdoors but cannot stand living in garden kennels as he does not tolerate being alone well. Appenzeller Cattlemen who live on a farm will always seek to be busy on their own, whether it's herding livestock, killing vermin or other activities.

How much to feed an Appenzeller Mountain Dog?

Proper nutrition for an Appenzeller Dog breed is recommended to give two servings of food a day with a good portion. However, in order to give an Appenzeller Mountain Dog a good diet, it is necessary to go to a veterinarian to tell us how much to give in each serving based on the age, size and exercise of the dog.

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How long does an Appenzeller Mountain Dog live?

The Appenzeller Cattlemen are in good health and have excellent life expectancy; this can be between 10 and 12 years old, however there were specimens that have enjoyed good health living up to 15 years; so it can be said that it is a long-lived breed dog. However, how long a dog lives depends not only on good nutrition and diet, but also on the care we give him and the necessary exercise based on the size and age of the dog.

Possible diseases of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Cattlemen for more than having a good quality of life and incredible health due to their origins, it must be borne in mind that they have certain difficulties or health problems that must be attentive. Elbow and hip dysplasia and gastric torsion are the most common in these dogs; It is also not a dog that suffers from hereditary diseases. However, it is essential to take it to the vet in case of seeing any dysfunction or inability to perform any action.

Uses of the Appenzeller Mountain Dog breed

With regard to dog sports, the Appenzeller Mountain Dog can play good roles in agility trials and catch objects on the fly. Based on their original functions, these cattlemen have always served as guardians, to trap vermin, such as cattle, traction dogs and to keep livestock.

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