Boston Terrier


The beginnings of the Boston Terrier can be traced back to a dog named "Judge", which was the result of a cross between a Bulldog and a English white terrier. He came to the United States of America from England in the 1870s. A man named Robert Hooper, a resident of Boston (Massachusetts), took charge of his care. 

By 1889 there were already around 30 breeds whose blood lines included descendants of the Judge, and the "American Bull Terrier Club" was formed. However, opposition from the owners forced a name change for the emerging breed, which is why it became known as the "Boston Terrier", in memory of the city where the Judge lived. 

In 1893, the AKC (American Kennel Club) officially recognized it. And by 1920, specimens of this breed were introduced in Europe. 

Physical characteristics


Short back, with muscular but also short loins, slightly rounded croup. The tail is short, set low, and can be straight or corkscrew-shaped; in line with the back. تنزيل العاب اون لاين  

A characteristic feature of the breed is the deep trunk, broad chest and deep, well arched ribs. Slant shoulders and tight elbows. The neck, lean and a little long, slightly arched, carries the head gracefully.


Flat and square skull, without wrinkles, with a straight forehead and a well defined stop. The muzzle is wide and square, with a length less than or equal to one third of the skull. Nasal bridge parallel to the top of the head; the lips, quite long, should cover the teeth, but are not hanging. Their ears are small in size and well attached to the skull. Present large, rounded eyes, well separated from each other. The teeth are rectangular, with slight internal prognathism. اربح  


The breed is divided into different categories: those of light weight, which do not exceed 6.8 kg; those of average weight, ranging from 6.8 kg to 9 kg; and those of heavy weight that vary between 9kg and 11.35 kg. 


The breed standard does not provide indications in this regard.   


Short and bright, with a fine texture.


Brindle, seal (black with reddish tinge, this is noticeable in bright or sunlight) and black (always with white markings). There is a preference for brindle coats if all qualities are equivalent. The standard has required markings (a stripe-shaped mark on its muzzle, a white list between its eyes, and the white sill). There are also desirable markings (the same as the above, plus the addition of a white list on the head, a white collar and all its legs below the hocks with all or parts of white). The standard dictates which are mandatory and which are desirable, however puppies with a lack or excess of white can always be born (it is important to take into account that a high percentage of white, especially in the head, increases the risk of deafness and blindness)

His eyes are dark in color.

Boston Terrier temperament

Tienen un rostro atractivo que refleja su personalidad. Forman un estrecho y sincero vínculo con los miembros de la familia. قمار Siempre se prestan deseosos de aprender nuevos trucos o cosas. Ideales para vivir en zonas urbanas, siempre que haya parques cercanos donde poder sacarlos a pasear. 


Boston Terriers are usually small and intelligent dogs that despite being playful and lively are not noisy. They are very cheerful dogs that have remarkable confidence and security. If there is one attribute that stands out in Boston Terriers, it is their ability to adapt to certain environments, be it a house with little park, a field or an apartment in the middle of the city. They remain alert and vigilant at all times, but it is not a breed that barks easily, but if it does it is really necessary. The Boston Terrier is not easily upset and has a great attachment to its owners.


The Boston Terrier is usually an ideal dog for the family. He is very attached to her and gets along well with other dogs and pets. Thanks to its cheerful and stable character, it is an ideal company for young children. Although he is very vigilant and is constantly alert, he is very friendly with strangers.

General Care

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As for his coat, he does not need much attention and he practically does not suffer from falls. Just a gentle brushing or massage glove once a week or every 10 days is enough to make your coat look shiny and shiny. You also have to cut your nails so that they do not grow excessively and make it difficult for you to move.

The wrinkles on his muzzle must be treated with specific products such as lotions to prevent and reduce the stains that his tears generate. His ears must be taken care of, they are kept clean.

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It is not a difficult breed to train as they tend to be very obedient. They are very intelligent and tend to have a predisposition to learn. For these reasons, they tend to learn certain behaviors and tricks very quickly. They are very sensitive to tone of voice and therefore better results will be achieved using a gentle but firm tone and with rewards after good behavior.

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They are not dogs that enjoy long walks. In general terms, it is a breed that with taking a daily walk and having a little space in the garden to play will be more than satisfied. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash to avoid problems with other dogs or with traffic. Inside the home it is a breed that is perfectly adapted to living in apartments for its tranquility.

It is very important to bear in mind that this breed is not heat-loving so on days of high temperatures, they will surely seek shade and it is not recommended to demand them. If in your garden you do not have a shady place then it is necessary that you let him enter the house, or that you have a dog house.


Due to their rapid metabolism, it is best to eat several meals a day, in small amounts each. Small breed feeds are created with adequate proportions of key nutrients.

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It is an excellent family dog. In addition, due to its beauty and sympathy, it is one of the breeds most used for "modeling" and "costumes".

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The importance of stains

The official breed standard dictates that white markings are mandatory, so if your puppy does not have spots (or if they have black, instead of white), they do not meet that standard. 

However, this does not mean that the dog is not in excellent health. 


Bulging eyes make the cornea susceptible to ulcers. In addition, this breed is very prone to Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JHC), which is determined by two genes that mark the dog as a carrier, free or affected.

It is also prone to knee patella luxation, which must be ruled out by veterinary examination and accredited by an RSCE-recognized certificate.

Some specimens have heart problems (an Echo should be performed to rule out possible malformations). They also have brachycephalic syndrome.

And it is quite common that due to its protruding head, a cesarean delivery is necessary. 

Boston Terrier photos

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