Purebred dogs Beagle They are known worldwide, it is hardly necessary to describe them physically; however, many are often confused with the Foxhound, but the Beagle is smaller in size, its legs are shorter and with longer and softer ears. Although it is a well-known breed, they may not know some other things such as their origin, their temperament or how they behave. In this article you will find absolutely everything about this beautiful and energetic breed that loves to eat more than any other dog in the world. They will also find information on how to make him go to the bathroom or how to train him to sit or come when you call him.

History of the Beagle

The Beagle is a breed of medium-sized dog that belongs to the group of hounds. The hounds began to be classified during the sixteenth century, this classification was made based on the purpose that said animals had: If they were sight hounds, smell or another type.

"Begles" is a term that comes from French and means "big mouth" or "big mouth", this name made reference to the tendency of these animals to howl.

The origin of the Beagle breed is not very well defined to this day, but it has been proven that there were dogs with characteristics similar to that of this animal in Ancient Greece. Xenophon, in one of his writings, tells about a small hound that was used to hunt hares. There are also indications about the existence of this dog in the laws of Canute the Great which established that those animals that harassed a deer should receive the punishment of mutilation of one of its legs. These laws, referring to the Beagle hound breed, would confirm that this family of dogs has existed in England since the early 11th century.

During medieval times, the term Beagle was used to refer to those hounds of smaller sizes. Those dogs were very different from the breed we know today.

In 1830, in Essex County, Phillip Honeywood established a kennel that is believed to have created the foundation for the formation of the Beagle breed that we know today.

Honeywood concentrated on breeding hunting dogs and it was Thomas Johnson who had the task of perfecting the breed to produce an attractive hunting dog. Two varieties emerged from this work carried out by Johnson: The rough-coated Beagle, which is a variety омг сайт which has become extinct today (its last records of an appearance date back to a dog show in 1969) and the smooth-coated Beagle, which is the one we have today.

Today Beagles are used on many occasions for hunting partridges and rabbits.

Club recognition

  • Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE)
  • United Kennel Club (UKC)
Cachorro Beagle acostado en el campo

Physical characteristics of the Beagle

Beagle breed dogs are very affectionate dogs, but since their inception they were used as a hound dog, that is why the FCI classifies them within Group 6: hound-type dogs, trail dogs and similar breeds. Section 1.3: Small-sized Bloodhound Dogs. However, due to its weight, it falls within the section of dogs of medium breeds.

Beagle body

The body of the Beagle breed dogs are quite compact and with a fairly horizontal and straight upper line. The tail is not too long and gently curved, but it is strong and set high, however it will never rise above your back. His chest goes above the elbows, his ribs arch back. The dog's back is short but very strong and not very raised.

Their elbows have great strength and are mid-rise, so they are not facing outward or inward. The front legs are quite straight and the bones are rounded and well arched. On the other hand, the feet are strong and compact, while the toes are arched and preferably short nails. Harefoot Beagles are not accepted. The neck is slightly arched and has a slight dewlap.

Beagle head

The head of this beautiful dog is quite long, without giving a rough appearance, it does not present wrinkles and its stop can be seen to be quite pronounced. Its domed skull has a slight occiput. In addition, its snout is not very pointed. Its wide nose has wide open nostrils. On the other hand, the ears have a rounded ending, which can sometimes reach almost to the nose. Beagles are low set and hang down the side of the dog's cheeks. It can be seen that he has quite large and separate eyes; however they are not bulging or deep set. When these dogs bite, they have scissor-shaped teeth. They are dogs that have a small tendency to drool, however with the correct training they can correct this.

Smell of the Beagle

It is important to mention that being a hunting dog it clearly has a highly developed sense of smell. For this reason, it is recommended that when a Beagle enters a new home, it is important to have it in few rooms of the house; This is so so you don't get overwhelmed by so many different smells and aromas from the rooms or the garden. The dog will tend to want to track unusual odors that were previously unknown to him and could become fatigued.

How much does a Beagle weigh?

Beagle breed dogs have an approximate weight between 10 Kilograms and 15 Kilograms. However, there is a distinction between males and females, with the former being between 10 and 14 Kilograms, while the latter between 9 and 12 Kilograms.

How tall is a Beagle?

Beagles have an approximate height at the withers between 33 centimeters and 40 centimeters. However, males can reach up to 38 centimeters, while for females they can reach 33 centimeters. بينجو لعبة

What is the coat of a Beagle like?

Beagle breed dogs have short but quite dense, thick and smooth hair; An interesting fact is that it is waterproof, that is, very resistant to climatic changes, which is why it was an excellent hunting dog.

Beagle colors

Although the Beagle is a tricolor dog and is the most common, all the hues typical of hunting dogs are accepted. The tip of its tail is white and its eyes can be hazel or dark brown, but never black.

Beagle bebe entre medio de las plantas en un sendero

Beagle temperament

Beagles are very loving and friendly dogs, but also very determined and intelligent thanks to their history as a hound dog. In this section we will answer the question, What is the temperament of a Beagle like? Starting at first with how his character is and then how he behaves.

Beagles personality and character

Beagles have good character, they are even described in various breed standards as "cheerful" dogs. In addition, they are very friendly, cheerful and lively dogs; They are also very brave and intelligent dogs, although sometimes they can be a little stubborn. In case the dog feels danger it will bark, it also has an excellent developed sense of smell. They are defined as group animals that tend to get along with most dogs, humans, and animals of other species. Although they must be in contact from a very young age to establish bearable relationships with cats.

Beagle behavior

Beagles are not aggressive, they get along well with children and they are not the least bit shy even though they tend to be cold on first encounters with strangers. They tend to accept them easily and are very sociable as problems with other dogs are unlikely.

The Beagle could come to be considered a watchdog, which will bark easily in the presence of a stranger or any unusual event. But despite the above, it is most likely not to attack the stranger. However, proper socialization with cats and other domestic animals is important; since from its origins it was bred as a hunting dog.

General care of the Beagle

Although Beagles are not very busy, you have to pay special attention to their diet as they are very gluttonous and tend to eat a lot. It is also important to always check their health so that they can live a full and vital life. In this section you will find a lot of information to be able to bathe your Beagle, train or educate it, teach it some tricks and health issues such as diseases, its life expectancy and the most recommended diet for your Beagle.

Grooming and grooming of the coat

They do not require excessive care. With a weekly brushing to eliminate excess fur it is enough. Ears should be checked regularly to avoid infection. It is also important to note that care will vary if a Beagle lives in an apartment or spends running around in the field all day; The latter should have even more frequent baths as it will get dirty more often. The most recommended is 2 times a year for the first case, and 4 times for the second.

It is important to mention that Beagle breed puppies are not recommended to bathe, like many other dogs when I am very baby. By not having the vaccines yet, you can get constipated and your life could be in certain dangers if the water has any microbes. In case the Beagle puppy has a lot of bad smell, they can turn to a special care salon for dogs or professional veterinary centers so that they can do the job correctly.

So that the dog is used to bathing later, it is a good idea to start this activity from an early age; to make the bathroom task easier later. With the dryer these dogs have a theme, and that is that the noise generated by this device frightens them. We recommend patience and above all to be able to be calm when bathing and drying. That tranquility will be transmitted to the dog.

Step by step: How to bathe a Beagle?

In this brief point, we will teach you how to properly clean the Beagle in terms of hygiene in the bathroom; always trying to take care of their fur.

  1. Brushing the Beagle's hair before bathing will remove a large amount of dead hair.
  2. Wet the dog with rather warm water, so that it does not feel cold or burn. It is important that everything is well wet. Then lather the whole body without getting close to the eyes, ears or nose. Pay attention so that later infections do not form in these sites. It is important to clarify that a Special soap or shampoo for dogs, in this article we recommend some that you can use.
  3. After lathering it, we will proceed to let it rest for a few minutes, or as long as the dog gives them, so that the shampoo can act. Once these minutes have elapsed, we will begin to remove the shampoo gently with more warm water, taking care of the aforementioned sites. It is important not to leave any shampoo on your hair, as it can later cause itching or infections.
  4. For the drying phase, it is advisable to be able to wrap the Beagle with an old towel, in this way, we can absorb a large amount of water, since the dryer is not very to your liking; however it cannot be avoided. Then we proceed with the hand dryer on a low level and from afar so that the hot air does not burn it or scare it. If if hair dryer allows it, it is recommended to put the air at a warm level, so that it is neither cold nor hot. In this way we can avoid unwanted burns.
  5. The process will end once there is no moisture left on your skin or wet hairs.

Beagle coat maintenance

In order to properly maintain the Beagle's coat, it is important to brush the hair every 2 or 3 times a week. They can use a natural bristle brush; The advantage of this style of brushes is that it keeps hair clean for longer, will give it more shine and will also eliminate dead hair. This is one of the ways to avoid having so much Beagle hair around the house. However, you can also read the following note where we mention how to prevent hair loss in dogs. However, we all know that during shedding times they tend to shed more fur.

perro de raza beagle

Recommended exercise for the beagle

The Beagle breed needs a lot of exercise but it must be taken into account that it is a difficult dog to train. This is because it is a breed that is determined and determined, bred for long chases. Although they are usually obedient, once they perceive a trail it is very difficult to push them back. Experts recommend not letting them loose until they are fully trained and heeding the call back.

They have excellent resistance and are not easy to tire, it is also recommended not to reach this extreme without giving them previous breaks. Exercise is ideal to avoid the weight gain to which they are prone. In this article you will find everything you need about what necklace for dogs choose, why and various offers of the same. For them it is advisable to exercise them 1 or 2 hours a day, in this way in case they want to do an education or training they will be able to do it more easily.

After an incredible exercise, it is always recommended that you rest well. In this article we leave you the best kennels for dogs with its different characteristics; or if you prefer, some offers in beds for dogs. Make sure the dogs have a correct rest so that the next day they are optimal for any game or training.

How to train a Beagle?

To begin with, it is important to say that Beagles are one of the most difficult dogs to train. However, do not give up so lightly, it is important to know this, in order to have more patience and effort than with other races. The reason for this difficulty is that Beagles are often stubborn and quite proud. However, they are quite active and in a good mood, so it will be more bearable on that side.

For a correct training, we have to bear in mind that as we all know, the Beagle is a hound dog that was dedicated to hunting for a long time. So this will be our main drawback, also even though it is a family dog; many times it is not as obedient as one thought. However, he can be taught a lot of things and tricks with patience and the necessary determination. The training should be on a regular basis to generate a habit in the dog and it is recommended that it be at least 2 times a day. It is important to be consistent, be patient and not give up; In the end you will have a Beagle that will be a real gentleman!

The most important thing to remember is that yelling or hitting will help you with a Beagle, and not with other dogs. You can make corrections but never hurt or harm him. The key is for the dog to respect us and not fear us.

Step by step: How to train your Beagle?

In this small section we are going to mention step by step how to train a Beagle, since being a complicated task due to its pride, leadership and hunting habit; it may become more complex and take longer to train.

Fight your leadership with positive training

As we mentioned before, the leader must be one, the coach or owner. It is important to know this, since the Beagle as it is extremely independent, it is considered a leader, so they must fight against this point. Another point is that this race should not be punished, since the training must be positive and constantly reinforce it with pampering or flattery. Keep in mind that Beagles are dogs that think a lot and wander with so much intellect, that training in this breed may be more difficult or slow, but do not despair. In the end you will!

Training as a daily habit

The training should be constant to generate in the dog a habit that he gets used to over time until he can do things on his own. Train every day and at least 2 times a day it is the minimum; in case they can perform more times a day it will be an important plus. Training in these dogs should be part of your routine every day, like going for a walk. Naturalizing training is the best thing to do with this breed, and you won't feel it in the least. Below we will give you some examples of how to perform this action:

  • At lunch or dinner, he may be instructed to sit down so that you can serve him his food. It is important not to give him the plate with food if he is not sitting down. However, if it has been a while and he refuses to take the action, we recommend that you put away the plate with food and count to 10 slowly. Try the activity again until it does what you are asking.
  • At the time of the walk, when they must cross a street, they should use the "sit" command at the edge of the sidewalk or sidewalk. In case they refuse, they will have to go back 3 or 4 steps and repeat the action again until they comply; once done correctly, they can cross. In case you have to cross the street for any reason, give the order; in case he does not comply, go back a few steps and without trying again cross the street.
Positive motivation with pampering and food

As we have already said many times, it is important that this dog does not fall into obesity due to its gluttony. Motivation should be positive, but it should not become a habit to give edible treats. Having patience and dedication is the key for this breed. Like any other dog, they love cuddling and compliments as much as food, however they may sometimes ignore cuddling. Begin all congratulations with stroking the head with a lot of emphasis and energy and congratulate him when he takes a correct action.

Over time as training progresses and the Beagle will respond correctly more regularly. Once he successfully performs the desired action 5 or 6 times, they should give him a treat or snack and the next ones will continue to be caresses and compliments; little by little they will withdraw the treats completely from the training.

Spend your energy a little

While training will use up some of your Beagle's energy, he has plenty of vitality and activity to spare; so it is key to make him perform previous exercises 1 hour twice a day, this should be a few hours before training to exhaust him a little. In this way they will allow that when they have to start training again, it is more focused and not so dispersed or with so much energy that it makes learning difficult. Any activity will do, throw the ball at him, take him for a run on a leash; the most important thing is that he runs.

How to reward a Beagle?

It is important to reward his correct behavior and make him pay attention when an order is given. However, to properly train your Beagle you have to bear in mind that they are quite gluttonous and love to eat So it is better instead of giving them rich and delicious rewards such as prizes or treats, congratulate them with positive words and pampering every time they perform. correct behavior. In the event that these compliments do not work, only then it is good that you try to give him a snack for dogs as a last option. If it responds well to snacks or sweets, it is important that you buy low calorie sweets. In this article you will find the best dog snacks for when they should give their Beagle a treat.

Teaching a Beagle to Sit

In this quick item tab we will show you how to make a Beagle feel when you give it the order. It is important that this training is in different places so that you do not associate that only in the kitchen or in the garden of your family you have to perform the action. While there are many ways to train dogs, this is one of them and it does not mean that the others are wrong.

  1. Show him the prize they have in hand to get his attention, the food can.
  2. Show him the award for a while and let him understand that it is for him, but don't let him take it from you.
  3. Take the award with your fingers and put it in front of his nose, let him smell it from a distance, but don't give it to him.
  4. When the dog is looking at the delicious snack, move the treat back; the inertia of the dog will make it sit up when it lifts its head to follow the prize with its eyes.
  5. When the dog is about to sit down, they have to give the order «seated»And make sure you say it very firmly, but not yelling. Once he sits down, you will give him the reward. It should not be too large to avoid overweight, then they should also do it when giving him his usual plate of food. Little by little he will get used to it.

Teaching a Beagle to Stay Still

In order to move to the next level, it is important that the "sit" command is performed perfectly. Once this happens, we can teach our Beagle to stay put. This will help us for example when visitors come or the dog is a bit naughty. Let's get started!

  1. Give the order to "sit." Once the dog performs the action correctly, raise your hand with your fingers spread wide as if you wanted to stop someone and at the same time say «still«. Your voice should be firm and strong, listening clearly but without shouting. At first, the Beagle will only be still for a very short time due to its great activity, they should also congratulate and caress it. With practice and time you will see that your dog will stay still longer.
  2. Over time, learning progresses. As this happens, it is important that you slowly walk away after giving the order. In this way, he will understand that he must stay still no matter how much you move away.

Teach a Beagle to Come When I Call

An effective way to make the dog understand that when I call him he has to come, is that when the dog is approaching you, give the order "come", in addition to this, you have to attract him even more with a low calorie treat . When he takes the right action, you have to reward him with lots of caresses and pats on the back. Patience is paramount in all training, and more with the Beagles. Little by little he will understand the order «come"Or"come»And it will go where you are. It is important that it is always the same word; both for this and for any other training, since if we change between "come" and "come", we will end up confusing the dog. كازينو ٨٨٨

When the dog is called and he comes, do not scold him or tie him to the leash, no negative action is good for him to learn this command, because if not the Beagle, like any other dog, he will understand that when you call him it is because he did something wrong and then punished.

Preventing your Beagle from biting

In this section we are going to teach you how to prevent your Beagle from biting, or any other breed of dog while playing. In the event that the dog is violent and bites to hurt, it is important to carry out a correct training with a trainer or specialist in dogs.

If your dog usually bites slightly while playing, it is important to try to make the games more calm and not play so roughly with him. There are a number of ways around this, but the easiest way to get out of the habit of biting while playing is simply by ignoring it when it does so. In case they are playing and he starts to bite, turn around and leave him alone. In this way, your Beagle will understand that if he bites the game is over. In time he will stop doing it, because he loves the company of his family, and prefers not to bite to play a while more.

How do I teach my dog to go to the bathroom?

This training is as much for the Beagles as for any other dog, be it of race or mongrel. It is important to know that some dogs find it more difficult to understand this command than others; However, if you do a correct training and with patience, everything is achieved in the long run.

This trick will be easier if, from the moment he got home, he was taught and taken to the place where he should relieve himself; this way it will be easier than if you had never taught it. You have to pay attention whenever the dog goes to relieve himself; and when they see that the dog is crouching, they have to say «go to the bathroom«. If he does it correctly, it is important to pat him on the back, pat his head and congratulate him, avoid giving him food as a reward if possible.

Taking it to the first hours of the morning when the dog as soon as it wakes up to the place where it must relieve itself is essential for its learning. This action should also be done before the dog goes to sleep, and also after it has finished eating. If possible, every 20 or 30 minutes, they can take him to the place where he has established the place of needs and repeat the order that they chose for this action. This will make them understand that in the place where they are, they must do the action they are ordering.

When performing the action of going to the bathroom in the right place always remember to congratulate him with great joy; so that you understand that it is okay and encourage you in this way to do it again.

What do I do if my dog urinated in the wrong place

As we have already mentioned, the punishments and scolding of this dog with a very high ego do not sit well with him. It is something that as with any other learning, sooner or later there may be mistakes and it is not okay to scold them, since they are learning. What you have to do is clean the place where you made your needs perfectly, so that no aroma remains and in the future do it again. Remember from cleaning with products that do not have ammonia, since these smells attract even more to the dog causing him to want to go back to relieve himself there.

perro de raza beagle sacando la lengua en el jardín

Nutrition and recommended diet in Beagles

The Beagle's metabolism is fast and they burn calories at a very high rate. Their stomach is small so it is recommended that they eat frequently in small amounts. Small balanced foods make chewing and digestion easier for these animals. However, these beautiful and affectionate dogs are gluttonous and love to eat, many times you may leave something on the table, and the dog tries to eat it. It is important that you eat an organized and balanced diet since they tend to obesity if they continue with this behavior. The croquettes or the feed that should be provided to the dog, we recommend that it be of the highest possible quality, since this will allow it to absorb more nutrients and make a better digestion; which will benefit the dog not only in terms of health, but also to maintain a beautiful and shiny coat.

The ideal portion of food for a Adult beagle that's three-quarters to one-and-a-half cups of dry dog food per day. It is important to divide this amount of food into two or more servings in the day. For a beagle puppy We recommend wet food, since being a puppy and its teeth are still developing, it will be easier for it to eat this type of food as it is a baby dog. In this article you can see offers from the best dry food for dogs Beagle breed. Or they can choose I think wet in case your Beagle is a puppy yet.

It is important as in any diet or correct diet, to drink clean and fresh water always, at all times; So it is important to check every so often if your Beagle has enough water so that it is not thirsty; or if the water is not clean. Many times the Beagles after playing giddy come back from the park to drink water, it is important that there is a short break between these activities and drink slowly. In addition, you have to pay attention that the water is clean, it may sometimes put its legs or trunk and bring dirt from the garden. Checking this is vital, as sometimes they may have to drink for hours simply because the water is dirty. In this article we leave you the best feeders and drinkers for dogs with different characteristics and functionalities.

Tips to keep in mind so that your Beagle does not become obese

As we mentioned before, it is a very gluttonous dog, so it will love to eat whatever food or things come its way. In this section, the idea is to mention some things that you can do to avoid this problem.

It is important to make sure to close the lid where you store all your food and, if possible, put something on top, so that it cannot be easily opened; since there are dogs that do. Another tip is to have the garbage can closed or with a firm lid, since many times they may want to eat this type of wrong food. Taking him out for a walk and playing games or activities with the dog will be very useful, since physical activity will make him burn fat as well as having fun and feeling happy spending time with his family.

Another alternative is to give him bones to chew or cookies to chew, this will also give him greater satiety and something to entertain himself for a while, it will be excellent for your Beagle's gums as well as his teeth. We recommend giving one a week or every 2 weeks so that it does not become a habit.

These beautiful dogs are famous for eating everything and never stopping. One way to avoid this situation is not to leave the boul of food all day at your disposal. It is important that once you have finished eating and left food scraps on your plate, remove it immediately. This will prevent you from eating later when you are bored simply by the fact that you saw that there was still food on your plate. In addition, lifting the plate of food will let the Beagle understand that it is time to eat; little by little the dog will get used to eating the right ration of food.

Health and possible diseases of the breed

In general, it is a very healthy breed. However, Beagles are prone to epilepsy, which can be controlled by medication. Like many breeds, they can suffer from hip dysplasia, which leads to very serious mobility problems and it is very important to have a hip exam in these dogs.

They can also suffer from hypothyroidism (controlled with medication) and dwarfism. Another particular disease of this breed is called "Funny Puppy" in which the animal grows slowly and develops weak legs and a deviation in its back. Although the dog is healthy, it is prone to other diseases. Finally, another of the diseases that the Beagle can have is meningitis that tends to occur more frequently than in other breeds.

How long does a Beagle live?

Beagles are dogs that are in excellent health and this is reflected in their life expectancy. These beautiful little dogs live for approximately 12-15 years of age; This will depend on the care given to the dog and the good nutrition it has. It is also important to keep a schedule of vaccinations in the dog and routine checkups, to detect any health problems in time.

Uses of the Beagle dog breed

These beautiful and affectionate dogs have been used in different countries mainly as hunting dogs; especially for hunting partridges, hares and rabbits. However, in many other places this intelligent dog has been chosen as a family dog or for people who are athletes. Every person who has a Beagle, must know how to appreciate that he has an independent but very affectionate character.

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