Julius-k9 dog harness The best canine harness of 2020?

El Arnés para perros Julius-k9 es uno de los más utilizados por todos los amos de perros con experiencia y expertos en canes. Tanto su funcionalidad, su adaptabilidad como su durabilidad, sumado a la seguridad que le brinda a la mascota y a la excelente relación calidad precio que ofrece este producto, lo convierten en uno de los mejores arnés que hay hoy en día en el mercado. موقع المراهنات على المباريات Este arnés viene en diversos tamaños y es ideal para Yorkshire terrier, Rottweilers, Ovejeros Alemanes, Border Collies, Galgos españoles, Beagles, Chihuahuas y todo tipo de perro. No importa el tamaño, ni el peso, ni la raza de nuestro can, el arnés Julius-k9 por todas sus características es considerado el mejor arnés para perros del 2020.

Technical characteristics of the Julius-k9 dog harness

  • Internal lining of the product of hypoallergenic and antiperspirant material.
  • Perfect adaptation to the dog's body. This product is designed to adhere precisely and to the body of each breed and providing the greatest comfort. 1xbet.com
  • High visibility that, in addition to making it easier for the dog to be detected in low-light areas, includes a reflective tape that is placed on the chest of the dog and has reflective stitching edges.
  • Wider velcro areas (measures 30 x 120 mm) and luminescent labels on both sides of the harness.
  • Comfortable strap for the dog owner that is also wide in the area of the dog's chest and allows to divide the tension in the muscles of the dog's chest.
  • High resistance buckles that guarantee the durability of the product for both small and large dogs.
  • Possibility of fixing the side bags.
  • Design that allows a wide freedom of movement in the can.
  • OEKO-TEX® certification in the materials that make up the product. The materials provide the greatest safety and comfort.
  • Possibility of customizing both the side velcro and the strap.
  • Wide variety of different models.

Julius-k9 dog harness best deals

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Advantages of the Julius-k9 dog harness

  • Perfect balance: The Julius-k9 harness provides a perfect balance in terms of restraining the dog since by holding the dog on top and also by means of straps on the front and surrounding its thorax, this allows the dog to be well supported without suffering excess pressure from the harness.
  • Comfort: The Julius-k9 is a comfortable harness for the dog and for the human who walks it. This is due to the materials that are used in the manufacture of the product.
  • Distribution: The Julius-k9 harness is manufactured in a specific way that allows the distribution of the force and the jerks that the dog can give during a walk is distributed and prevents possible injuries.
  • Double clamping: Includes a handle that allows manual holding in addition to strap attachment.
  • Durability: The materials used to make the Julius-k9 harness provide the highest quality and durability of the product.
  • Waterproof: The Julius-k9 harness is made of materials that guarantee the product's water resistance.
  • Variety: In addition to having a huge number of designs and colors, the Julius-k9 harness can be found in all sizes, adapting to any dog, of any breed, size or age.
  • Reflective edges: The reflective edges of the product make it ideal for walks in low light or at night as they make it easy to see the dog.

Disadvantages of the Julius-k9 harness

  • It is not economical: While the value for money is excellent, the Julius-k9 harness is not one of the cheapest harnesses on the market.
  • Designs not available in all sizes: Some harness designs are not available for all canine measurements. Some of the Julius-k9s are likely to exhibit some harness rocking on medium and small sized dogs due to lack of measurements in some designs.

If you have a medium or small dog, it is best to focus on the classic models of this harness. The classic models do not present any complications but many new designs tend to have certain complications in dogs of these sizes. What happens is that the harness tends to move towards the sides of the dog and makes the animal walk uncomfortable. When the harness moves, it generates friction in the lower lateral part of the thorax and when the equipment is adjusted it ends up making the dog's armpits uncomfortable. If you want to see other models of harnesses that are cheaper or have other characteristics, you can visit the section of dog harness

How do I put on the Julius-k9 dog harness?

The placement of these harnesses is very simple. Simply adjust the leash that is located on the front of the dog in front of his chest first. Once this is done, the next step is to adjust the strap that surrounds the dog's thorax. This leash will hold the dog at the bottom of its rib cage. When we have adjusted the straps, it remains to activate the closure.

Both to remove the harness and to put it on our pet, we must begin by passing the head of the dog through the gap between the front strap and the Julius-k9 harness. As you will see, it is a harness that has a fairly simple operation. It is considered one of the simplest harnesses available today.

We must remember that once the harness is put on our pet, on top of it there is a metal buckle where the strap is anchored. The product usually comes with a resistant handle that allows us to hold the dog both manually and with a strap.

Variety of Julius-k9 harness designs

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How to choose the right size for the Julius-k9 canine harness?

To guarantee a good purchase, it is essential that we correctly choose the size of the product. To correctly calculate the size of the Julius-k9 harness we must take into account that the contour of our dog's chest must be measured approximately 8 centimeters behind the front legs. This for sizes ranging between 0 and 4. For dogs that are size baby 1 and baby 2 the distance should be approximately 4 centimeters.

When putting on the harness, it must be taken into account that the corresponding adjustment of the belt that is located at the height of the chest and abdomen must leave a space. The space should not be null, since the dog will be uncomfortable or very loose because the dog can easily get rid of the harness. The distance is calculated if when we try to pass our fingers under the harness we can do it.

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The quality of the Julius-k9 harness

If we talk about the Julius-k9 harness, we cannot not dedicate a section to talk about one of the most differential factors of this product, its quality. All the materials used to make the Julius-k9 harness are of high quality and we will notice this when we touch it for the first time. If we compare with other harnesses on the market, simply by touching the product we will notice the superiority that there is with most of the harnesses on the market in terms of the raw materials used to manufacture it.

Las materias primas de primera calidad (poliéster y otros materiales resistentes) son las que permiten que el producto sea cómodo tanto para el perro como para el humano. اسرار ماكينة القمار A su vez, el ancho de la correa, el grosor del arnés, su resistencia al agua, sus costuras dobles y sus terminaciones perfectas son las que permiten brindar un producto que tiene durabilidad en el tiempo. Al mismo tiempo las medidas de cada uno de los arnés que salen al mercado están tomadas con precisión para garantizar una completa comodidad en el cuerpo del animal.

Other of the peculiarities of this harness is the possibility that it offers the client to create a personalized dog harness. All Julius-k9 harnesses have a velcro on both sides of the product that allows each buyer to add a logo, design or other type of image to personalize the harness of their faithful friend.

Recommendations for washing the Julius-k9 harness

  • Do not machine wash the Julius-k9 harness.
  • Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade or 105 on the Fahrenheit scale.
  • Wash the parts that make up the product separately.

To customize your Julius - k9

You can customize your Julius-k9 harness by acquiring these side embroidery, they come in pairs, so you can put one on each side

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